Stop Trading Hours For Traffic (i.e. Stop Trading Hours For Dollars)

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s episode of The Marketing Show. There is something that needs to be said. In fact, it’s needed to be said for a long, long time. So I’m just going to kick your ass today and put this out in to the world and really see what the response is because this is super, super important. And it’s something that not a lot of people get, okay?

So we all know that trading dollars for hours sucks, right? Everyone knows this. When you get into business, if you want to have a scalable business, that business cannot be something where you are trading your hours for a dollar amount, because you only have a finite number of hours in the day. And if you truly want a freedom based business – a business where you can go on vacation – a business where you can do the things that you really want to do in your life, you need to disconnect the money link between dollars and hours. If you want a scalable business, a business that does not have an income cap, you need to disconnect dollars from hours. We’ve all heard this ’til we’re blue in the face. We’ve heard other people say this ’til they’re blue in the face. We get it, right? We totally get it.

The thing that I think a lot of people don’t get, even though they get that freedom requires disconnecting hours from dollars, is that in order to have a truly scalable business, and to truly have a freedom based business, they need to disconnect the link between hours and traffic, right? Because traffic is needed to get customers, right? We need people looking at our sales page and buying.

Ironically, the people who rail against trading dollars for hours are the very same people who suggest blogging for traffic, right? There are a number of people out there in the lifestyle design space, whose primary, primary and only traffic strategy is, you know, tweeting a bunch about their blog post and writing a blog post to get traffic. In fact, there are a whole lot of people who literally would have no traffic at all if they didn’t blog at a regular basis. They would have no traffic at all.

So, let me just share this with you. If you have to spend your hours writing blog posts in order to get traffic, in order to get people to buy, right? If you have to spend hours writing blog posts, or doing social media stuff in order to get traffic so you could get dollars, then you are trading hours for dollars. And that really sucks and in fact, that’s no way to live. I refer the need that people feel to create blog post after blog post after blog post in order to get traffic, so that they could get money, I refer to that as the content hamster wheel of death. And like I said before, if you want a freedom based business, you need traffic that comes even if you aren’t writing a blog post, even if you weren’t on Facebook, even if you weren’t tweeting all the time.

I’ll give you an example form one of my businesses. One of my website, gets around 100 email opt-ins per day. It gets a whole lot of traffic and that traffic comes, day in and day out, even though I haven’t thought about that site or logged into that site for over a year. It’s traffic that comes regardless of what I do, and that has created a whole lot of freedom in my life, okay?

So this is what it comes down to, right? This is the heart of it. Automated scalable income requires automated traffic. Okay, I want to say that again. Automated scalable income requires automated traffic. Automated income requires automated traffic. Period. End of story. And the solution to all of this is simply grown man marketing. When you first get started online, a lot of people believe that they have to write blog posts after blog posts after blog posts to continue to bring in traffic. And that simply is not true. And the way out is marketing.

And I’ve created so much material on this in my courses. It’s just insane. But the purpose is not to talk about my courses right now, the purpose, my purpose in this video is to let you know that there is a way out of the content hamster wheel of death. And I want you to open up your mind to ways of disconnecting hours from traffic, right? You don’t need to blog endlessly. You don’t need to slog away creating article after article after article in order to bring in the traffic necessary to make the sales you need in your business. My name is Clay Collins. Thank you so much for watching The Marketing Show. And I’ll talk to you later. Goodbye.