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The Definitive
Guide to Lead Generation
Lead Generation Techniques
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Lead Generation Techniques
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Chapter 1

The 6 Lead Generation Techniques

Lead generation is how you turn anonymous web traffic into business-building potential. Fail to capture a visitor’s information and you’re letting potential customers slip through the cracks.

The process of capturing your visitor's contact info so that you can proactively follow-up and market to them in the future is what puts you in the driver’s seat of your small business.

But you can’t just ask for a contact’s email address—you have to earn it. You also have to earn their attention and trust.

Let’s cover the top 6 highest-performing lead generation techniques that will work for your business no matter which stage you’re at or industry you’re in.

1. Use lead magnets to give the people what they want

Always provide value first before you ask for anything else in exchange.

use lead magnets to give people what they want

What are you offering to your prospects?
What are you giving in exchange for their contact information?
Usually, this value comes in the form of a lead magnet.

Lead Magnet


An incentive, usually a free piece of content, that a business offers in exchange for a prospect’s email address or contact info.

The best way to add value is to solve your customer’s pain point—or a portion of it.

This proves your expertise and kickstarts a lasting relationship. Ask yourself:

  • What’s driving your customers?
  • What problems are they facing right now?
  • How can you provide a new and unique solution?

Once you’re clear on your customers’ primary problem and how you’ll provide a solution, you can package a lead magnet that seamlessly delivers that value and offer it in exchange for the visitor’s email address.

For example, your audience may love yoga, but they don’t have enough time to practice during the week. Your lead magnet could be a series of videos with short 7-minute yoga meditations for the “busy yogi.”

Now that’s worth an email address, don’t you agree?

2. Find the right audience with targeted digital marketing

Your business isn’t going to be a great fit for everyone, so your lead magnets shouldn’t be “one-size-fits-all” either.

Narrowing your focus helps ensure you attract the right audience at the right time, so your visitors will be more likely to buy.

There are three lead generation techniques that can help you find the right audience effectively:

  1. Advertise where your audience is already hanging out online.
    Seek out specialized (niche) social networks, groups, forums, etc. Go where your ideal customer is and you’ll attract quality prospects right from the get-go.
  2. Segment and personalize your content.
    Both your lead magnet and marketing content should be designed with your ideal customer in mind.
  3. Match the lead magnet to the interest level of your audience.
    A new, “cold” audience will want bite-size content, like a checklist or infographic. A “warm” audience that has already shown interest in you will want more involvement, like a webinar or ebook.

Check out these lead generation tools to find and keep the perfect audience for your business.

3. Include multiple opt-in opportunities

The more (high-quality) opportunities you provide for people to opt into your email list, the more your list will grow.

You might want one lead magnet on your website homepage and blog that encourages customers to subscribe to your newsletter and another on a landing page, where you encourage them to input their email to reserve a spot in the webinar.

Every interaction with a new visitor should include an opportunity for that visitor to transform into a lead.

You also want to make it easy for site visitors to give you their information. The less friction in the process, the more leads you’ll generate.

Good vs bad lead form

Keep in mind that users spend 69% of their media time on their smartphones. If someone finds you while they’re on the move, chances are they’ll forget about you by the time they get home. Your website and landing pages need to be mobile-friendly to grab those on-the-go mobile customers.

4. Go for the quick win: match your content to your customer journey

Everyone loves instant gratification. The faster people see results from your lead magnet, the faster they’ll fall in love with your business.

One of the most important lead generation techniques to remember is that your visitors want the lead magnet now and they want the results that come from that content almost as fast. This means you’ll want to make the magnet downloadable in an instant and you also want the value itself to provide a quick win.

For example: “Download this free guide right now to lose weight by the end of the week.”

As opposed to: “Get this free guide in the mail to lose weight ( some point).”

Lead magnet match content

Which magnet gets your email address?

5. Show off your style: over-index on web design

The outfit you wear tells people who you are. Are you in a bright, goofy shirt to make people laugh? Are you in a high-quality designer suit as a status symbol?

Similarly, the design of your lead pages and advertisements will attract and engage a specific type of lead. Bright colors and authentic images are more likely to grab attention in a fun way, while a dark and sleek aesthetic might interest a luxury customer.

Design your website and lead generation landing pages as a reflection of your brand. This helps you attract and capture the right leads that want to partake in the lifestyle you’re portraying.

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6. Pile on the social proof

You’re more likely to trust a person you share mutual friends with than a complete stranger because they have already given their stamp of approval. In the same way, your prospects want to see that their peers (other customers) trust your business.

Testimonials, reviews, and expert opinions demonstrate your credibility while building a community surrounding your brand. One of the best lead generation techniques is simply adding a social proof section to prove your credibility and popularity. (Yup, business is a popularity contest!)

Try out these lead generation techniques to transform cold strangers into warm leads, build your prospective customer list, and ramp up your marketing ROI. Once you’ve captured the lead, you can start them down a targeted marketing campaign that will start bringing in the dough for your business.

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