The Definitive

Guide to Landing Pages

Whether you’re branching out into new audiences or engaging with your existing customers, landing pages make it possible for you to deliver the right message to the right audience so that you can get the biggest possible return on your time and money.

Still sending web traffic to your home page and hoping for the best? Stop it. Right. Now. Your hard-won web traffic is too precious to waste on an under-optimized page that points people in a dozen different directions.

Focused on a single-mission and customized to your audience, landing pages transform your web traffic into qualified leads and loyal (happy-to-recommend-you) customers.

Whether you’re running an ad on social media or announcing a promo on your website, we want you to be more strategic about which pages you create and how you create them.

This guide is designed to cover the ‘must-know’ fundamentals as well as the most important tips & savvy strategies that have proven to work across hundreds of thousands of businesses. We’ll start with the very basics and make our way down to the nitty-gritty of effective landing page copywriting and design.

Here’s what we’ve put together for you: