Hi, this is Clay. Welcome to episode number three of the Marketing Show. This Marketing Show is all about counter-intuitive advice. And in the spirit of, I guess, counter-intuitiveness, I’m wearing this Charlie Sheen t-shirt. It says something pretty counter-intuitive on the bottom which is winning. We’ve all heard jokes about this on Twitter and such.

But my counter-intuitive piece of advice for you today is this.

Okay, here it is, “Stop helping people.” I see lots of coaches and consultants and people who sell information products and people who sell advice, and people who position themselves as experts saying things like, “I help you lose weight,” and “I help you change your life,” and “I help you set goals,” “I help you create the life you want.”

And whenever I hear people say this about themselves, I cringe, okay, I cringe. And the reason for it is this. Most people will not buy from you if you say you are going to help them. We hire helpers to help us move, okay. We hire helpers to help us set up a video studio, like, the video studio I have here.

But when people want to lose weight, when people want big transformation in their lives, when people want to grow their business, they do not want a helper. They want a visionary. They want someone who has a bigger vision for them than they have for themselves. Because when you say you’re a helper and when you position yourself as a helper, you are implying that you are in charge and someone else is helping you reach a destination that you already have in mind.

But the truth is most people are stuck where they are because they do not have a bigger vision for their life. And I’ve seen over and over and over again that people who have books, people who have e-books, information products, DVDs, people who teach frameworks end up getting the most amount of consulting clients and the most amount of, you know, coaching clients because people read their e-books or people read, you know, whatever information that they have out there and they get a bigger vision for their life than they already had by reading an expert’s book and then they hire that expert to help them sort of incarnate that vision in their life that the expert put out in that book.

So most people, just to reiterate, if you say you help people, most people will not hire you because they’re not looking for someone to help them; they’re looking for someone to have a bigger vision than they already have for themselves and they’re looking for that person with the bigger vision to help incarnate that vision in their lives.

For example, back in the day, I needed an SEO strategy, I needed a search engine optimization strategy for my business. I was not looking for a helper; I was not looking for someone to help me do SEO. I was looking for someone who had an SEO vision that could bring that vision to my business and make it come to pass. If someone said they were going to help me do SEO, I would have never hired them.

You also, you know, decrease your value when you say you’re hiring a helper, a CEO of a company is not a helper, a lead expert in any field is not a helper.

So just to conclude this up, just to wrap it up, stop calling yourself a helper; you are a visionary; you are not a helper. And that’s my input for the day. This is going to radically help your positioning. This is going to increase the amount you can charge just by changing this one small word alone.

So with that, thanks so much. Thanks for watching the Marketing Show. This has been episode number three. It’s so great to have you here. Take care and I’ll see you tomorrow.