LeadBoxes® Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite LeadBoxes® from December

It takes more than a well-conceived offer to get someone to opt into your email list or become a new customer.

It takes the right offer at the right time.

The ideal opt-in offer is designed and presented with deep knowledge of where people are at in their journey toward your business. It pops up at the moment when they’re most likely to engage and respond, based on where they’ve come from and where they’re going.

The 10 smart marketers in this post have found that the best way to present that ideal offer is often with a LeadBox™. Their LeadBoxes® impressed me not just with their attractive design and compelling copy, but with the sense that every choice had been made to reflect what visitors needed at the very moment they were viewing them.

Follow along as I analyze how these 10 excellent LeadBoxes® fit into the bigger picture of their pages and marketing campaigns. And to pep up your own opt-in forms and landing pages, make sure to download our recently released pack of 35+ free icons created by our designers:

leadmagnet-button-feature-586x104@2X (2)

While the icon pack zips to your inbox, let’s look at some exemplary LeadBoxes®.

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