[Split Test] Which Landing Page Background Increased Conversions by 20%?

Imagery has a power that is stronger than we may realize. Images can connect us to the past and create an emotional response, sometimes transporting our minds to new places (even if we’ve never been there).

With that in mind, the Chiropractic Business Academy tested their landing page’s background to determine which image would resonate more with their visitors.

Which version do you think increased this landing page’s conversions by 20.34%?

Vote below to reveal the winning split test page and our analysis.

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Conference Background Image
Wooden Background Image
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Winner: Version A created an overall increase of 20.34%
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How People Voted

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If you chose Version A you are correct!

Version A, with a 95.05% probability of outperforming Version B, increased conversions by 20.34%.

Although we can’t say with 100% certainty why this change caused the increase, here are a few of my speculations:

  1. The background in Version A depicts a conference, better matching the visitors’ motivations to learn more about the topic.
  2. The use of a conference-like image could have increased the perceived credibility of the guide and organization, resulting in an increase in conversions.

Not all visitors are the same, but testing your landing page background may be something to consider for your own landing pages.

What Do You Think?

Did this test’s results surprise you? Why do you think Version A increased conversions so dramatically? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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  • What were the two conversion rates? An increase of 20% if the initial conversion rate was 1% isn’t probably practically significant versus say an initial conversion rate of 20%.

    • John Nye

      Hi Rachel! The conversion rate for the original page was around 19% while the variation increased to almost 23%. So, the absolute increase in conversion is close to 4% while the percent increase in the conversion rate is 20%.

      • Thanks John! I think this would be handy info to know on these split test posts. Enjoying the blog!

        • John Nye

          Great advice Rachel! Thank you for calling this to my attention.

  • Frank Dumont

    Ok. First time here on this site and first time, well even knowing that this level of LeadPages existed. The Answer was “A”. People Like (1)Transparency. To “sell” or “cause action” or “keep the interest level high enough to make a judgement-form an opinion (sub-consciously)”. Human nature prefers transparency as this = Trust, Comfort & a less intrusive approach. “A” came across this was over “B”. The Message was clear with both, but “A” created a sense of being able to “see through” (transparent) while at the same time keeping focus on the Lead Page Goal & Message. “B” had the same message, but when you consider human emotion, feeling, nature to repel a more intrusive “feeling” we subconsciously come to judgement and opinion. This all happens very quickly within a few seconds and these multiple ingredient all play a roll. One is simply stronger than the other. (2) “A” had a more Next Generation feel vs “B”. Human nature again tends to lean toward the next best thing, the newer version, latest advancement to keep up with the “Jones’s”. “B” was simply an older feel. It had a stronger look and feel toward something we have all seen before. Not attractive enough. Also, “B” was more intrusive in nature subconsciously cause a person to once again form an opinion or judgement call. (3) Think Big. People who want to grow a business visualize and think big (not necessarily meaning that they want to be the biggest in the world or local area). They want things to be as perfect and smooth as possible. The background image allows a person more easily to “dream” or envision all their clients/potential clients. Creating that vision with the background image allowed for that over “B”. And of course couple that with the message that was clear and solid allowed for the easy decision to “click” the button. >>>>>>> A little lengthy and there is more but I kept it down to 3 points 🙂 Hope my input was clear.

    • John Nye

      Well done Frank! Your analysis here is spot-on!