How To Calculate The Value Of An Email Subscriber

One of the biggest cliches in email marketing is the statement…

“The Fortune Is In The List!” – Every Email Marketer Ever

Email Marketing | Fortune Is IN The ListWhat does that statement mean exactly???

Sure, “The Fortune Is In The List” sounds profound, but I’m left with these questions:

– How much fortune?
– How do I get the fortune out of the list?
– How do I make my list even bigger so I can grow my fortune even larger?
– What gives the list the right to keep my fortune!?!

Why CPL (Cost Per Lead) and LTV (Customer’s Lifetime Value) Are The Two Most Important KPIs To Track In Email Marketing

As you remember in the Web Traffic 101 post, I talked about how to build a high quality email list for free by measuring your LTV (Customer’s Lifetime Value), and now I would like to take this concept even further.

Here’s a scenario:

If I came to you and offered an endless supply of fresh leads for the low, low cost of $50 per lead, then how would you react?

If your response is, “No way! I could never do that!”

My answer to you is, “Why not?”

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