5 Steps to the Best Landing Page Copy You’ve Ever Written

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I’m a writer, both by education and by trade.

I have an English degree with a creative writing emphasis … and I have a very embarrassing fact to share with you.


It took me two and a half days to write out a first sentence for this post.

I know what you’re thinking: “Really? It took you two days to write that? It’s not even all that magical or interesting! What were you doing for two days?!”

The simple answer is: I had an awful case of blank page syndrome. I started and restarted; wrote and deleted. I broke focus and diverted my attention to other tasks that felt more pressing … Like trying to curate the perfect mood playlist on Spotify that I was certain would make the words flow from my fingertips!

We all know that writing good copy for our businesses is important—but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. The truth is: if you want your landing page to really work—if you want better results and more conversions—your landing page copy has to be good.

Not perfect. Not incredible. Not even great. It just needs to be good.

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Good copy creates clarity in a world of short attention spans. It positions any business owner as an intelligent expert, and it helps your prospects know exactly what you have to offer, and then tells them how to go seize it.

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