[Feature Update] Send Emails Straight from LeadPages, Good for Sending Event Details & Lead Magnets

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Transcript: Time is money.

Everyone has heard that saying. When you’re pulled in a bunch of different directions in your business, that statement really starts to ring true. So doing things that will save you five minutes here, 15 minutes there, they all start to add up. LeadPages was created from the ground up to save you time with your marketing and we plan on saving you even more time with a new feature that allows you to send an email after someone opts in to your page. This feature is not intended to replace your email marketing service like AWeber or MailChimp, InfusionSoft etc. It’s meant to augment and supplement what you already have.

There are two scenarios where this will save you loads of time. Scenario 1 is if you’re doing a Google+ Hangout or a FreeConferenceCall.com type event where people don’t actually log into that system and register. Scenario 2 is when you’re delivering a lead magnet.

Let’s talk about scenario #1 right now where you’re using a free service like Google+ Hangouts or FreeConferenceCall.com. Typically with services like GoToWebinar, you formally register for the webinar and then you’re sent in the log-in details to get on the webinar. But with free services like Google+ Hangouts or FreeConferenceCall.com, you can’t formally register and the systems don’t send you emails at all. For instance with Google+ Hangouts, the person hosting the webinar just gets a link and it’s their job to get that link to their audience. In this situation, you need some way to send out details to your audience so they can attend your event and you can use the email delivery system to create your own confirmation email that sends all the information about the event to the person that just signed up. So when someone opts in to this page, they’ll not only register for the Google+ Hangout but they’ll now get the confirmation email you’ve set up in LeadPages that has all the details for the upcoming Hangout. You could also use this method for hosting events with services like FreeConferenceCall.com, InstantTeleseminar, WebEx, AnyMeeting and other services where you can’t formally register with the system.

To set this up in your LeadPages account, on the page that you’re using, turn on send email after opt-in. Since we’re going to send people details for joining our Google+ Hangout, I’m going to select send a customized email then you’ll see the email box come up and I’ll just enter in all of my email information as well as my email copy that contains all of the details for them to join the Hangout. Once I’m done, I’ll just click save.

Now when people opt-in on this page, they’ll get an email from LeadPages with their sign-in instructions. Just as a reminder, LeadPages isn’t meant to replace your email service provider like MailChimp, AWeber etc., but when you set this up with LeadPages, it’s a lot faster to do than having to go through a service like AWeber and create a new list, create a new form and create a new email because you can set this up directly in LeadPages and send everyone to a house list, a generic list or something where you put all of your leads that signed up for any webinar you’ve ever done.

So let’s say you’re doing a Google+ Hangout every week, you can have everyone go to your generic Google+ Hangout list that you’ve created and have the email sent out from LeadPages so you can quickly change the event details every time you do a Google+ Hangout. This also works with FreeConferenceCall.com type events or any other event you’re doing with another platform.

Now scenario #2 is giving away different lead magnets while adding people to the same list. Giving away free content is the fastest and easiest way to grow your audience, email list, and newsletter subscribers. In our business, we’ve definitely found this to be true, but this is often a huge pain in the butt to set up in your email service provider. To illustrate this, let’s say on one landing page you’re giving away free mp3, on one landing page, you’re giving away a free report and on another you’re giving away a free video. In order to give away a downloadable lead magnet, for each of these pages, typically you’d have to create a new list for people to be added to when they opt in, create a new form for the list and create a follow-up email that delivers the mp3, the free report, and the video that you’re giving away.

So for each of these pages, you’d have to go through this process individually for each page. It’s a lot of work and can get really confusing when you have multiple pages. By using the lead magnet delivery system in LeadPages, each of these pages can send everyone to the same list while delivering different lead magnets. This allows you to not have to set this up for each individual page where you wanted to give something away like in the previous example. You create a page, select what list people should be added to and just tell LeadPages what lead magnet should be given away when someone opts in on that page.

To set this up in LeadPages, just go to the landing page you’re using, turn on send to email after opt-in. Select send lead Magnet and then select the thing that you want to give away when someone opts in on this page. For example, I’ve uploaded a free report, a free video and a free mp3 interview to my LeadPages account that I can assign to be given away once someone opts in on this page. Once this is set up when someone opts in on this page, they’ll get an email from LeadPages giving them the lead magnet that you just selected. So if I click download in the email that was just sent out, you’ll see that the file downloads, and now the report is opened up.

To add a downloadable eBook, free report, video file, audio file or any other lead magnet to be given away as a reward when people opt in to your page, go to the my account tab then go to the lead magnet delivery section and upload your file that you want to give away. You can give away virtually any type of lead magnet like zip files, PDFs, free reports, entire courses, videos, mp3s and so on. Again, this means that you can have multiple landing pages that are all giving something different away but everyone is being added to the same massive database. This makes it very easy to have different pages offering different incentives while building one massive list. This is a huge time saver and one of our favorite ways of delivering lead magnets and opt-in confirmation emails.

So to wrap things up, the LeadPages delivery system can handle sending out one-time customized emails after someone opts in and those are good for giving people details for Google+ Hangouts or FreeConferenceCall.com type events where you just get a bridge line or a link that you have to get to your audience.

Also, LeadPages can be used to deliver lead magnets. Now keep in mind that even though LeadPages is sending out these emails, people are still being added to whatever email service provider you use so they’ll still get whatever emails you’ve set to go out when someone opts in to your list. So this doesn’t interfere with what services like AWeber, MailChimp and get response to, it augments them. Let us know how you’re using this in your business by leaving a comment below this video. If you’re not a LeadPages customer and you’d like to use this feature, visit www.LeadPages.net to get LeadPages.

I’m Jeff Wenberg. Have a great day.