Write for the Marketing Show

Note: We are currently not accepting unsolicited guest posts.

Types of Guest Posts to Submit

If you want to gain awesome and loyal fans for your business, then below are some examples of posts the Marketing Show readers love:

  1. Infographics – creating an infographic is one of the best ways to ensure your post goes viral with our audience. (e.g. Email Marketing: All That Sizzles Is Not Spam)
  2. Split-Test (A/B) Results – this is extremely valuable to our readers. (e.g. Changing This Line Of Text = 2x Bump In Conversions, or the James Schramko post)
  3. How To/Tutorials – this is the easiest way to position yourself as an authority figure (e.g. Create a Facebook Landing Page)
  4. List Posts and RoundUps – the most tried and true methods for writing great content. (e.g. Top x-amount Ways To Accomplish desired result)
  5. Case Studies – who doesn’t love the inside scoop on what’s really working in business? (e.g. Anatomy of A 72% Conversion Rate Landing Page)

Here are some of our readers’ favorite topics:

  • Lead Generation
  • Traffic Generation
  • List Building
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Landing Page Design… just to name a few.

Our readers are entrepreneurs who take action, and are looking for results in their business.

Be conscious of your writing tone, and be exciting!

Think about how you can use an interesting story, joke, picture, or even a short video to engage the reader, and help them to digest your content.

General Submission Guidelines

Please use these guidelines to help refine your post prior to submission:

  • Your post needs to be fully edited, with any photos attached.
  • You should have researched and already created an eye-popping headline that will get attention from readers and the search engines. — The headline helps you stand out among competing submissions too. (hint)
  • Your post should be an original composition, and unpublished on any other site.
  • If your post includes any claims, promised results, statistics, or any other data, then you should include a reference on where the data can be verified.
  • Your post should be free from personal affiliate links.
  • You must disclose personal affiliation with any company you mention or make reference to. (e.g. Disclaimer: I’m a co-founder/investor in XYZ company)