WooHoo Yada Yada Bing Bang!!

Hello everyone! Welcome to this episode of the marketing show. I am Clay Collins and today I’m going to explain why I do not promote my company. I do no marketing around my company whatsoever. In fact, my company could be called Woo Hoo Yada Yada Bing Bang and most people would not know. I have no company website. There’s no website for my company. I have no logo for my company. I have no ads for my company at all. The name of my company actually is Avenue 81, Inc. but you’ve never heard of it.

The reason for this is because –here’s why actually.

When you promote products, people buy products, right? Product marketing results in product sales, right? A lot of money. But when I promote my company I make very little money. I’m not selling my company, I’m selling my products.

So that’s reason number one why I do no marketing whatsoever around my company. Again, I don’t have a company logo, I don’t have a company website. And unless you’ve seen –like unless you’ve bought something from me and had the company name appear on your receipt, you don’t know that the name of my company is Avenue 81, which is actually the name of the street that I grew up on when I was kid.

It was a wonderful childhood. I grew up on a farm in rural Southern California and like rode around on a bike, my dog followed me… it was just an awesome time. But that’s little side tangent.

The second reason why I don’t do any marketing whatsoever around my company is that, the brain has a really difficult time processing company brands. So your personal brand, people understand. People understand fundamentally what a personal brand is. You can talk to another person, you can interact with another person, you can relate to another person.

Product brands are similar. You buy products, you interact with products, you consume products, you watch products, you play with products –you know. They’re tangible things that the brain can process. This whole company thing is in a lot of ways a figment of our imagination and largely a product of the modern industrial era. So, that is why I do no marketing whatsoever around my company.

Anyway just in the comments I want to know from you what you spend the bulk of your marketing efforts and marketing dollars on. Is it on promoting your company brand, your personal brand or your product brand?

Anyway that’s it for today. Thanks so much for watching today’s marketing show and I will talk to you next time. Take care.