Use This “Thank You Page” Tactic (and Template) To Increase Sales

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Hello everyone, my name is Clay Collins, and in this episode of The Marketing Show, I’m going to show you the world’s simplest thank you page, and I’m going to show how to use it to prevent you from loosing sales left and right in your business, and then I’m going to flip it around and show you how to use it to drive sales in your business.

This is a super simple tactic:

This is going to be a palm-to-the-face moment for a lot of people. That’s what you have to look forward to in this episode of The Marketing Show.

So in just a second, I’m going to show and demonstrate for you the thank you page itself, but before I do that, I want to show you what this concept and what this idea is based on.

So this is a website called Quantum Jumping, and it’s created by a publishing company called Mind Valley, which last I heard was doing around $15 million dollars a year, and I’m going to scroll down to the opt-in part of the page, and I’m going to enter in my first name here and my email address or at least one of them, and when I click on ‘Get free access now,’ I don’t go to a traditional thank you page, but I actually go to the sales page.

But at the top, it says,

“Thank you for signing up. Your free introductory course will be sent to your inbox shortly.”

While you wait for part one to arrive in your email, we recommend you read the page below to help you get the most out of your free program.

And basically, what follows is a sales page.

This is a great way to make sure that you don’t squander the people who opt in to your list by sending them to a boring thank you page that does nothing to further your business.

Instead, you tell them that what they opted in for is going to their inbox and that while they’re waiting for it that they can browse this page, and of course, this is the sales page that brings in sales for this business.

We implemented this very same concept over here at LeadPlayer, and when I opt in here, you can see that I am taken to the sales page with a message that says, “Thanks for signing up.

Everything we promised will be sent to your inbox shortly. While we wait for your materials to arrive via email, we recommend that you read the page below to help you get the most out of your free program.”

So again, I’m not squandering the people who joined my list by sending them to a thank you page that does nothing for my business.

Instead, I’m sending them to the sales page, but it all makes sense because I’m telling them that everything’s being sent to them, and while they’re waiting for that, they can watch this sales message.

And of course, when you click ‘okay,’ the video starts. So what I’m giving you today is a version of this kind of page where people are sent to your sales page after they opt in.

Let me show you.

I’m going to opt in here, and when I click on ‘Join us,’ I’m sent to this page. It says, “Thanks for signing up. Everything we promised will be sent to your inbox shortly.

While you wait for your material to arrive via email, we recommend you click on this button below.” And when they click here, it sends them to the sales page, right.

And so this is the page in the template that we’re given to you.

It’s available below as a PSD download that you can used to create a HTML page if you want, or if you’re a LeadPages member, this is available inside of LeadPages. So if you’re a LeadPages member, just go into your templates, find the Thanks for signing up page, and you can go ahead and modify the copy, right?

So obviously, you’d want to replace LeadPages with the name of your brand. You’d want to change this text if you want.

You’d want to click on the button and change the URL to be the URL of your website, and you’d want to craft some of this a little bit, but when you’re done, just click on ‘Save to my pages,’ give it a name, and then you can immediately deploy that page using the URL we give you.

You can use our WordPress plug-in to deploy the page or you can download the page and put it on your own server.

Finally, just a little bit more context on where this page goes. Basically, someone opts in on your opt-in page, then they go to this thank you page which then directs them to the sales page.

So you can get sales much earlier, and it also sets the tone for the rest of your relationship with them. It ensures that they see the sales page very early on in their relationship with you.

Anyway, my name is Clay Collins. Thank you so much for watching this episode of The Marketing Show. If you’d like to download the PSD for this file, it’s available below to everyone.

If you are a LeadPages customer, or if you would like to be a LeadPages customer, this template is available right now live inside of LeadPages.

Thank you so much and have an amazing, amazing day.

  • Melody

    A few months ago, I did a google search for something specific and landed on the mind valley site. I landed on the “thank you” page and made a purchase all in one visit. So…it really does work! (at least, it did on me, lol)

    • Nice. That’s a great anecdote with some proof that this works.


  • Clay,

    Great episode! I love the idea and will definitely implement it with the new biz. Thanks again for your drop-in for our coaching group with Garland. You rocked it.

    Looking forward to more from the Marketing Show!


    • Oh cool! You were on that :-). DSG is a great dude and that drop-in was a lot of fun.


      • Yup, gotta keep learning, right? Hope you get a chance to stop by again soon. Would love to do a profile post on you. Let me know if you have any interest. Quick and easy publicity for you!

        • Sure! I’m down for the profile. Let me know what you need. I appreciate it. Sounds like fun.

  • Галина Беляева

    Cool, Clay, thank you. I see how I can apply that!

  • Thanks, Clay. Do you prefer this approach, or the other thank you page you provide in LP that gives people the ‘what to do next…1 then 2’ option?

    I’m currently sending people to a LP thank you page that shows them a short video of me thanking them, and then asks them to 1 – subscribe to my podcast and 2 – ‘like’ my FB page.

    • It really just depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re primary objective is to grow your audience, then the template you’re using is great. If your primary objective is to grow sales, then this template is better.

      Great question.


  • Brilliantly simple

  • Clay,

    Does some kind of research show that the button color has to be yellow?

    Practically every lead page has a yellow button. What about some other color that stands out from the regular color scheme of the site, like for example, orange?

    The first time I visited the marketing show, I was wary, because the yellow buttons reminded me of those horrible Optimize Press landing pages that often slimy marketers put up.

    I’m glad I gave you a shot, but that was my first reaction based on my past experience with just the button color.

    • First thing: colors on LeadPages are customizable. You can change the color away from yellow if you want using LeadPages.

      Second, yes: our testing confirms that yellow works. But please run tests yourself.

      Glad you gave us a shot despite the use of the yellow color.


  • Marcos

    Thanks Clay! Great strategy. I took me exactly, 4 minutes 37 seconds to create my Thank you Page in Lead Player (!!!), I now wonder what should I do with the 20 minutes left to my Pomodoro…

    • Haha! Nice. BTW, you mean LeadPages, right?


      • Marcos

        Yes, sorry, I meant LeadPages.

  • Sue

    The message on the Thank You page in the video above suggests that the person read the sales page in order to get the most out of the freebie they requested. How does reading a sales page help someone get more out of the freebie they requested? That message seems somewhat misleading. Can anyone provide clarity?

    • It’s just the default text. . . . folks can use whatever text they want.

      That said, in our business, folks will get the most out of our free training if they have LeadPages. For example, we have landing page training, and people DO get more out of that training when they have a tool (like LeadPages) that they can use to quickly implement what’s being taught in the training.

      I hope that makes sense.

      Warm regards,

  • Very straight forward. The challenge is this: on the one hand, if you want to boost your double optin conversion rate, you want to get people to the inbox as quickly as possible (so they confirm). On other other hand, since a good 50 to 25% of people who optin will never confirm, you DO want to monetize that Thank You page traffic (also called a “Front End” offer wall in performance marketing circles). So one has to balance both goals. Do you all have stats on EPC’s off of thank you pages like that, compared to how it may impact confirmation rate? I’d certainly like and share that bad boy!

    • Great point. This might not be the best option for someone doing double opt-in. I don’t use double opt-in so this works well for me.

      Warm regards,

  • I think this is good, but I have reservations about it and won’t use it for my business.

    In my opinion, a thank you should be just that. A genuine thank you. Not a meaningless bunch of words. If it’s just that, then why even bother to thank them? A thank you should never be tied to anything else.

    So the only way I would do this if this page came maybe an hour or so later, after they have had time to absorb the thing I gave them for free.

    personally this is a turn off to me. I can’t imagine anyone being so desperate or insecure to think that they won’t get the person who is subscribing to their free information to buy from them later, even if it is hours or 1 day later. I think this is tacky and this is what people hate about online businesses. The quick shove in your face sales page.

    Sorry Clay – I love 99.9% of what you do/suggest. this isn’t one of them.

    Here’s my reasoning:

    1. are you having a conversation with those people after they get to that thank you/sales page to see if you have sort of irked them?

    What I mean is, how do you know the person isn’t thinking something like this: ‘oh, this guy isn’t really thanking me, he just wants to make a sale off me right away before I even get access to his material to get to know him/his authority on the topic first”

    So are you seeing how quickly they close out the page after the thank you page pops up? Are they staying on the page for a while, or are they closing it out after a minute once they probably understand it’s a sales page?

    Even if they stayed on the sales page to the end, how many are buying right away? Obviously it depends on the quality of the product/service and the owner’s presentation, but is there any proof you are making way more sales than you would have had you not used this page?

    Is it worth irking someone or establishing your first connection with them in this slam in your face way?

    I know we are all in business for a reason, and I know most online know they will eventually get a sales pitch, but this quick – makes me want to say: is it necessary, is this really the professional atmosphere we want to project as a business that offers products/services online? Is this the tone we think is the best to set right away with this prospect?

    whatever happened to really just wanting to add value to the person first? Let them take it in, absorb it, do research on you, determine if they want to stay on your list, determine if they even want to follow you? This situation is the opposite of all that.

    Again, I think waiting a few hours or a day is appropriate to hit someone up for a sale. People aren’t dumb, they know that email is coming. So what’s so in it for you that you ‘make that sale quicker’? Like I said, that says either desperate or greedy.

    I am aware mindvalley has a huge following, and they have been around for a while, but that doesn’t mean everything they do is really good business.

    For example, Seriously, look at how long that sales letter is on their page. Small print, super long, etc. No one does these anymore – they are no longer as effective and they are not respectful of their prospects time, which is very limited these days, so to me they are very out of touch with the 21st Century customer.

    Also think of all this from the customer’s point of view: They entered their email, thinking this was all going to be a quick thing. To think they will then have all that time to read a sales letter or to watch a sales video or the like is just not being in touch with the customer’s time if you ask me.

    I know you don’t do things that don’t work Clay, And, I am not insinuating you are desperate or greedy Clay, was just offering a different perspective on this. This is my perspective.

    • I think part of this might be semantics. Maybe I should name the template to just be called “The Post Opt-In Page”

    • P.S. I want to thank you for the time and reasoning that you put into your comment, Jaxi. I really appreciate you.

  • Great “template” go someone to chop at… Beutiful! TY

  • I think this is a great idea. Maybe instead of straight to the sales page itself, you could have the banner of the product or whatever you’re promoting right there, with a subtle “Have you checked this out?” and also a short writeup on why you’re recommending it.

  • LiveCreateLife

    I just think it’s awesome that you know what Quantum Jumping is! ;D (I knew I liked you) Anyway, bought LeadPages and LeadPlayer a couple weeks ago and LOVE IT. Also, the LeadBright Support Team is *amazing* … great team!