Build My Business: Electronics Drop-Shipping Company

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the latest installment of our Build My Business series, in which our in-house experts, hobbyists, and insatiably curious marketers show you how they would use LeadPages® to launch a campaign for a very specific—though hypothetical—business purpose. Today, paid-media manager Andrew Scherr shares his campaign for a business that anyone with a little web savvy could start: an online electronics company.

* * *

Before I joined LeadPages, I worked in the marketing departments of several different e-retailers. Back then, my favorite days of the week were the days that we sent out our segmented marketing emails.

Why? Because right after sending those emails, we would see a giant spike in revenue—without a corresponding increase in ad spend.

Despite this trend, lead generation was never a major focus of our marketing plans. Knowing what I know now, I think we could have dramatically improved our marketing ROI by concentrating on our email list-building programs.

Now, most e-retailers do maintain some kind of email list. But often, the only way they get people onto that list is by including an auto-checked “subscribe me” box on the checkout page.

I think that’s a little backwards. So I devised a simple marketing campaign designed to get more online sales by putting lead-gen first. To see the whole campaign laid out in one easy-to-follow infographic, download my E-Commerce Campaign Infographic below:

infographic button

It’s not just the big-box stores that can compete using digital marketing strategies like this. In fact, I specifically designed this campaign for one of the most accessible business models I know of: drop-shipping.

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