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Clay Collins here, co-founder of LeadPages, and I want to run a little experiment here. If I search in Google for the term copywriting, you’ll see the second article here is Copywriting 101 from Copyblogger. So let’s browse this article and see what shows up here. Interesting. Now let’s try something else. I’m going to search in Google for the term list building, and let’s click on the first article that shows up here. It’s a social trigger’s post. Interesting.

Now, the more you examine this Copywriting 101 post and this List Building 101 post, the more you’ll see that these pages actually differ quite a bit than the usual pages on this blog. If you go to a usual blog post on Social Triggers, you’ll see that there is a side bar, that there’s a header, that there are header links, that there are navigation links in the side bar, that there’s links to Twitter, that there’s comments and stuff, but on pages like this, there is no side bar, there are no header links. Let’s explore what’s not on these pages. Comments aren’t on these pages. Tons of navigation options are not on this page. In fact, on the Social Triggers page, there really aren’t any navigation options. There isn’t a side bar. There aren’t related posts. There aren’t any of those things. That’s because these pages are created from the ground up to do two things. They’re meant to one, rank in Google; and two, convert Google visitors into subscribers. That’s it. Those pages don’t do anything else.

So based on the success that Copyblogger and Social Triggers and myself and my clients have had with this kind of page, we added this kind of blog category page to LeadPages. For LeadPages customers, it’s in LeadPages under SEO blog category page. Just click on use this template. You can click on the logo and replace it with your logo. Let’s do that. You can change out the title and I might want to put Landing Page Templates 101 or something like that. I can insert an image if I want to or I can remove the image all together, and I can place whatever text I want to hear and list all the articles that I’ve written about this topic on my blog. At the bottom here, we can actually place a two-step opt-in box where someone clicks on this to subscribe and then they can opt-in. To hook it up with your opt-in form, just click on opt-in form integration. Pick the integration you want to use. Pick a list you want to integrate with and you can also decide whether or not you want the first name field to be collected or not. We’re going to turn this on. As you can see, the first name field is present. When you’re done, go ahead and save the page, and you can publish this using our own hosting. We give you an immediate URL to use. You can publish this with WordPress, which is probably what you’re going to do. You can also download the file and put on your own server or publish this as a Facebook page.

What I recommend you to do is use our WordPress plug in to integrate this with your blog and use this as a category page on your blog, and the purpose of this page again is to attract traffic from the search engines and get that traffic to opt in to your list. Here’s how to implement this. First, write a series of articles about the key word that you want to rank for. For example, if you want to rank for the term ab exercises in Google, you would write a series of articles on that topic. Five articles is good enough. Next, create an SEO category page with an intro links to all of your articles and descriptions of your articles. Kind of like this page. There’s an intro, there’s a list of articles, and then at the end, there’s an opportunity for someone to opt in to your list. Update this category page whenever you add a new article on that topic. So if you ever add article on ab exercises to your blog, make sure that you include that article in your SEO category page. Finally, repeat this process for every term that you want to rank for. Once you’ve created a cluster of articles around the term ab exercises, write a different set of articles on another topic and create an SEO category page around that as well. For LeadPages customers, just find the SEO blog category page and point and click your way to setting this up. So Ab Exercises 101. It takes a few minutes to set up and you’ll be ready to go.

This has been Clay Collins, co-founder of LeadPages. I hope you enjoyed this SEO blog category page, and I’ll talk to you next time. Take care.

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  • Jaime

    Hey Clay — super landing page and will be using very soon. Question — can you come up with something similar for Google Adwords / PPC? This would be SUPER useful for many (I believe) and you are the man to do it :>)


    • jayspann

      Jaime, I would say you could use this page for Adwords… you would just need to add links to your complaince pages somewhere at the bottom.

      • George Fourie

        Thinking the same thing… Is that all that’s needed to make it compliant for Adwords?

        • jayspann

          It should be. If you join one of google’s G+ groups for adwords you can usually get stuff checked out really fast.

          Better to get that info from the horse’s mouth 🙂

          • George Fourie

            Thanks 🙂

    • Yup. This could work great for PPC.

  • Clay, awesome page. This is really genius and I know lots of ways on how to use this effectively. Thanks again.

  • I have a category page like this on my blog that is already ranking well. Can’t wait to install the plugin to see if I can get even more conversions and traffic.

    Question – I have a few episodes of my podcast embedded on this page – do you think I should leave them there or just link to the posts with those podcasts (which are actually on a different blog)?

    Thank you!

    • I would make this page a compilation of a number of posts on the related topic.

  • Your timing is perfect. I have been struggling with this very issue today and now I have a new solution!

    You folks rock Clay!

  • spamspert

    That’s pretty awesome Clay…Makes me proud to know I bought LeadPages for building lead pages but now I can implement them in my blog…freaking sweet.

    • Makes me proud that we customers like you. So glad this will work for you.

  • Natalie

    Love it! I’d already set these up but not as well as this page!

    • Great! Please share your implementation as soon as you have it setup.

  • Hi Clay, if I were to deploy one of theme category pages on my blog but then stop using lead pages at some time in the future, what would happen to that page?

    • Hi Nick!

      LeadPages not only creates landing pages and handles backend integration with services like MailChimp, AWeber, Office Autopilot etc., but it also is a specialized hosting platform just for “conversion pages.” So we do charge for the high-speed hosting and use of our lead generation platform. That said, you do own your pages and you can export them out of our system if you want. Please know, however, that some integrations will stop working once you export a page out of our system . . . for example, it’s impossible to create a page that integrates with both AWeber and GoToWebinar without a backend server-side process supporting the page. Also, any back end analytics and testing features are happening on our servers (and these servers cost money to run) and therefore require our servers.

      So yes, you do own the pages and you can export them out of our system. But when you export those pages our of our system the pages will, in many cases, lose functionality (not because we want you to lose functionaily . . . but because there is a fair amount of functionality that happens on our server; and this functionality is included in our monthly or yearly subscription cost).

      Anyway, I hope this addresses your question.


  • I made a page like this for “personal brand examples” and it works like a charm.

    I rank number 2 in google

  • Clay you are a frickin’ genius. Love this idea!

  • Jonas Alexander Grodhues

    Hi Clay,

    is it possible to implement Videos in this SEO Landing Page? Would be really nice for a client’s of mine who is using Leadpages AND Leadplayer. So, does it work with Leadplayer/Youtube/Vimeo embedded code?

    Thanks for your amazing content & tools!