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I’m Jeff from Leadpages, and I’ve got a question for you. Do you prefer dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Now, hold that thought, here’s another. Which workout do you think is more effective, yoga or lifting weights? Fun, right? There’s something irresistibly engaging about choosing between two options. We’ve had great success with the launch of our Split Test blog where we ask readers to guess which version of a landing page had higher conversions.

Now we’ve taken this concept and incorporated it into a brand new template design to engage your prospects, capture more leads, and drive more sales. This is a really unique template. It’s actually two pages in one. The first page engages your visitor with a choice, and the second page allows you to make a compelling offer while sharing interesting information about a topic. Up here at the top, there’s the progress bar, which we’ve talked about in previous videos. It drives people to continue through the page. Then we have two spots for images that catch people’s eye and draw them in. From there, the vote buttons make it obvious what the visitor should do. Vote for the one they think is the right answer. Once they vote, they’re taken to the next page. Since they’re already highly engaged from voting on the previous page, we offer them something related in exchange for their email address. We add urgency to this offer with a countdown timer above the opt-in button. We also use the progress bar to play on the need to complete things. Just click the button and you’re finished. Then further down the page you see if they got it right. Followed by another chance for people to opt-in to your list.

This page is super effective and really easy to customize for your business. Here’s what you need to know to customize this page inside of Leadpages. This template is a tad bit different from most templates, only because it’s basically two pages in one. So you’ll customize the first part of the page, and then as you scroll down, you’ll see the second page that you customize. To change any text, just click on it and start typing. To change an image, just click on the image and select a new one. If you don’t want to use an element, or a whole section, just click on the gear icon and select hide. If you’d like to change colors to match your branding, simply click the style tab and then drag the color picker to whatever colors you’d like to use. To set up your lead box, just click on the button at the bottom of the page. Now just choose which email service provider you’d like to integrate the page with and which list you’d like to add people to. You can collect multiple form fields, such as name, drop downs, or radial buttons. Finally, change the images to match your branding or hide them if you don’t need them. All pages created with LeadPages are mobile responsive. When you’re done customizing the page, just name the page and then save the page. And as soon as we hit publish, Leadpages gives us a link we can immediately use. This is hosted on LeadPages super fast servers. You can also publish the page to WordPress, to Facebook as a Facebook tab, or you can download the files and put them on your own server.

If you’re already a Leadpages customer, this template is ready for you to use at my.leadpages.net. If you’re not a Leadpages customer and you’d like to use this template on your website, we’re offering it for free. Just click the button below to download all the html, css, javascript, fonts, and image files that you’ll need to implement the page. It’s yours free and there’s no catch or obligation to buy. But, I can tell you that you could save a lot of time and hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in implementation and deployment costs by using LeadPages. As a Leadpages customer, you’ll be able to choose from a huge library of beautifully designed and proven effective templates, that you could customize and publish within minutes without ever having to touch a line of code. Just head to www.LeadPages.net and click on the button below the video to get Leadpages. If you’re unsure which plan to go with, we recommend the Pro Annual plan, as it comes with the majority of the features we have, allows for split testing your lead pages and lead boxes, and is 39% less than paying monthly.

By the way, if you chose milk chocolate, you’re in the large majority. And if you chose yoga, according to the Harvard Medical School, weight training beats yoga. Create one of these pages today by getting LeapPages now.

  • Greatness unleashed again! Awesome work! Thank you! Aloha

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Mahalo Adam!

  • Eric Bobrow

    Does the contact’s choice (the button they click) get included in the opt-in form submission to Infusionsoft (or other provider)? I’d like to have that info for segmentation purposes.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Eric, unfortunately that’s now how the template functions. It isn’t dynamic in that it updates the results like a poll or saves their click information.

  • Bill Alpert

    Hey, I can’t find this template in my LP free templates area; has it been posted yet???

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey Bill, try it now. Sorry about the delay!

      • Bill Alpert


  • Mike J

    So is the “FREE” like the video says or DO I have to pay for it?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Try it now. It should be available in your account now. Sorry for the delay!

  • Hi, I have the same issue as Bill Alpert, can’t find it in my LP Pro free templates opt-in area.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hi Kate, please try it now. The template is available. Sorry for the delay.

  • Ray Weiss

    Hi, this looks like a great landing page. I’m not currently a LeadPages customer but maybe soon will be because of this :). One question – if I want to install this landing page, how do I incorporate it with my autoresponder?


    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey Ray, we’d love to have you onboard. In the mean time you’d need to download the files above and custom code them to work with your autoresponder. This could entail hiring a coder to do this for you, which is generally as much or more than a membership to LeadPages. Hope that helps!

  • Rose S O’Dowd

    Obvio isla we need to have a website first right? Sorry but I suffer from technophobia. I am in my fifties lol
    But I need it!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey Rose, you totally do not need a website first to start getting results with LeadPages. Since you can host all your pages on our LeadPages servers you can start building LeadPages to generate leads. Then after that’s working well you could get a website if you need one. If I had to pick a website or LeadPages for any of my own businesses, I’d pick LeadPages first every time. Hope that helps!

  • Rose S O’Dowd

    Sorry obviously

  • aj

    Can we add them to different lists based on the answer they choose? 🙂

    • Jeff Wenberg

      AJ, unfortunately that’s now how the template functions. It isn’t dynamic in that doesn’t it update the results like a poll or save their click information.

      • aj

        Maybe a future feature? 🙂 love what you guys are doing!

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Definitely a good idea AJ! We’ll keep it in mind for the future!

  • Josy

    Everytime I watch a video, I confirm that Leadpages is My Ferrari: Gorgeous, Comfortable and Fast! <3 I love it 🙂

  • Herman

    I aim from the Netherlands and sometimes interested in your webinars. The time that a webinar started is in Pacific and Eastern time. Is it also possible to indicate the GMT time? Thanks

  • Hey Jeff, I am kind of mad I didn’t have this idea first. I bet this template is going to be a game changer for many of us. Great job!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Irving! We definitely think so!