Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Landing Pages from February–March 2016

What are the building blocks of a great landing page?

An engaging image. A vivid call-to action button. A compelling value proposition. I could go on—but stop a moment and think about the “building blocks” idea itself.

If someone tells you to go create a new webpage, that might sound a little intimidating. Where do you start? Do you need to have a big, innovative concept to work from? Can we put this off till tomorrow?

But if you think of a landing page as a simple collection of building blocks you combine in order of importance, things become much easier. You focus on making each element as good as it can be while supporting the page’s main call to action.

Stack those building blocks up, and you have a powerful page that comes together as easy as A, B, C.

LeadPages® landing page templates are designed to make this approach a natural one, and you can tell when a landing page creator has taken full advantage of it. That seems to be the case with every one of the best landing pages we saw this month in the LeadPages® community. The marketers behind them have combined a variety of elements that—while each effective on their own—come together to support the page’s call to action in a very striking way.

We want to make it just as simple for you to put together the pieces of a knockout campaign, so we’re giving you 8 of the templates used in this post. Click below to download:

  • The Testimonials Sales Page
  • The Live Event Page
  • The Smart Product Sales Page
  • The Free Consultation Page
  • The Social Proof Giveaway Page
  • The Adwords/PPC 2.0 Landing Page
  • The E-Book Landing Page from Pat Flynn
  • The Blog Resources Page

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Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from January and February

I spent the past month house hunting, and somewhere around my 10th showing, I noticed an interesting psychological factor in play.

The houses that impressed me most all had a certain sensibility that flowed through every room, from front porch to backyard. Everything just hung together.

It didn’t really matter whether the owner had made the same choices I would have made—it was enough that everything felt intentional. Trustworthy. Like someone truly cared, and I wouldn’t find any unpleasant surprises when I took a closer look.

The same principle comes into play with landing pages. Maybe it shouldn’t really matter if the look and tone of a landing page changes from section to section. There’s no logical reason that a logo that’s out of joint with the page’s imagery should say anything about the value of the product being advertised.

And yet. Rational or not, a handful of little inconsistencies can be enough to make you feel instinctively that something’s not quite right. Pipes may be dripping in the basement; mice may be running through the walls.

The best landing pages we’ve discovered in the past month are all as welcoming and trust-inspiring as a beautifully staged home. Read on for a brief tour of each one, and my analysis of the elements that make them hang together so well.

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Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from December and January

“Check out my landing page!” he said. “Cool, huh?”

I clicked. I looked. And I tried to think how I could break it to him gently.

This entrepreneur was very proud of his work—and from what I could tell, his business itself seemed promising.

But his landing page was way, way too busy.

In theory, it should have been a simple page with a simple function: ask visitors to subscribe to an email list and offer them a free e-book as an incentive.

In practice, this page contained more than a dozen actions visitors could take. They could subscribe, sure, but only after tuning out a couple of navigation menus, a sale banner, sidebar links, calls to join social media, a comment section, widgets popping up from the margins—even banner ads from outside sites.

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