[Split Test] Which Image Increased Opt-Ins for This Webinar Landing Page by 28.56%?

Can you spot a winning photo? Here’s your shot! Below you can see a simple webinar landing page test, run  by Jeffrey Grossman, the President of Acupuncture Media Works. He tested a personal photo against a professional image.

So, which photo do you think increased this simple webinar landing page’s opt-ins by 28.56%?

Vote below to reveal the winning split test page and our analysis.

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Winner: Version A created an overall increase of 28.56%
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How People Voted

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If you chose Version A you are correct!

Version A, with a 95% probability of outperforming Version B, increased opt-ins by 28.56%.

Similar to any split test, we can’t say with 100% certainty why this image caused the increase. However, I believe the personal image in Version A was more relatable to the visitor, leading to an increase in customer buy-in.

That  being said, not all site visitors are the same. Split testing your landing page images may be something to consider for your own pages.

What Do You Think?

Did this test’s results surprise you? Why do you think Version A increased conversions so dramatically? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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  • I find this interesting as I would have thought the professional image would do better. I see your company uses professional images, so are you going to do your own split tests to see if a more personal image might convert better for you?

    • Hi Daniel,

      If you click on any one of those professional pictures, you’ll see that we also have a more casual picture as part of our bios. So we sort of use both.

      I agree with you. I would have thought the professional image would be a better draw too. But it may depend on where the clinic in question is located as well as Jeffrey’s chosen audience. This is exactly why we encourage split testing. We want your site to perform best for your audience.

  • Jose G

    Interesting results. But I think the results would be different based on the industry or profession. I’m inclined to think that people looking at a photo of a Doctor with a white coat or suit vs a doctor wearing a t-shirt would choose the professional photo as it adds instant credibility.

    • 100% agree with you Jose G.

      • Me too, Jose G. It all depends on your audience.

  • I saw many tests where a more personal image has outperformed the professional image….and I was tempted to click version A ….yet I clicked version B simply because it looked good to me……that’s why I use a professional image for my stuff.

    But I guess I’ve got to rethink it.

    What would be more interesting is to analyse/evaluate/test the entire sales process. Because even if the Version A image got more clicks the question would be: “are these people who eventually buy?”……so a more accurate test would be not only based on initial clicks but on total sales. Can we get that data?

    So I might get rid of my professional image or prove it is better 😉

    • This is exactly why we encourage people to test things. Every audience is different. A lawyer will probably do better with a professional image than a casual image, unless his or her local audience knows him or her as a very laid-back person. That may cause a casual image to work better.

  • The question isn’t really about a professional image it’s what’s portrayed in the image.

    It’s a case of a Headshot (right) v’s a Lifestyle shot image (left). Headshots are great for profile photos and on Social Media, business cards and websites, to portray and identify each person and create a great first impression. Lifestyle shots are used to convey the message of ‘I’m real’, ‘I’m doing what I say I’m doing’ and that you can relate to me because I’m just like you. So that’s not clean studio shot with a plain background but location shots, action shots you delivering your products and services.

    If you have to shoot in the studio include more of yourself and show your personality. Standing and smiling is boring, be present with some attitude and expressing your inner self is more believable and relatable 🙂

  • My “happy” photo fits the criteria. i.e. Very casual, taken at a family event on the fly. I’ve used it for years, outperforms any replacement I make. Jonathan