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The Definitive
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Lead Generation Tools
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Lead Generation Tools
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Chapter 6

The 7 Must-Have Lead Generation Tools

Every small business needs a set of reliable lead generation tools that can effectively target an audience and capture opt-in information. Let’s review some of the tools we recommend.

1. The Leader: Leadpages

Leadpages is the industry leader in conversion-marketing and is dedicated to equipping small businesses with the tools and techniques they need to DIY their digital marketing.

From landing pages to websites, pop-up boxes to alert bars, we help you turn more clicks into customers.

The leader Leadpages

Check out the complete list of Leadpages’ features to see why we are one of the top lead generation tools available for businesses.

2. The Classic: Facebook Ads

When it comes to the ability to precisely target online audiences in order to get the greatest possible value from your advertising budget—Facebook is unparalleled.

Easily create advertisements and engage interested prospects, while directing them to high-converting landing pages.

Facebook ad builder

Not sure how to use Facebook advertising to grab leads? Check out this in-depth article with the do's and don’ts of Facebook as a lead generation tool.

3. The Up-And-Comer: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is storing lots of company and client information in its database. And they’re willing to share those goodies with you! With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can have access to advanced lead search and recommendations to find and target highly relevant prospects. This works especially well for online professionals and small businesses looking to establish a strong foothold in their industry.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Once you know who to target on LinkedIn, they give you sales tools to close the deal. You can even integrate it with Leadpages to send your LinkedIn leads directly to landing pages that are designed to convert.

4. The Trusted: Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is one of the most popular online search PPC campaigns because it has the widest audience and most effective algorithm for search engine marketing (SEM). Google Ads will put your advertisements in front of relevant searchers who are looking up terms related to your business.

Google Ads

5. The Interactive: Chat services

Chat services are one of the most intimate ways to connect with on-site visitors. You can answer questions in real-time and direct users to relevant pages.

Chat services

Numerous live and automated chat services integrate with Leadpages so you can connect with customers and then use their info for future communications. This includes even chatting through emails or Facebook messages, so you can completely streamline your live chat and customer service.

6. The Organized: Schedulers

Let’s say you’re offering some sort of event or appointment to prospects. Maybe your landing page lead magnet is a free consultation to talk to one of your representatives. Or customers can make an appointment for a discounted haircut on your website.

Calendly Scheduler

When a visitor schedules something with you, they’ve already proven that they want to interact with your business in some way. So don’t lose these leads!

We love using scheduling software because you’re grabbing highly relevant leads, and you already have an excuse for an email follow-up (like a confirmation for their appointment). You’ve got the “in” and now they’re your lead to keep.

7. The Finish Line: CRM

Customer relationship management software is a must to make sure you don’t collect a bunch of leads and then do nothing with them. A CRM system will help manage your lead list to keep track of your prospects throughout your marketing campaign.

Hubspot CRM is a free tool to help organize and track your leads once you have them. It can even analyze interactions with leads to make sure you’re steadily engaging and building relationships.

Salesforce is another customer management software that helps you organize leads, customers, and sales teams. It’s the world’s leading CRM because it cohesively streamlines front-house and back-house to create an interconnected business.

Best yet, Leadpages integrates with both Hubspot and Salesforce—and a bunch of other CRM software as well. Once Leadpages helps you generate leads, your CRM can easily take it from there!

CRM Integrations

Lead generation tools can help you attract relevant visitors, transform them into qualified leads, and manage your lead list moving forward. Use your resources—and you’ll watch your leads lead you to new heights!

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