[Facebook Case Study] How Valerie Shoopman Combined Two Tactics To Generate $61,000 in Just Four Days

On this episode of ConversionCast, the official LeadPages podcast, Google and Facebook ads expert Valerie Shoopman explains how she used two tactics to generate over $61,000 on Facebook in just four days.

This episode will show you:

  • The best way to test and market your offering to the right group of people
  • How to apply your business strategy to create Facebook Ads (and get a high ROI)
  • How to convert your audience through effective emotional connections

Listen Below to Discover How Valerie Shoopman Generated $61,000 on Facebook in Just Four Days

Click Here to Discover How Valerie Shoopman Combined Two Facebook Tactics to Generate $61,000 in Four Days


  • Frank Back

    I have a major concern about LeadPages……your support system is by far the most lacking portion of LeadPages. I started my subscription a few days ago and want to cancel and receive a refund under your 30 day money back guarantee. When I click on the support link it takes me to a page that has an entry box that asks what can I help you with. I enter “refund” and a “refund under 30 days request” link pops up. When clicking that link it goes back to the support page that sent me to the page just mentioned. Just a vicious circle with no way of contacting support. I noticed on one of the pages another 2 customers commented about this same issue (In April, 5 months ago) and it has still not been fixed. I assume this may be a way for your company to collect 1 months fees in hopes that people will just get frustrated and delete their accounts without a refund? That is the only conclusion that can be drawn when so much time has passed and now I have the same issue. Please have support contact me with instructions on how to cancel my account and receive the refund.

    • Hi Frank, you can actually cancel your account and get refunded without contacting support.

      If you’re logged into LeadPages, just click the “My Account” button in the top right corner and select “Billing” from the dropdown menu. On the billing page, click the “Delete my account” link. If you do this within 30 days of your original purchase date, our system will automatically refund you (it may take 3-5 days for the refund to show on your banking or credit card statement).

      If for some reason you’re unable to access the Billing section of your account, simply file a support ticket at support.leadpages.net and let them know you can’t access it. As long as support receives the ticket one day prior to your next bill date, they can process the refund for you.

      Here’s an article from our Knowledge Base that explains the whole process with screenshots. Start with Step #1 under the “To start the cancellation process:” section.


  • Kat Von Rohr

    Awesome case study!