The Odds Are Irrelevant (It’s Time To Bet On Yourself)

Hi, my name is Clay Collins and welcome, welcome to this episode of The Marketing Show. Today I want to share with you something that’s critically important to me, and it’s important to me that I share this with you. Here it is.

When I first started in business, I believed I was going to fail but I bet on myself anyway. In fact, the truth is that every single entrepreneur I know, during every single major junction in their business, when they really took something on that was huge, they believed on some very real visceral level that they were going to fail. The difference is that they bet on themselves.

You see, you can live your life in one way or another. You can live your life betting on yourself or you can live your life betting against yourself and the odds are irrelevant. They’re irrelevant. People spend so much time calculating the odds, trying to figure out if this is going to work or that is going to work, when the only thing that matters is whether you’ve oriented your life in a way where you are betting on yourself or whether you’ve oriented your life in a way where you are betting against yourself. Even if the odds are 99 to 1 against you, you will be miserable if you’re betting against yourself. The odds are irrelevant. So I want to share some things with you, some incredibly important things.

Most people’s lives are fundamentally designed around, “What if this won’t work?” Most people’s lives are fundamentally designed around them betting against themselves. Most people get up and go to jobs they hate, they’re in relationships they don’t want to be in. They’re doing all kinds of things that they don’t want to do because they have decided that what they want to do, what they were born to do, what they feel in their heart they should be doing isn’t viable. They’ve decided that their heart’s wish, that their real intention won’t work. They’ve hedged their bets and decided that they’re going to loose, and that’s why they have never stepped into the greatness of who they are.

Like I said before, most people are in day jobs they don’t want to be in. Most people have never written that book that’s been burning inside them that they know they were put on this earth to write. In fact, most entrepreneurs, this isn’t just something that applies to people who are in day jobs, most entrepreneurs are in markets they know will work, they’re creating products they know will sell. The reason they started their business in the first place has been put on the back burner because they have found a reliable source of income and they’re not willing to give it up to bet on that reason they got to be in business in the first place. They’ve decided even in business, even when everybody else thinks they’re living the life, they decided to play it safe because they found what worked, and they’re not willing to step into something that won’t work because they do not want to risk failure. But there are two ways to live … you can either bet on yourself or you can bet against yourself, and when you bet against yourself you will always loose.

Let me go into this just a little bit further and talk a little bit about investment theory. When you bet on a stock that costs $50, the most you can loose is $50. Right? If everything goes horribly, which it usually doesn’t, usually a stock that $50 doesn’t go to zero, but if you loose everything the most you’ve lost is $50. But the most you can gain is several multiples of that $50. That stock might go to $100, $200, $300, $1000. It’s not unheard of. I want you to know the ceiling on what you’re capable of is absolutely infinite. It is immeasurable. You were put on this earth to do something and if you live a life of dissatisfaction, it’s probably because you know what you’re capable of and decided to bet against it.

Just going into this a little further. Most people will not invest in you until you’ve invested in yourself. Most people will not give you money; most people will not invest in your business until you’ve invested in you and until you bet on you.

Finally, I want to say something that I think is pretty key to all this. Most people are constantly calculating and working the numbers and trying to figure out is this the right product, is this the right market, and is this the thing that’s going to work? How can I work this angle? Do I have some competitive edge? Are there any competitors in this marketplace? If there are, I don’t want to go into this. Et cetera, right? Life becomes very anxiety-ridden and confusing when you’re trying to play the odds because, fundamentally, things are going to work out in one way or another, regardless of whether or not you play the odds. They’re going to work out in the way such that you are betting in the fullness and immensity of what you know you’re supposed to be doing, and you’re not doing that. You know what that thing is, and what the market says is often irrelevant. I’ve seen people who trade markets out of thin air in less than six months because they bet on themselves in a huge way, and the power of their commitment created such unlimited demands that they couldn’t fulfill it.

So I want you to do something today. I want you to think of one, real, putting-yourself-on-the- line kind of way to bet on yourself. And I want you to not go to bed tonight until you’ve done it.

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  • Neal cavanaugh

    Well done.  Simple to the point and convincing.  It’s really funny,  when you’ve heard this type of thing a lot,  what it’s about is not so much the content (thought that IS the point)  it’s more about the credibility of the messenger.   Doe this person believe this?  If he does,  and you do,  I more likely to act on it.  And I’m going to.   Thanks.   

    • People won’t believe in you until you believe in yourself.  Glad you’re going to take action, Neal.

  • Kamila

    I could not agree more with the points you made!

    For anyone struggling with giving up a life of dissatisfaction with something that works financially vs. betting on and investing in themselves, I urge them to sign up for a free consultation at

  • tomshark

    go for it clay, you can do it!

    thanks for the challenge.

  • Ahhhhh, Clay, you’re killin’ me here. You’re talk was straight to the heart of today’s matter, oh boy. But! But! I have just done my one bet on myself thing.  So very good stuff.  It’s only half past four, though. Do I have to go to bed?

    • Nope, I think you should stay up and celebrate 🙂 Glad to hear that, Rosvita.

  • Erin

    Perfect timing, Clay. Thank you so much. This video is the kick in the butt I needed. You’re awesome.

  • I’ve chosen to not only invest in myself now, but the me I KNOW I’ll be in the future. The journey’s been unbelievable so far. 

    • Really glad to hear that, Andy.  You won’t regret it.

  • Liz

    Thanks, Clay! This might be my favorite one of your series. Just what I needed. No one is going to invest in me or buy from me until I bet on myself first. True that!

  • Karen

    Thank you, I needed to hear this.

  • I’m going to be up late tonight. 🙂

    • Clay

      Glad to hear it, Tammi.  It will be time well spent.

    • Glad to hear it, Tammi.  It will be time well spent.

  • Good advice for sure.

  • Hehe. I wont be up late tonight because i got this one thing or even two ideas that i was afraid to put myself on the line for them already thought of.

    One is earning money from blogging about role playing games (not computer ones – just regular dungeons and dragons stuff table top game). But few years ago i analized the ‘market’ and decided its something people wont buy. Its a hobby and i didnt see other blogs about it. I would have to blog in not my native language and thus it might be v hard to express my ideas clearly.

    Besides i got a real life off line business and i just started a blog to promote it and launch myself into internet e-courses business. And i dont fully believe if i will succeed or fail but im doing it. Everyday full of ideas and everyday working towards my goals. And i have choosen this real business over the idea of roleplaying blog because i seen people are alreaedy doing money in my current profession. So maybe its not only about creating whole niches out of passion but its more about details of HOW.

    Anyways i think im on a good way if only i can restrain my disbelief of me succeeding. Actually me and my fiancee had a talk the other day where we were in crisis and i had a breach of faith that my business will survive and she said me one thing: “Its pointless to carry this business on if you dont believe it will succeed.” “Im doing what i can honey, but i cant do it all alone and if you dont start believing it will go well its really pointless.”
    It struck me, because I knew that already, but not knowing why, WHEN SHE SAID IT it made a
    small wonder. Im now sitting each day on my butt and creating content
    for my new course on how to learn any language in 6 months by yourself.
    Im testing the concepts on myself and i know it works because my fiancee
    learned japanese in 7-9 months alone without any courses and has a proof in passing first japanese level of exams Nihongo Norioku N5.

    So i wont stay up all night because i need a good night sleep to work on the content tommorow 🙂 Good night all.

  • Whether you fail or not, you are happier if you bet on yourself. That makes perfect sense! Thank you.
    PS. I wonder if  there was some sort of emotional event that bought on this video/topic for you? You have a very sad tone/expression in your eyes in this video.

    • I’d say that anything other than betting on yourself is failure . . .
      And nope.  This is just a subject that is very, very important to me.  

  • Elisevanhijfte

    This is soooooo true and a fundamental message we all should keep hearing with very frequent intervals

    • The video will be here any time you need to watch it again 🙂

  • wow, I’M truly impressed. It changes the way I think – seriously – especially creating your own market because you luv despite what the “statistics” say !

    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !

  • Susan Young

    I needed to hear this message Clay, you are SO right. Thanks for delivering it in a passionate way. We need to get out of our own ways….~Cheers. Susan

    • You got that right, Susan.  And it’s my pleasure.

  • Thanks Clay – I love this video. Well done. Great stuff. Having someone just speak into my life like that is so helpful and great. I really appreciate it and know exactly what I’m going to do for my ‘big bet’! Thanks! 

  • This is so great Clay (you’ve done it again :-)). Interestingly, I took a much needed day off yesterday, and while relaxing I could feel something shift within. Watching your video is like a confirmation of what was happening there. And yes, it got very specific too: I made a (deeper) commitment to go (much) bigger here in Denmark, including being the leading website on spirituality and flow. Have started working on it this morning, structuring my Danish blog for a leading position. (using your SEO advice:-)).

    • That’s awesome, Halina.  I have no doubt in my mind that you can and will reach your goal.

  • So betting on myself. Tonight and every night! Thanks Clay

  • Thank you Collin! I needed that>
    GBU Yvette

  • rushfit

    Thank you for the advice