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Guide to Lead Generation
Guide to Lead Generation
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Guide to Lead Generation
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Chapter 4

Top 6 Lead Generation Landing Page Examples

New customers come from carefully nurtured leads, which (often) come from lead generating landing pages. Lead generation pages are specifically designed to collect the contact information of your web traffic. This can come in the form of a name and email address, phone number, company size, etc.

Once you’ve collected your prospect’s personal information, you can proactively market to and follow up with your new lead until he or she is convinced of your value and ready to buy.

Whether it’s a squeeze page, pop up, splash page, sales page, or thank you page - you’ll find pre-designed, mobile responsive templates that you can quickly customize and publish without touching a speck of code. With the help of our drag and drop editor, every element on the page can be personalized to suit your unique business and campaign type. Swap out the images, tweak the sales copy, add in a call to action, publish and you’re off to the races!

Isn’t it time you stopped fussing with website builders and coding and start focusing on giving your audience the content they crave? We think so.

Discover our free Landing Page Template Library.

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