Revealed: The #1 Thing Your Landing Page Needs to Convert

Here at Leadpages, we’re constantly running tests behind the scenes to make our landing pages—and yours—more and more effective at converting visitors into leads.

Today—April 1, 2016—we’re excited to announce a major discovery. After extensive A/B testing and user studies, we’ve found that, while there are many things you can do to make your landing page incrementally more effective, there’s just one guaranteed way to ensure a higher conversion rate.

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7 Behind-the-Scenes Growth Secrets from Top Marketers and Entrepreneurs

It’s not every day you find incredible strategic smarts and incredible generosity in one entrepreneur.

Or so you might think. And it’s understandable. After all, one reason to continually search out better business-growth tactics is to outdo your competitors. That mission might reasonably inspire you to keep your cards close to your vest.

But despite that natural motivation, each week at LeadPages, Tim Paige finds a new great business and marketing mind to pull the curtain back on their success for listeners of our podcast, ConversionCast.

These guests have opened up about everything from their A/B test results to the strategy behind their messaging to the specific marketing emails that have accelerated their growth. And often, they’re sharing the latest discovery they’ve made about what’s working for them—sometimes as the results are still rolling in.

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Guest Post: 5 Tiny Mistakes That Confuse Site Visitors and Kill Conversion Rates (and How to Fix Them)

Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to introduce this guest post from Jon MacDonald, founder and president of conversion rate optimization firm The Good. Jon and his team specialize in delivering more leads, customers, and revenue to e-commerce companies through tools like their free Stuck Score™ report and their Conversion Growth Program™. In today’s post, Jon points out five easy-to-miss mistakes that may be eating away at your conversion rate.

* * *

Everyone knows to look out for the big things in landing page design, but it’s the little things that can make you stumble and drop the ball.

When it comes to graphics, you worry about pointing eyes in the right direction, using the correct fonts, and placing each element in exactly the right spot.

When it comes to writing, you try to craft compelling copy to draw the reader in and maintain attention all the way through to the call to action.

That’s all fine and necessary, but the litmus test comes when you consider the results.

At The Good, we focus on conversion rate optimization. Clients often call us when they’re stuck and don’t know what else to try. That’s the beauty of an outside perspective: there are times when an outsider can see things the insiders are looking right past.

Here are five real-life examples of simple little mistakes that can lose sales, and they run the gamut from the Fortune 500 to a local business hoping to get established.

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