Your Marketing Message Isn’t As Important As *This*

How the hell are you? My name is Clay Collins and welcome to this episode of The Marketing Show. And today, I want to talk about something that I think is really missed a lot, all the time. All the time, people miss this. They really don’t grasp it and that’s this: in a lot of cases, process is so much more important than the message when you’re marketing, right? So, so often, when people go to create a marketing campaign, they’re so focused on like, “What’s the headline? And what’s the offer? And what’s it going to say? And like what’s my message? What’s my hook? What’s my positioning? Like, what’s all this stuff?”

And so often, the process is overlooked. But nine times out of 10, not in every case, but in nine times out of 10, the marketing process is more important than the marketing message. And let me just give me an example of this, just a small, tiny, tiny, microcosm of an example. I’ve just used the word microcosm incorrectly here. But a small, just a small piece of what I’m talking about. Okay?

Pop-ups, right? There are sites and blogs where you go to the website and then a pop-up comes up a lot. People hate them but like this is the example we’re using here. But a pop-up comes up and says, “Hey, want this free thing? Enter in your email address and I’ll give you this awesome thing.” Right? So, I’ve split test these pop-ups before, right? And version one that I tested was a pop-up that came up immediately, immediately. Boom! You come to the site, the thing pops up. It has this beautifully written offer on it. But you see it immediately. Okay.

People in general responded very poorly to those pop-ups that come up immediately. And they respond poorly to the pop-ups that come up immediately because they’re trying to get to the content. They came to the website for a reason. They’re interested in what’s there. Here comes this pop-up. That pop-up is keeping them from the content that they want to see and so they close it as quickly as possible. Okay? So, that’s one version of the pop-up. And then, I’ve tested another pop-up that comes up after 30 seconds, right?

So, someone’s on the page. You’re giving them access to what they want to see. Thirty seconds later, a pop-up comes up. And, when you wait 30 seconds, people are like a billion times– that’s a scientifically proven number. People are a billion times more likely to opt in. A billion, not really. But like in a lot of cases, 10 times more likely to opt in when you wait 30 seconds even if, even if the marketing message sucks. For example, just because I was playing around, I tested an awesome, awesome pop-up with a headline and a proven marketing message that came up immediately, right?

So, version one, pop-up comes up immediately and it is an amazing marketing message, that’s been proven. And I split tested that against a pop-up that comes up after 30 seconds that says, basically, enter in your email address to get updates. And the one that comes up after 30 seconds wins because it’s not keeping people from the content that they want to see. But this isn’t about pop-ups. This episode of The Marketing Show is not about pop-ups. It’s about this – process so often is so much more important than the message.

Now, if your message is like you should worship Satan or something like that, then obviously, you have a problem. If your message is a liability, then you have a problem, right? But if you have a decent message focusing on process, it’s going to have a much bigger improvement than like obsessing about the message. And most of the time, and I’ve seen this happen so many times, if you are being blindsided by a competitor who’s coming along and cleaning your clock.

And you, for the life of you, cannot figure out why they’re making so much more money than you and they’re doing so much better than you and their message is so much more effective, often, it’s because they get process. And you don’t. My name is Clay Collins and I have a question for you. I have a question for you. What are you most excited about…

…doing this summer? What are you most excited about? What’s the vacation you plan on going? What’s the trip you want to go on? What are you so fired up about this summer, because it’s coming. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for watching The Marketing Show. Answer your question in the comments and I’m about to salute you. Have a wonderful, wonderful day. Take care.