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All Leadpages plans include the following:

Unlimited lead pages

The sky's the limit when it comes to publishing landing pages; your account also includes free hosting on a Leadpages domain.

Unlimited leads & traffic

We'll never stop your growth or charge you more for it (unlike those other guys)!

Unlimited pop-ups & alert bars

Use simple but effective pop-up forms and sticky bars to capture contact information from any page you own.

Mobile responsive pages

Leadpages optimizes each page to look great on any device, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Lead magnet hosting & delivery

Instantly send subscribers your digital products with our built-in lead magnet delivery system.

Facebook Ad Builder

Easily build, launch and track Facebook and Instagram ads right inside Leadpages.

Real-time analytics

Easily track the performance of your landing pages and Facebook ads, so you can optimize as you go.

Weekly group coaching

Join live Q&A coaching sessions to clear your marketing roadblocks and improve your results.

40+ Integrations

Connect with tools you already use: MailChimp, Google Analytics, Infusionsoft, WordPress, and more! Plus 1000+ apps through Zapier.

GDPR Compliance

Your Leadpages data is processed securely and in accordance with GDPR requirements. You can also easily add an active consent checkbox to any opt-in form.

SEO Capability

Optimize your page for organic search with easy-to-edit metadata fields and a wide range of SEO-friendly templates.

Rapid page load speed

Increase conversions and improve visitor experience with industry-leading page load speeds.

When you create a Facebook or Instagram Ad inside Leadpages, your Facebook Pixel is placed automatically—making it easy to track your results and optimize your ads.

Easily create, launch, and manage Facebook and Instagram Ads that perfectly match your Lead Page. The Facebook tracking pixel is automatically placed for you.

Create a consistent campaign with Facebook and Instagram Ads that are pre-populated with your landing page's content. Then customize each ad to fit your needs.

Stay organized and share access with your team or clients by setting up sub accounts linked to your main account.

Powered by Google's App Engine, Leadpages delivers both reliability and speed, keeping your content in the hands of your audience.

Rest assured that your work will always be saved inside the Leadpages Builder thanks to automatic saving that triggers every time you make a change.

Track and pass along any data you desire to your email service or CRM through pre-populated hidden form fields.

Add and customize your Lead Page's Open Graph tags so you can have more control over how your content displays on social media networks.

Preview your content across different device screen sizes so that you can easily optimize how your content displays on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Use the built-in Lead Magnet Delivery System to automatically email digital files and 'opt-in bribes' whenever a new subscriber joins your list.

Have a great site, Lead Page, alert bar, or pop-up? Save time by copying and customizing your content without having to start from scratch.

Just drag, drop, click, and type to customize your website, landing page, and opt-in forms. No coding or high-tech skills required.

Increase conversions and improve user experience with industry-leading page load speeds that leave competitors in the dust.

Easily upload, remove, and manage your favorite images and graphics inside your account's image library.

In the unlikely event that an integration should experience downtime, our system stores a backup of all your opt-in data and you can always easily download a .CSV file of your collected leads.

Easily drag and drop a form onto a webpage, Lead Page, pop-up, or alert bar, choose your fields, customize your design, and connect your integrations.

Don't have an email service yet? Set up automated notifications to get new subscriber data sent straight to your inbox.

Connect your opt-in forms to as many integrations as you like and route leads to multiple tools, such as your email service provider and CRM software.

Rest assured that all of our website, landing page templates, pop-ups, and alert bars are designed to be mobile-responsive, so you can view them easily on any device.

Make sales and deliver digital products from any webpage, landing page, or pop-up with Leadpages Checkouts powered by Stripe.

Organize your landing pages by campaign or client by adding color-coded labels to create content groups.

Easily revert to the last published version of your page in case you want to scrap your edits and go back to whatever you’ve already published.

Optimize your webpages for organic search with easy-to-edit metadata fields and a wide range of SEO-friendly templates.

Create and publish an unlimited number of landing pages and web pages, then publish them on your free Leadpages domain or on a website you own.

Grow your business without limits on page views, web traffic, and lead collection so you never have to worry about paying more for your success.

Benefit from built-in analytics for all of your pages, pop-ups, and alert bars. Or, you can also use third-party analytics or tracking code.

Add functionality to your webpages, Lead Pages and pop-ups with a variety of widgets including countdown timers, video, text, images, Calendly, OpenTable, and more.

Use SMS text messaging to make it easy for your audience to opt in to receive a digital file or subscribe to your email list. (Leaddigits®)

Forget spreadsheets, guesswork, and digging for data. Get a detailed picture of each campaign's performance, so you can see what's working (and do more of it).

Easily engage your existing subscribers by including one-click trigger links within your emails (Leadlinks®), which seamlessly sign users up to specified events or subscriber lists.

Trigger your pop-up to appear when visitors move their mouse in a way that indicates an intent to leave the page (like toward the upper right corner of the browser window).

Unlike other platforms, we update your analytics in real time. That lets you instantly determine if your page is performing well or pause it to ensure you never waste a penny of your advertising budget.

Easily paste third-party tracking code, such as Google Analytics and your Facebook Pixel, into your webpages, Lead Pages, pop-ups, and alert bars. Or, use our Facebook Ad Builder and we'll automatically place the Facebook tracking pixel for you.

Optimize your pages for conversions by running A/B split tests on any Lead Page.

Get your audience's attention without getting in their way with the help of a non-intrusive, mobile-friendly alert bar across the width of any Lead Page or webpage.

Create pop-up opt-in forms (Leadboxes®) to capture contact information on any Lead Page or webpage. Add click, exit intent, and timed display triggers.

Easily add and customize icons and graphics to your digital content by selecting graphics from the built-in icon Library.

Enable visitors to search available reservation times and book a table right from your webpage, Lead Page, or pop-up.

To add a sense of urgency to your offer, add a countdown timer directly to your webpage, Lead Page, or pop-up. Automatically redirect the visitor to a different page or hide the page section when the clock runs out.

Completely customize every page and pop-up with your brand's unique logo, look, and feel. We'll even keep your brand colors on hand and speed up the building process.

Choose a professionally-designed, conversion-optimized template and customize it to fit your needs inside our Drag & Drop Builder. No coding necessary.

Not the template type? No problem. Simply start your web page or Lead Page from scratch and create any design, pulling in existing widgets and functionality wherever you like.

Easily customize and change the entire look of your page on the fly with different fonts, colors, and more with page style settings.

Add custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the header, body, and footer to fully customize pages and pop-ups with your own elements, styles, and tracking codes.

When working with text, save time by using standard keyboard shortcuts to undo changes, format text, and copy/paste your words.

Rest assured that all of our templates and digital content are fully mobile-responsive, and automatically optimize for any device screen size.

Display your Calendly appointment calendar and enable visitors to self-schedule a call or consultation right from your webpage, Lead Page, or pop-up.

Give your visitors an easy way to share your pages on their favorite social media networks. Add sharing options for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Send people who submit a form to a custom thank-you or confirmation page that beautifully fits your brand.

To fully customize a section of your page for different devices, easily duplicate sections of your page to create device-specific sections for mobile, tablet, and desktop

Embed video from hosting sites like Wistia and YouTube directly on your pages and pop-ups.

Create on-page section links to instantly scroll your visitors to specific content on a page.

Meet 1-on-1 with a Leadpages launch specialist who will guide you set up your account so you can hit the ground running.

Access exclusive virtual workshops and supplement your marketing wisdom with professional insights that just don't get shared anywhere else.

Hit a snag? Get friendly help fast when you contact our technical support team via phone, chat and email. Access varies by Leadpages plan level.

As part of the Leadpages community, you'll have access to a marketplace full of special offers from our trusted partners. Visit to learn more.

Join live Q&A coaching sessions to clear your marketing roadblocks and improve your results. Sessions are taught by Leadpages marketing experts.

Our (real human) technical support specialists are there to help you every step of the way via email, chat, or phone.

Easily connect your favorite marketing and sales tools and send your leads to your ESP, CRM, webinar app, and more!

Send your leads straight to advanced integrations including Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce/Pardot.

Easily link your favorite email marketing account—whether you use MailChimp, AWeber, ConstantContact, or another tool—to add subscribers to email lists.

Capture leads with optimized ads & landing pages—then let the data flow to 1000+ Apps through Zapier.

Easily connect and publish your website or Lead Pages on a third-party domain.

Publish pages to your free Leadpages domain or a domain that you own elsewhere.

Securely host your website and/or Lead Pages on a free Leadpages domain, secured with SSL encryption and hosted on an HTTPS address.

Easily publish your Lead Pages and pop-ups to any WordPress site with just a few clicks; no DNS record or CNAME setup required. Simply install our plugin and start publishing.

Don't have a domain or hosting? Use ours! Every account comes with free hosting on a Leadpages domain.

Already have a website? Publish new pages directly to your existing sites and domains. You can even publish directly to your WordPress website.

All pages on our servers are secured with SSL and HTTPS protocols. Whether you use your Leadpages domain or connect your own domain, your pages are secure.

Working with clients or team members who require private Leadpages account access? Sub accounts come with their own secure login credentials.

The data you collect with Leadpages is processed securely and in accordance with GDPR requirements. Easily add an active consent checkbox to any landing page or pop-up form.

Leadpages Sites make it easy to create a professionally-looking website without hiring a designer or web developer. No coding or high-tech skills required.

Preview your entire website across different devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

All Leadpages sites are equipped with 100% mobile responsive menus that adjust to accommodate any device and screen size.

Add webpages and arrange them in drop-down sub-menus to keep your content organized.

Easily arrange and rearrange your website's menu by dragging and dropping pages to create primary and sub navigation (drop-down menu).

Easily manage your website, landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars within a single account. Maintain consistent branding and avoid the hassle of separate plugins.

Leadpages Sites come with an auto-generated sitemap as well as built-in SEO settings to create meta descriptions and image alt text.

Select from a gallery of high-converting website templates, then easily customize your content with our code-free Drag & Drop Builder.

Quickly add pages to your website by selecting pre-designed page templates such as an About page, Team page, Event page, Gallery page, and more. Or, start from a blank page and build your own.

Create and publish a custom 404 page to help recover your lost web traffic.

Set a global footer across all pages on your site and easily add icons, links, opt-in forms, and widgets.

Keep your website on-brand and cut down on your build time by setting global website styles such as font styles, favicons, and custom CSS.

All accounts come with the ability to publish a site to a free Leadpages Domain ( plus a set number of connected domains (varies by plan type).
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So much easier than Wix and Squarespace.
“Leadpages just makes my life so much easier. I used to set all this up on Wix and Squarespace and it was always such a pain. I am building incredible quality landing pages in a matter of minutes, even on a tight budget!”
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