9 Rad ’90s Websites That Totally Could’ve Used a Landing Page

It’s no secret. Around here, we think landing pages are da bomb. So much so that we wanted to traverse time and space to crack open a veritable time capsule of internet awesome and spice it up with landing pages. Behold: Nine websites of the 1990s that could’ve seriously used a landing page.

Through some miracle of world wide web life support, these sites have been both forgotten and preserved. They’ve lived alongside the birth of HTML, the dawn of email, the launch of Google, and, against all odds, Y2K. (Y2K!! As if!) And while the ‘90s was clearly the best decade in all of history, we’re betting these conversion rates were totally brutal.

Iron your Zubaz. Feed your Tamagotchi. Do the Packarena. And get ready to see how simple landing pages could’ve blasted these ‘90s websites straight into the millennium by providing clear CTAs and building beefy email lists.

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