The Art of the Thank You Page: How to Make Any Confirmation Page Boost Your Business

Have you ever stumbled into an elevator conversation that goes a little like this?

Only other person in elevator: “I love your sweater!”

You: “Oh, thank you!”

Both of you: “…”

It started out so pleasantly, but now you’re at a dead end. Your head was in the clouds, you were caught off guard—and now the pause has been long enough that it seems weird to restart the conversation. When you hear that “ding!”, it’s a relief.

The internet marketing version of this isn’t as awkward, but it can still leave your site visitors thinking: Well, I guess that was that.

Here’s what I mean.

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12 Marketing Resolutions to Keep in the New Year

Did you make any new year’s resolutions for 2016?

I’ll admit: when December 31 rolled around for me, I was so busy that I didn’t take the time to sit down and think of any. And good, realistic resolutions do require careful consideration. They require space away from the rush of the work week. To get a clear view forward, you need to stand a little bit apart and above.

I don’t think it’s too late, though. When it comes to marketing your business, it can be especially easy to just keep moving forward without really stopping to reassess, doing more and more of the things you already know how to do. It’s great for your marketing to build momentum, but every so often it’s wise to stop and make sure you’re on the right track.

There’s no better time than a fresh new year to rethink your marketing and adopt new habits that will set you up for success. What follows is a list of 12 marketing resolutions to consider—one for each month of 2016. See which ones make sense for your business this year (or simply let them inspire you to keep up the good work if you’ve already got these down pat).

With the right tools and approach, keeping these resolutions shouldn’t be all that hard—and sticking to them will make finding new customers a lot easier in the long run. To help, I’ll be pointing out free resources along the way that you can download to get started.

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