[Free Course] How to Generate Leads and Sales with Your Own Webinar Funnel System ($297 Value, Free)



We’re excited to bring you this complete course, The Webinar Funnel System – no charge (click here to dive into the course).

I’m Bob The Teacher, the Marketing Educator here at LeadPages™, and I’ve created this course to level the playing field a bit.

In this free 10-video course, I’ll show you how to benefit from the same webinar funnel we’ve used here at LeadPages™ to go from 0 to over 25,000 customers in under 2 years.

Here’s What’s Inside The Webinar Funnel System…

  • webinar-funnel-system-productVideo #1: Introduction To The Webinar Funnel System
    In this first video, I’ll give you the birds-eye view of this course and the Webinar Funnel System we’ve used here at LeadPages™ to go from 0 to 25,000 customers in less than 2 years.
  • Video #2: Your Vision
    In this video, I’ll lay out the game plan for YOUR Webinar Funnel System and make sure you have a few essential pieces in place from the beginning.
  • Video #3: Attract (Part I)
    Attracting your ideal audience to flock to your webinars is such a key topic, I’ve split this section into 3 pieces. What few marketers will tell you is the key to profiting from webinars starts LONG before you ever put your upcoming webinar on the calendar. Find out how to pre-load your invitation list with ease.
  • Video #4: Attract (Part II)
    Your success with webinars partly depends on how well your invitations convert to registrations. I’ll show you the 4 key elements of a high converting webinar registration page you can easily use to elevate your own sign-ups.
  • Video #5: Attract (Part III)
    Attracting more webinar registrations is good, but making sure more people actually SHOW UP to your webinar is essential. In this video, I’ll show you how we increase our attendance rates and get our attendees’ help with growing our audience.


  • Video #6: Engage (Part I)
    Your webinar just went live – now what? In this video, I’ll lay out my blueprint for what to say and do to keep your attendees hanging on your every word – to the very end of the session.
  • webinar-funnel-system-infographicVideo #7: Engage (Part II)
    If you plan on offering your product, service, or a consultation during your webinar, you’ll love the conversion strategies I lay out for you in this video. Sending people to the wrong type of sales page, or making a mistake in how you present your offer will sabotage your results. Don’t make those mistakes; watch this video to see what to do instead.
  • Video #8: Scoop
    Congratulations – your webinar’s over. Now what? Don’t settle for live webinar sales only. Utilize the strategies in this video to scoop up more customers and help more people with the specific post-webinar actions I’ll teach you below (hint: showing a replay is just a small piece of getting this right).
  • Video #9: Leverage (Part I)
    Want to maximize your profits and impact with webinars? Then you must optimize your webinar funnel. I’ll teach you all about split-testing (in plain English) and other strategies for increasing your short-term and evergreen conversions.
  • Video #10: Leverage (Part II)
    Webinar marketing is not a “one-and-done” exercise. To create an evergreen marketing system, you’ll want to follow the steps I lay out for you in this video. This is where your competition is getting lazy, and where you can rise to the top for your audience.

I’m also going to give you download access to:

  • all the text and bonus materials for this course,
  • the PDF versions of ALL the slides, and
  • Yes – ALL the videos and audios, too!

After you’ve enjoyed the course, I’d love to see your comments and questions below! Share how you’re using webinars in your own marketing, and what actions you’re taking as a result of this course.

Here’s to your success with webinar marketing!


  • Carma Spence

    This looks pretty awesome. Looking forward to diving right in!

    • Hey Carma – would love to see a link to your next landing page you create based on what you learn from the course. Feel free to post it back here in the comments!

  • Geoff Ronning

    Terrific course Bob and Leadpages. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Geoff! I know you know a thing or two about webinars, so I appreciate your feedback!

    • By the way, we’ve definitely seen additional success using StealthSeminar to show automated webinars. Although the focus for this course is the live webinars and open replays/leveraged segments, a big shout out to you, Geoff, for a great automated webinar system.

      • Geoff Ronning

        Thank you Bob. Much appreciated. The respect is mutual, for both you and for LeadPages.

  • This sounds great! I’m in the middle of a big piece of work right now. Can this be downloaded later? Or can I download it now and watch it all later? Please advise! Thanks!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey Cynthia, you can 100% download the whole course to watch as you have time. Click on the yellow button just a little bit above that says Click here to dive into the free webinar funnel course. You’ll be taken to the full course page. Once you’re there you’ll see several opportunites to download all the course material, including the videos. Hope that helps!

    • Hey Cynthia, as Jeff said, absolutely feel free to download it (there’s a ton of extra goodies in there, too, like the LeadPages Guide To Webinar Marketing).

      And as a side note, I kept this training as tight as possible so there’s a lot available in the videos, but each is about 10-18 minutes long. I don’t want busy schedules to get in the way of progress!

    • Thanks! I just downloaded it! I look forward to digesting all of the info!

  • Paul Hobart

    Can’t wait to dive in. Thanks so much for the great info!

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Awesome to hear! Thanks Paul.

  • Thank you! I can’t wait to check it out! Bob the Teacher has been one of my teachers for many years (I won’t say how many), so I know this will be amazing! Thanks to all of you for providing this amazing resource and for providing it for FREE! You just keep giving us more reasons to love and share LeadPages!

    • You got it Michelle! Thanks for being a long term fan and sharing this with others who will love it, too.

  • Greg Writer

    I seem to be in an endless loop. No download links and no email with download links?

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Hey Greg, You can check out this entire course and download it by clicking any one of the yellow buttons above. Or you can go directly to the course here: http://www.leadpages.net/webinarfunnel Hope that helps!

  • LeadPages provides solutions not products and marketing that marketers love. It’s sheds light on how you go from 0-25,000 customers in 2 years. Thanks for marking the industry a better place.

  • Thanks for providing this resource for those of us that are considering new options on a shoestring startup budget this is s very big blessing!

  • Joy Farrington

    Hey Bob the Teacher EXCELLENT information. Quick question though. How do you upload the Thank You Template’s Next Step Video you shared with us in Video 3? I downloaded the course and couldn’t locate the video emblem or link. Would love to add it to my Thank you page cause I think it’s Awesome!

  • LynnFree

    I have not been able to unzip the download file. I’m on a Mac with Yosemite 10.10 Thanks

    • Hi Lynn – Thanks for letting me know about the issue you experienced. I apologize. Please click the download link again on the course page and enter your email. A NEW welcome message will include a new handout I’ve added with links to the individual files for you.