2-Minute Case Study: How B2B E-Commerce Company Four51 Doubled Their Leads Per Month

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What do you do when your product is technologically advanced, but your three-person marketing team isn’t necessarily?

In the case of Four51, the answer involved capitalizing on the team’s content-marketing strengths by using a code-free lead-gen platform. Peek inside this B2B e-commerce powerhouse in this two-minute video case study (and if you’ve got more than two minutes, dive a little deeper below).

The company: Four51

Where they work: Minneapolis, MN

Who we talked to: Marketing Director Kayla Bryant

What they do: Four51 makes helps complex B2B enterprises manage and automate their ordering processes through the cloud-based platform OrderCloud™.

What makes them special: They’re helping enterprises work better in a way that feels natural for younger workforces. Kayla observes, “We know that millennials have now overtaken baby boomers as the biggest portion of the U.S.’s employee base, and yet the majority of businesses still run a lot of what they do offline. So we help customers reduce their order costs, improve their customer and buyer experiences, enable their sales forces, and help their operations run better.”

Their unexpected beginnings: Four51 was founded back in 1999 with one simple goal: providing a better way for businesses to order their business cards online.

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