Leadpages Pro Tip: Light up Your Landing Pages with Countdown Timers

Light a Fire Under Their Pants

Simply put, countdown timers add urgency to action.

They’re clear visual cues to your prospects that your offer isn’t going to be around forever. They’re also more specific than simply saying your offer will only be available for a limited time.

When prospective customers and leads are met with a timer ticking away on the page, they’re more likely to act right away in lieu of mulling over a decision. Psychologically, a timer incites a fear of missing out (FOMO) on a great deal.

It’s not uncommon for timers indicating urgency and scarcity to increase sales by 10%, 30%, or even 300%. Which means countdown timers are just the right impulsive nudge people need to convert more on your landing pages.

How to Place a Countdown Timer on Your Landing Page

You can slip a countdown timer wherever you need to in your landing pages or pop-up boxes.

When inside the drag-and-drop builder, simply click on the Countdown widget, drag it where you want a timer on your page, and drop it into place.

Remember to place your fresh timer in a prominent space on your page. Hiding it below all of your copy or competing elements defeats the purpose of adding an element conveying urgency.

placing a countdown timer on a landing page

Setting Your Timer

There are several ways to configure your snazzy new timer so that it’s always displaying the right countdown event.

If your landing page is counting down to a specific time, like a scheduled online class or premiere of some sort, you can easily select “Standard” time and choose the date and time your offer ends on the calendar. Your counter will continue ticking down until that date and time are met, then will display zeroes.

setting a countdown timer

You can also choose a “Daily” timer, which will renew itself daily. If you want to offer a discounted price until noon every day, have your countdown timer refresh to 12 hours each morning.

The “Evergreen” option lets you choose the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds that will display on the page every time a new user shows up regardless of when they land on your page.

When Your Timer Runs Out

When your timer runs out, you can choose to leave the timer up, redirect leads to a different URL or Leadpage, or even change what information is on the page by showing and hiding different sections.

choose what happens when the timer runs down

The “Show/Hide” feature is ideal when you have information, images, bonus offers, or other content that isn’t relevant once your countdown expires. Instead of having to create a second landing page for when your timer expires, simply show or hide specific content.

Match Your Brand

The variety of styles, fonts, and colors available for your countdown timer makes it possible to format every facet of your page to align with your brand.

how to format a countdown timer

If you aren’t sure if adding a countdown timer to your landing pages or pop-up boxes is right for you, run a few A/B tests. Leave everything the same on versions A and B with the exception of a countdown timer added to the test page. I bet you’ll be surprised with the outcome (and you’ll start adding countdown timers to more of your pages for higher conversions).

Want to see what countdown timers could do for your conversion rates? Start a free 14-day trial below and build a countdown-clad Leadpage today.

The Clock Is Ticking