[Split Test] Progress Bar Vs. No Progress Bar: Which Version Boosted Conversions 28.29%?

Several months back, we gave LeadPages™ users the option to include a “50% Complete” progress bar at the top of their LeadBoxes® after discovering that the progress bar had increased conversions on our own LeadBoxes®.

Brad Fetter, the Director of Digital Marketing at FLIR Systems, wasn’t sure whether the progress bar would have the same effect on FLIR’s LeadBoxes®, so he decided to run the following split test to determine if it would help or hurt their conversion rate.

Which version do you think won? Vote below to reveal the winning LeadBox™, and our analysis!

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LeadBox with Progress Bar
LeadBox without Progress Bar
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Winner: Version A created an overall increase of 28.89%
81% 19%

How People Voted

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Version A, with a 100% probability of outperforming Version B, received a 28.29% increase in conversion, lifting FLIR’s conversion rate from 49.60% to 63.63%. These numbers indicate to us that Version A inspired visitors to take action at a higher rate.

[Tweet=”Can you guess which page won this @LeadPages split test? I did! via http://ctt.ec/2sobc+”]

[Tweet=”Can you guess which page won this @LeadPages split test? The results surprised me! http://ctt.ec/5fD6r+”]

Here are a few of my speculations as to why the implementation of a progress bar may have caused this increase in conversion:

  1. The progress bar communicated the customer’s position within the funnel, as well as how many steps they had left.
  2. The customer’s motivation may have increased knowing that they only needed to take one more step in order to complete the funnel.
  3. The green color of the progress bar may have attracted customer attention, which could have positively affected the customer’s motivation to continue through the funnel.

The people who chose to opt-in on FLIR’s LeadBox™ were in for a treat, as they were given access to one of the most imaginative lead magnet’s we’ve seen — an interactive demo of FLIR’s personal thermal imaging camera.

FLIR LeadBox Split Test
After opting in, visitors were given access to an interactive demo of the FLIR ONE personal thermal imaging camera.

If you’re looking for a testing idea that’s quick and easy to implement, try experimenting with a progress bar on your LeadBoxes®!

What Do You Think?

Did this test’s results surprise you? Why do you think Version A increased conversions so dramatically? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

If you’re new to LeadPages™, you should know that all Pro and Enterprise users can run any split test inside LeadPages™ or LeadBoxes® in just five clicks.

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QPp-zFMlw0]