The Anti-Hypnotic Guide To Copywriting

Sure it sounds sexy…

Having the ability to hypnotically seduce someone into buying from you using only words.

I mean, what marketer wouldn’t want that superpower, right?

So we grab books, swipe copy, buy training, study persuasion and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and create our list of “buzz phrases” that when used correctly…

… will produce record-breaking sales in no time flat!

My response to that is…

“Who Wants Chowder?” — (see below)

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WooHoo Yada Yada Bing Bang!!

Hello everyone! Welcome to this episode of the marketing show. I am Clay Collins and today I’m going to explain why I do not promote my company. I do no marketing around my company whatsoever. In fact, my company could be called Woo Hoo Yada Yada Bing Bang and most people would not know. I have no company website. There’s no website for my company. I have no logo for my company. I have no ads for my company at all. The name of my company actually is Avenue 81, Inc. but you’ve never heard of it.

The reason for this is because –here’s why actually.

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Stop Making New Products (And Start Marketing The Old Ones) . . . Why Creating New Products is Making You Poor

Hello, my name is Clay Collins and welcome to this episode of the Marketing Show. And by the way, I just got done finishing what is probably the worst macchiato of my life. I should have known not to order this when the barista didn’t know how to make it initially and was, you know, told me some story about how Starbucks had invented the macchiato for commercial purposes which I know its complete BS, because when I was in Italy recently they were being consumed left and right, so Starbucks, by the way, did not invent the macchiato. And just for you information, if someone ever tells you that they did, they’re probably gonna make a pretty crappy macchiato.

Anyway, that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with today’s marketing show which is all about a limiting belief that most people have in business that is sort of stopping them from truly creating the kind of income that they need to make to really-really-really turn their business into a long term serious endeavor. So as an intro to this, I want to talk about the three ways that most people believe they need to pursue or the three ways that most people go about trying to create more income in their business.

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The “Instant Desire Formula”

Hi. This is Clay Collins. And welcome to episode one of Marketing Show. We’re going to talking about the magic formula for making your stuff instantly desirable. And as you can see here, this is episode one of Marketing Show. It’s not all fancy pants. We’re working on a studio set right now. We’re bringing on production people and we’re doing some real great stuff behind the scenes, but you’re not going to see that for a while.

We also have purchased And so, in the future, Marketing Show will be hosted at But, for now, you’re not going to see my face. You’re just going to see the slide. But you are going to learn at lot of things that have made my clients and I a lot of money. And this is one of the bigger secrets that I have to reveal here.

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