The Three Sites Most Likely To Outrank You in Google (in 2012)

Hello everyone, my name is Clay Collins, and in this episode of the Marketing Show, I’m going to show you that not one, not two, but three websites that are most likely to outrank you in Google in the next year. In fact, there’s a good chance they’re already outranking you right now. That’s what you have to look forward to in this episode of the Marketing Show.

So right now, Google is heavily favoring, and my prediction is that they are going to continue to heavily favor platforms like iTunes, Amazon, and YouTube. Of course, they own YouTube and they have a vested interest in sending traffic to their own web properties, but they also know that properties like iTunes and Amazon are really good at checking spam, right, keeping that at bay and that people generally have good experiences at those location.

So let me show you something. Let me just show you how Google is biasing their search results towards platforms like Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube. So let me just start off with one of my own terms, right, one of the terms that I’m raking for. So let’s search for bestselling info products of 2012, and as you can see, YouTube is beating out the Marketing Show. Now, hey, maybe I’m just terrible at SEO. Maybe I’m doing a poor job here, right, where YouTube is beating me up. Let’s look for the book Snow Crash. Snow Crash is – You know, I’m a nerd – one of my favorite science fiction books, and here you can see, Amazon and Wikipedia are beating out Neil Stevenson for his own book, right? You’ve got Neil Stevenson’s own site, Snow Crash, that Amazon and the Wikipedia and it looks like Slashdot are outranking sites like Amazon, have tons of pages on them. Google loves them because the chances of them having spam are very low.

But maybe this isn’t just about books and about slides like the Marketing Show, right. Maybe these cases are limited. Well, let’s search for I Translate Voice. I Translate Voice is the number one bestselling app on the iTunes app store, I believe, or at least it was yesterday, so in the vicinity. And here you go. You’ve got I Translate Voice, right, the exact match domain,, published by the producers of the app I Translate Voice, and you’ve got here in position for, and you’ve got iTunes ranking number one, beating out the homepage of the app producer. Well, this trend is continuing and my prediction is that it’s not going to stop.

So what’s going on here? Well, here’s what’s happening. Wayne Gretzky said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” And where things are going more and more are towards platforms like iTunes, Amazon, and YouTube. Google is favoring these places more and more. They drive tremendous amounts of traffic in and of themselves, and Google loves them to boot. So really, you have two choices. You can outrank you on sites like YouTube, Amazon, and iTunes, or a competitor can outrank you on sites like YouTube, Amazon, and iTunes. Here’s what I mean. If I search for a term bestselling info products of 2012, you’ve got my website right here, and you have YouTube on the top. Here, you have me outranking me on YouTube. You have me using YouTube to outrank my own property, and you really have two choices. You can outrank your own content on your own domain using tools like YouTube, or someone else can be you using platforms like YouTube.

The reality is that it takes very few links pointing towards your YouTube videos to outrank your own websites. You can send a few links to your own website. In fact, if you send a ton of links to your own website versus very few links to your YouTube video your YouTube video or your Amazon book or whatever will easily outrank your own personal property with just a few links, not that you should be doing any link building. I’m just saying. So you can outrank you, right. You can displace you using a platform like YouTube, Amazon, and iTunes, or a competitor will. Someone is going to likely occupy one of those top spots using a platform like iTunes, Amazon, or YouTube. It might as well be you displacing you rather than a competitor displacing you.

So you really have two choices. You can go to where the puck has been and keep your sales videos and your opt-in videos and your web content private, right? Only host it on your own domain, or you can go to where the puck is going, and in addition to hosting your own videos, and you know, using your own content, you can post your blog post as Amazon Kindle books. You can post your podcast not only to your own private servers, but post them to iTunes. You can take your videos and you can post them to YouTube. You can go to where the puck has been or you can go to where the puck is going. You can outrank you on Google using a tool like YouTube or someone else can. That’s your choice.

My name is Clay Collins. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Marketing minute.