How I Tripled My Optin Rate With LeadPlayer

[Note: This is a guest post from Ian Brodie, author of the 5 Simple Marketing Tweaks That Will Get You More Clients.]

We all have them: “Ugly Baby” blog posts.

Blog posts you love, that get a ton of traffic, but just don’t get many optins.

And what’s the point of a ton of traffic with no optins? Not much.

Here’s what happens…

You write a blog post. People like it. They link to it. All of a sudden, it’s ranking well in Google, so it gets more links and more social media traffic. Pretty soon it’s one of the top most visited pages on your site.

But for some reason, it’s not getting optins.

You try fiddling around with in. Adding a stronger call to action at the end. Maybe even an optin box mid way through the article. But that usually has limited effect.

You’d love it if all that traffic was going to a higher converting post, but Google doesn’t care. It just sends the traffic to the post it thinks is the most relevant.

But there is an answer: Use LeadPlayer.

I found this out for myself very recently. I’d started doing LeadPlayer videos on my site rather than text articles when I was adding new blog posts, and I saw that the optin rate with a LeadPlayer video and embedded optin form was often two, three or more times higher than the normal optin rate on most blog posts.

Then when I was looking through my Google Analytics and bemoaning the fact that a couple of my very highest traffic pages had woeful optin rates, it suddenly struck me. Instead of just using LeadPlayer to make new content for my site – why not go back and redo some of those old blog posts as LeadPlayer videos? Maybe I could get a better optin rate that way.

So I tried it out.

I looked at my top landing pages on Google Analytics and looked for high traffic pages with low optin rates. One of my articles, “Becoming A Trusted Advisor” was getting a lot of traffic, but the optin rate was barely over 1 percent.

Here are the stats since the start of the year to just before I made my changes:

I was pretty proud of the article. Charlie Green, the co-author of the book The Trusted Advisor said it was one of the few resources he recommended to people outside of his own work. And it appeared on the top page of Google for a lot of searches related to becoming or being a trusted advisor.

But it just wasn’t converting. Something had to change.

So what I did was take the article and reword it a little so that I could present it on video. Then I simply recorded a video of me talking through the main points in the article and loaded the video up onto LeadPlayer.

I kept the pre-amble of the article so that the main keywords that were getting the article ranked in Google were still there. But I replaced the body of the article with the LeadPlayer video.

The result: in the month and a half since I made the change, the optin rate has shot up to 3.41 percent: over three times the original rate.

So there’s no need to do any clever SEO to get more traffic. No new content needed. Just take an existing high traffic blog post and turn it into a video that you play using LeadPlayer. That’s all I did and the optin rate shot up to over three times the original.

Not bad for probably less than an hour’s work.

Here’s how you can do the exact same thing.

Just look at your analytics to find high traffic but low converting blog posts and convert the content to video using LeadPlayer.

You don’t even need to do a fancy live video like me. You could just do a slideshow or screen capture video. But you’ll likely see a big bump in conversions.

About the author: Ian Brodie is a consultant, blogger, and author of the 5 Simple Marketing Tweaks That Will Get You More Clients – the no-BS guide to attracting and winning more clients.