[Split Test] Which Headline Increased Conversions by 33.31%?

Can a headline really affect a page’s conversion by over 33%? In this case, the answer is yes.

Here, we have a split test that Melissa Ingold ran to determine which headline would perform better on the landing page she created to promote her free calculator tool using the Apptastic template from the LeadPages™ Marketplace. Melissa and her team tested 2 different headlines:

  • Version A:“FREE Calculator for Entrepreneurs to Help You Determine What Your Time is Actually Worth!”
  • Version B: “FREE Calculator for Entrepreneurs to Help You Determine What an Hour of Your Time is Actually Worth!”

In the battle of the headlines, which one do you think Melissa’s visitors preferred?

Vote below to reveal the winning split test page and our analysis.

Vote: Which Page Won This Split Test?
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Version 1: Headline focuses on what the customer's time is worth
Version 2: Headline focuses on what the customer's time is worth per hour
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Winner: Version B created an overall increase of 33.31%
17% 83%

How People Voted

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If you chose Version B, you are correct!

Version B, with a 97.44% probability of outperforming Version A, received a 33.31% increase in conversion. Since the headline was the only change made, these results indicate that it was at the root of the major conversion rate boost.

Although we can’t say with 100% certainty why the headline of Version B received the increase, here are a few of my speculations:

  1. Version B’s headline was more specific in regard to the measurement of time.
  2. The headline in Version B gave the user a better understanding of what to expect post-click.

Not all customers are the same, but testing headlines may be something to consider for your own landing pages.

What Do You Think?

Did this test’s results surprise you? Why do you think Version B increased conversions so dramatically? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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