The “Instant Desire Formula”

Hi. This is Clay Collins. And welcome to episode one of Marketing Show. We’re going to talking about the magic formula for making your stuff instantly desirable. And as you can see here, this is episode one of Marketing Show. It’s not all fancy pants. We’re working on a studio set right now. We’re bringing on production people and we’re doing some really great stuff behind the scenes, but you’re not going to see that for a while.

We also have purchased And so, in the future, Marketing Show will be hosted at But, for now, you’re not going to see my face. You’re just going to see the slide. But you are going to learn a lot of things that have made my clients and I a lot of money. And this is one of the bigger secrets that I have to reveal here.

So, I should also mention that this marketing show, this episode of Marketing Show is brought to you by Marketing Program, which can be found at We’re going to talk about that in a little bit later.

So, let’s talk about what you’re going to learn in this episode. In this episode, you’re going to learn the magic formula for creating a marketing hook. And this marketing formula has three parts. And we’re going to talk about why they’re so important and how you can use this formula to not only make your product and service or whatever you have to sell instantly desirable from the point of view of your customers, but how to get your customers or your potential customers to market your product to their friends for you.

All right, so if you don’t master this stuff, there is a good chance that you’re going to put out awesome stuff that no one buys. So there’s going to be cricket chirping in the background. And if you don’t master this stuff having an amazing product, having an amazing sales letter and having an amazing website, it just won’t help. You can do everything in the world, but if you don’t master, this you’re going to have a really difficult time selling your stuff for enough money to make your business and yourself profitable.

If you do master this, you’ll be selling stuff that people instantly like and want and stuff that people literally can’t stop themselves from buying. They’re going to be so magnetically attracted to your stuff that they’re just going to – are going to be able to put it down. They’re not going to able to put away their credit card. They are basically going to be beating a path to your door. That’s what this has done for me and that’s what it’s going to do for you as well.

So, here is the backstory behind this formula I’m going to give you for creating instant desire. So, I was thinking yesterday morning about why my stuff has sold so well. You know, every single product that I’ve ever put out has sold out. We just opened round one of Marketing Program and that first round completely sold out before the sales letter had even gone out. There are still spots available, but that first round of people we are accepting into their program just completely filled. And before that, you know, Project Mojave sold out, the piece of formula, the interactive offer all that stuff has done extremely well

And I was wondering, you know, I sort of reflecting myself why I’ve had so much luck. And I really think it comes down to a few major reasons, but one of the reasons is this formula I’m going to give you, which I have sort of created without even knowing about it. It’s something that I’ve done over and over again, but I had to kind of reverse engineer how it works and why it worked for me. But it explains a good deal of every major success I’ve had.

All right, so here is the formula revealed. It’s SO plus ST or SG equals a whole lot of money. And that’s been true for my clients and I every single time. And I can’t – I can’t think of one exception. There might be one, but this has always worked. So, SO stands for specific outcome. And this has to be an outcome that your clients are going to get from your product that is third-party verifiable and it’s wanted by them. So, it has to be an outcome that someone looking from the outside can verify has happened.

So, it can’t be like enlightenment or, you know, that you doubled your happiness level or something like that. It has to be a specific, verifiable outcome. And it has to be something that your client really wants. So for example, in the weight loss market or the fat loss market, you could say that someone could lose 10% of their body fat if they used your product, right? That’s externally verifiable – someone can look and see that before you started the program you had a certain percentage of body fat that can be calculated and that after you had 10% less.

The second component of this formula is specific timeframe. And, again, this has to be a wanted desirable timeframe. If you told someone that they were going to lose 10% of their body fat in 20 years, that wouldn’t be a good thing. That wouldn’t be particularly desirable. So, in our example, we’re going to say “in two weeks.”

And then SG stands for specific guarantee, right? So, something like if you don’t get the result, you get your money back. So, if we were to combine all of these elements in this formula, you’d get, you know, lose 10% of your body fat in two weeks or your money back. And if you’re really good at what you do, you can have an amazing guarantee like you can say “or double your money back.” So, you’re actually going to pay them twice what they paid if they don’t do what you say and get the results that you promised them.

So, as you can hear in this example I just gave you, we used both ST and SG, right? So it’s a bonus if you can incorporate SO plus ST plus SG. But if you can’t do that, you definitely need to have the specific outcome specified and then you need to name a specific timeframe or a specific guarantee. So, you could say losing 10% of your body fat or your money back, or you could say losing 10% of your body fat in two weeks. Of course, if you can use all the components here, then please do.

I’m going to give you an example from my stuff, right? So, in Project Mojave, the toggling was to create a free business in 3.8 months. Of course, that’s not an incredibly specific outcome, but people knew what I meant. In Marketing Program, we guarantee that if they do one thing in their business each month that they’re going to double their income or make an extra 25K or double their money back. Now, that guarantee is subject to change in Marketing Program. How it’s currently open, we’re giving that guarantee. As we change things in the future that guaranteed might get a little bit better or we might just have a normal money back guarantee, but for people who purchase this when this video is being made, we’re guaranteeing double your money back if you don’t get the results that we promised.

I want to give you an example of the instant desirability formula in other people’s businesses. So, Domino’s Pizza has this hook – fresh, hot pizza served in under 30 minutes guaranteed. That has an externally verifiable outcome. It has a timeframe and it has a guarantee. I guess it’s debatable how specific that guarantee is, but it certainly has attempted to fulfill all three components of the formula.

FedEx, “when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight,” right? So, you have a specific outcome absolutely, positively being there overnight. And that outcome includes a specific timeframe, right? The timeframe is overnight. So, again, the magic formula is specific outcome plus specific timeframe or specific guarantee equals a whole lot of cash in your business. And, again, it’s a bonus if you can incorporate SO and ST and SG.

All right, so now that we’ve talked about this formula and how it works, let’s talk about how you can do it in your business. So, step one is to get out a piece and write down the most desirable outcome that you can deliver to your market or to your people or to your customers. Step two, write down the timeframe that you can deliver it in – usually the shortest timeframe possible where if someone does everything you tell them to do, they’ll get the results that you’re promising them.

And step three, write down your specific guarantee. Step four, put it all together in one or two sentences – again, something like fresh, hot pizza delivered in under 30 minutes guaranteed, or do one thing per month in your business and double your online income or double your money back like we used for Marketing Program.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this gift for you. I certainly enjoyed making it. The formula that I’ve shown in this episode of Marketing Show has been responsible for making me a lot money. It’s been responsible for making my clients a lot of money. And I know that it can make you lot of money as well. And, selfishly, I hope you use some of that money that this makes for you to buy more of my stuff.

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That about wraps this up. Thank you so much for watching today’s marketing show. It’s been an honor to teach you some of this stuff. And I hope you’ll stay tuned for the next episode.

Goodbye and talk to you soon.