What Is an ESP (and Do I Really Need One)?

What Is an ESP (and Do I Really Need One)?

ESP is an invaluable tool for marketers. Think about it: with extrasensory perception giving you the ability to just know what customers are going to do at any given moment … you’d be unstoppable.

Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on whether you count yourself among the psychically gifted), that’s not quite what I’m talking about in this post. This kind of ESP is a different kind of tool, and it’s accessible even to those who weren’t born atop a Ouija board under a full moon.

Despite that, an email service provider (ESP) can allow you to accomplish feats of marketing that verge on the uncanny. Use your ESP well, and your leads may find themselves wondering just how you’ve managed to be so in tune with their interests.

We’ll explore some of that in a little bit. But first, let’s look at a few questions new entrepreneurs and marketers tend to have about ESPs when they’re first starting out.

What Is an ESP Exactly? What Does It Do?

Also called an email marketing service, an email service provider allows you to do (at minimum) 2 main things:

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