You’ve Created Your Landing Page – Now What?

Great Ways to Promote to Your Landing Page

Part 1: Social Media and Paid Advertising

Ever been in this situation before?

Your product is ready to sell. Your landing page is built and published to the Internet. All of the links go to the correct places. Your email service provider is set up and standing by, ready to collect your leads. Your lead magnet is made and ready to be sent out. Your payment system is ready to accept your first sale.

Now what?

The fact is, the fun part of your work has just begun. Now that you’re set up and ready to go, the next step is to drive traffic to your landing page.

Landing pages exist in a vacuum if you don’t do this next step. So how do you find people to visit your landing page if you don’t already have an audience?

You promote your landing page.

“But how do I do that?” I hear you cry.

Don’t worry, over the next few weeks I’m going to give you several different ways you can start promoting your landing page. The two methods in today’s post are things you can do right away. You should start seeing results fairly quickly using both of these techniques.

You don’t have to implement every single one, but I do recommend testing out two or three, so you have that traffic coming in. After all, your landing page won’t convert any leads if no one knows it exists.

So, without further ado:

What You Need to Know to Start Driving Traffic To Your Landing Page

First, a few very basic rules that you should follow for all of the methods I’m covering in this series of blog posts. These rules may apply more to some promotion methods than to others, but in general, they’re really good things to keep in mind whenever you’re driving traffic to your landing pages.

Rule # 1: Make sure you’re sending people to a landing page that matches the ad, post, tweet or other link they’re seeing! A lot of business owners, and major companies, use their homepage as a landing page.

This can frustrate visitors as they’re expecting to see one thing and end up seeing something else entirely. The vast majority of visitors won’t go hunting for whatever it is your ad, post or tweet promised them, so it’s very likely you’ll lose potential customers.

Rule #2: Make sure everything is actually working before you start driving traffic to your landing page. Test everything. Try out all of the links, all of the delivery systems, all of the payment systems.

Also, if you used a test mode to try out your links or payment system, make sure to take your page out of test mode before launching your campaign.

Rule #3: Always, always give something of value when you’re promoting your landing pages — even if it’s the content you’re giving away on your landing page. Remember that people who are responding to your methods of promotion are giving you their time.

You should give them something worthwhile that they enjoy, find helpful and will benefit from. This makes them more likely to opt-in or buy. They’re also more likely to recommend you to others.

Rule #4: Don’t stress out. This can take time. As you push more and more traffic to your landing page, you’ll see better results. If you’re a Leadpages member, you can take comfort in the fact that your landing page is optimized for conversion. This means as soon as you start getting site visitors, you should see results.

And now, on to the methods…

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