• Richard Scott

    Kudos to you and the team for rolling out even when you haven’t got all the ducks in a row.

  • James William Harbal

    Very Cool

  • Marcus Genzlinger

    Looking very forward to this. Love the transparency and vision. Congrats to the Lead Pages
    ‘” team!

  • Sounds great, Clay! I’m nowhere ready to start messing with my existing software + integrations – just wanted to be in on the ground floor because I have a feeling this will be fab. Happy to have a front-row seat as Center gets its sea legs 😉

    • Stephanie Clairmont

      Me too Nikki! I’m good to go for the ride Clay – no worries.

  • Love the transparency, Clay. I’m confident I made the right decision to get in early — and this post increased my confidence.

  • melissagalt

    Clay, sounds great, curious how this stacks up to Kajabi which seems to be offering a lot of the same but eliminating all the outsourcing…love you guys!

    • Nazira Sacasa

      I am wondering the same thing!

      • Lissette Morales


  • This is fantastic. You are solving MAJOR problems. I can’t wait to get this going!

  • Tom

    Appreciate the transparency and the updates guys. Really looking forward to this!

  • Vanessa Rudder

    Even the basic stuff is already advanced for my marketing that is still in early stages… So hopefully I will be ready as Center adds in more! Thanks, Clay 🙂

  • So really there are only 5 integrations right now correct? Basically it’s up but not really launched in any meaningful way…

  • I’m glad to be getting in from the ground up and growing with center. Thanks Clay. The Leadpages certification is great also-

  • Wil Hart

    I’m really looking forward to this. At the same time, I’m content with prepping for the LP Cert. That training has been wonderful. Too much great content to consume. But, will get through it and enjoy the benefits of the certification. Thanks for the early adopter program. Over the years, we have never regretted being an early adopter. (Missed LP though. But got in early enough to lock in the great pricing 🙂

  • Hi Guys, looking forward to getting stuck in to this! Also wondering how I can become a part of the Facebook group? I can’t find any information on it.

  • Thanks for being transparent. I was an early adopter for LeadPages which is why I jumped on this knowing I’ll be late to the game to actually use it. Minimal Viable Product — today’s way to launch 😀

  • Matthias

    Sounds great. Can’t wait to get started.

  • Corinne Floyd

    Excited to be part of Center and looking forward to using it –

  • Regarding Active Campaign – how should we be using Center for website tracking purposes since Active Campaign already does this as part of it’s software. Will the overlay cause issues in moving people from list to list and/or sending emails?

  • GreatSpeech.Co

    incredible how few companies understand the value of good communication. Very clear. Thx Clay

  • I am more excited than ever to be part of the Leadpages community including the certification which is the BEST marketing education I have EVER taken for its relevancy, ease of understanding the complexities of the Conversion process and even better the ultimate EXPERT coaching along the way! Love the professionalism, vision and yes the transparency of what works and is not is outstanding!

  • GreatSpeech.Co

    Anyone know whether Center is actually going to be integrated with Leadpages itself ie can you create rules from info you get directly from Leadpages?

  • Frank B

    You guys have demonstrated your commitment and intent already. Im onboard and ready to grow my capabilities and knowledge with you.

  • I’m so excited to get started, but kind of relieved for the delay! I still have so much training homework to go through.

    Rebecca Batisto, CMO on Demand

  • Excited to get my abandon cart, and automated email followups based upon user behavior as Center improves.

  • Love, love, love this all over again! Can’t wait to grow my business as Center grows too.

  • Very excited! Thank you for being so thorough!
    Ann Gray
    Esther Destiny’s Jewelry

  • Russell Lindquist

    Clay, I’m still super excited! I know I’m late in catching up on the release because of the EXACT complications you mentioned! I’m in the final steps of turning on traffic to my first funnel. Center is going to be a huge help to simplify and leverage all that I’ve built!…thanks to you and the Center team.

  • No worries, Clay! I’m excited to start messing with it when I have a little more time. Leadpages has been a game changer for me so no way was I going to miss out on the possibilities here. Thanks!