Driving Traffic Won’t Help Your Business Grow—Unless You Do This First

Recently, I asked hundreds of people in our audience at LeadPages one question:

When it comes to growing your business online, what is your biggest challenge right now?

Now, when I set out to run this survey, I thought I’d see some interesting answers that I had probably never thought about before.

I wasn’t prepared for what we got back. In fact, I was shocked. And I felt a little stupid: how could I have been missing this in the content I’d created for the past couple years?

On the surface, the top survey answer was pretty unsurprising. “Driving traffic to my website” was by far the most common business challenge respondents said they needed help with.

But when I started looking at the in-depth responses, written in entrepreneurs’ own words, I saw something different. They wrote about challenges like:

  • Finding new people to connect with
  • Figuring out where potential clients are
  • Reaching out to the right people
  • Getting qualified traffic
  • Discovering the right niche

Over and over again, I saw the same thing in different words. There was a more fundamental problem they had to solve before driving traffic would do anything to help them …

Finding the right audience to target.

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