Which Photo Increased Webinar Registrations by 42% in this Split Test?

By Tom Q. Johnson, Split Test Analyst for LeadPages

Today’s split test shows small changes can make a big difference in conversions.

We’re looking at a webinar registration page from Erich Andreas, a.k.a. “Your Guitar Sage.” Erich uses webcasts to give guitar lessons to thousands of players across all skill levels and time zones from his studio in Florida.

A few months back, Erich’s marketer (and LeadPages user), Jason Braud split tested two different photos on the Guitar Sage’s webcast page.

As you’ll see, the swing in conversions was almost immediately clear.

Before I go into the details, check out the two pages below and see if you can tell which version outperformed the other.

The Original: Guitar Sage’s original session registration page used the Webinar Page from James Schramko.
The Original: Guitar Sage’s original session registration page used the Webinar Page from James Schramko.
The Challenger: As you can see, in this version the webinar page from James Schramko is almost exactly the same. Jason only added a new photo and Erich’s name at the top.
The Challenger: As you can see, in this version the webinar page from James Schramko is almost exactly the same. Jason only added a new photo and Erich’s name at the top.

And the Winner Is…

The challenger, with the updated, smiling photo of Erich.

The test results confirmed with a 98.7% certainty that the new photo made a significant improvement in Erich’s conversion rate. This new headshot boosted the conversion rate by 42% over the course of the trial.

(As an industry benchmark, a probability of outperforming that’s over 90-95% is considered statistically valid. The closer to 100%, the more conclusive the test.)

With over 550 visitors sampled in this test, the second variation managed a 37% conversion rate compared to the original’s 26%. In other words, for every 100 visitors to each page, this second page generated approximately 11 more registrations.

Go ahead and take a closer look at the full set of numbers from LeadPages below.

A Look at the Numbers Inside LeadPages

Here’s the summary of more than a week’s worth of testing. From left to right: conversions and visitors become a conversion rate, which is compared and tested for statistical significance.
Here’s the summary of more than a week’s worth of testing. From left to right: conversions and visitors become a conversion rate, which is compared and tested for statistical significance.

Digging Into the Results

Collecting data like this will always help you make better marketing decisions.

Whether you’re confirming or contradicting all kinds of design ideas, the results can be used to your advantage.

That’s especially the case on a page as prominent as the webinar registration page in this split test. We’re talking about a business that almost exclusively uses webinars for their marketing, so getting even a slight edge on conversion can be a game changer.

Imagine multiplying those 11 extra registrations per 100 visitors by the thousands of visitors that visit Erich’s site each month — the results are huge.

Thank you again to Erich and Jason for sharing these results. For more on what Erich is working on now, check out www.yourguitarsage.com.

How to Run This Split Test on Your Own

LeadPages makes it easy to deploy rigorous split tests like the one above in a matter of minutes.

Whether you are changing your headshot to an action shot, the thumbnail image of your lead magnet, or the feel of your background image, you can start testing different images on your own pages quickly to find out what will impact your conversions.

If you have never used LeadPage’s split testing tools before, I’d suggest checking out this brief introduction to the system and watching our three-minute tutorial.

Also, just a reminder: If you want use LeadPages built-in split testing tool, you do need to be a pro member of LeadPages. However, you can also use any other split testing tool on the market with your LeadPages account if you prefer. It’s up to you.

Well, that’s a wrap for this split test. As always, I look forward to your feedback, questions and conversation in the comments below.

  • Great result! the winner looks more like the template it was built on 😉

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Thanks James! Appreciate the kind words. 🙂

    • and a great template it is 🙂

    • Jeff Wenberg

      hahaha! Good eye James! 🙂

  • Marcos

    The power of smiling 🙂 The second version looks more engaging Nice test!

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Couldn’t agree more. 🙂 Thanks Marcos!

  • Jonathan Partlow

    This (much like the wine example) is not really surprising… the key is in designing for how the world occurs to the user and the story they create in their head about what they see… their actions are automatically and naturally based upon this “occuring” – In the guitar and in the wine example – the clear winner is the one that speaks to the possibility of the experience as constructed by the user in their story “what it is like to work with Erik or to be in the Wine info…” which is opposite to what most people believe the results would be actually showing the thing that we believe the user wants.

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Good insight here. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this Jonathan.

      • Jonathan Partlow

        No problem. I hope it gives some value when designing your campaigns. One of the consequences of being a strategic business and user experience designer is that I see everything as a design problem and space. – Which, (BTW) is what blew my hair back with Lead Pages – I may be the only person that appreciates the brilliance of being able to sort by the performance across the entire network from a strategic design perspective and the possibility that exist in that seemingly simple idea.

        • Kat Von Rohr

          Absolutely. Our CEO, Clay is always saying that “design is the new copywriting” because a page’s design has such a major impact on your conversions. Also thanks for the amazing feedback on our sort by conversion tool — truly appreciate the kind words. For anyone who hasn’t seen this yet, you can check out our sort by conversion tool here: http://blog.leadpages.net/best-landing-pages-how-to-find-them/

  • The control LP was redundant: having the header image and the video image which were nearly the same. The treatment was so much better because the new image was actually different and had the presenter’s name so it actually provided some value. Excellent test, and I’m glad this was ran until statistically significant.

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Thanks for weighing in here Shock Marketer. Appreciate the insights.

  • John Mignano

    Personalisation and trust, a need for certainty and to see there’s a real person behind content/training, (smiling face with name significantly enhances users confidence in getting a better experience / best results)…

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Agreed! Thanks for the insight here John.

  • I just love a/b tests. Awesome stuff

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Thanks Bryan!

  • Ryan Cramer

    ok. hoping Jeff or Clay see this. I love LeadPages. I really do. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how toapply this to a service business like mortgage. I have spent countless hours trying to figure it out. watched every video. I hear Jeff’s voice imy sleep. My conversions are terrible. I know its a “i -d-10-t” error. 🙂 Tech support can’t assist because it is a marketing issue and I have looked all over your blog. I could really use a hand.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey Ryan, sorry you’re hearing my voice in your sleep, that must be annoying! 🙂 So I’ve got a couple questions:

      1. When you say “mortgage services” does that just mean you’re a mortgage broker? Or does it mean something else like you’re marketing to other mortgage brokers? Just want to clarify who you’re marketing to.

      2. What are you trying to accomplish with your marketing?
      3. Where are you trying to generate leads?
      4. What kind of value are you giving away to generate those leads?

      Is something like these pages helpful to you? https://mortgagenews.leadpages.net/google-leads/

      Finally, if your page isn’t working, did you know that we give away free marketing critiques to anyone who reviews our new podcast called ConversionCast? It’s totally amazing and filled with all kinds of actionable marketing nuggets. Check out http://www.conversioncast.com/itunes subscribe, listen to a couple episodes, and then leave a review of the podcast with your url in your review and our marketing team will hook you up! Hope that helps Ryan!

      • Ryan Cramer

        Hi Jeff,
        Thanks for responding.
        Hearing your voice isn’t all that bad. Haha. Actually inspired me to create some Camtasia content. I don’t know you sound so good. I mean that in the least creepy way possible. Anyway, on to your answers:
        1. Yes, technically a lender. Bottomline, call it what you like, I am consumer direct. Deal with real estate agents and homebuyers. I don’t have a “paypal cart” product or good to sell. It’s a service.

        2. Trying to get more business. It’s dead. Rather than chasing after a real estate agent like a puppy who hasn’t eaten in 4 days, I figure why not go directs to the buyers.

        3. I have taken direction from a lead generation stand point from Ryan Shaw, who referred me to LeadPages. I do most of my marketing now through Facebook “white hat” lead generation and advertising.
        I have 150 ways and ideas but it’s my content that needs help.

        4. I have offered a digital asset on my pages. I tried doing a work perk program where I fb advertise to those at a certain employer. Went on fiverr and got an awesome whiteboard video done. But zero conversions.
        I will checkout those pages.
        Here is mine – keep in mind the analytics are wrong bc you can’t reset them. 
        https://secureinfo.leadpages.net/work-perks/  This is newest and most impressive I think. Yes. It’s the best I can do. 🙂

        https://secureinfo.leadpages.net/intel-employees-work-perk-program/  This had people view the content but no conversions 

        No conversions

        This one was just for real estate agents.  Just testing out. 

        I am aware of the conversion cast but I have spent so much time trying to learn this new way of getting business that I am ashamed I have been so oblivious to, that I haven’t gotten to it but I will.  

        Again, I appreciate your help. And your welcome to do my voice overs anytime. 

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Ryan, I commend the work you’ve done so far! My recommendation would be to start with 1 thing that you want to try and market and work on it until you start seeing results instead of trying a bunch of different stuff.

          So for example, if you mainly work with real estate agents create a lead magnet that is geared toward them that they would see and be like HOLY COW! I HAVE TO READ THIS. From there use one of the many simple opt-in pages available in LeadPages and just start with trying to build your list. Just keep it as simple as you possibly can, and add in things once you start to see momentum.

          What are 4-5 big problems that a real estate agent would have that you can help them solve? If you’re unsure talk with some real estate agents you have a good relationship with to see what the main problems are that are in your power to solve. Create something that you can use as a lead magnet based on solving those problems. Then create all of your copy on your page using language that is specific to your market so they can immediately identify with it.

          Once you do this stuff listed above you should check out conversioncast and leave a review so our marketing team can review your opt-in page and give you really specific pointers on it! 🙂

          • Ryan Cramer

            Hello Jeff,

            Thanks again for the quick reply, and thank you for the commendation. Do they (current pages, namely Banner work perks) look effective?

            There is a lot of good information in your response. One thing I should mention is I don’t need the agents email. I already have these from in house subscription services. Building a list with agents isn’t a huge deal. My biggest concern is getting buyers. The agent part was just something to try. LeadPages will work well for the webinars for the agents though.

            I really like the idea of finding the top 5 issues. Then I can at least send them relevant content to get the business from them.

            Writing the content is the big issue for the buyers. Getting them to the holy cow stage. But that is a great litmus test to whether it’s going to work. Great guideline. I will work on it.
            I also just realized that I could post a video as digital asset instead of an email. I think that will be more effective too.

          • Jeff Wenberg

            Ryan, the same technique would apply to buyers. I was just using the agents as an example. My point was to just focus on 1 page/niche/market, find the pain points, and how you can ease that pain. Once you find that focus on building that one thing until you see results, then branch out to other things from there.

          • Thank you. You’re awesome.

  • Hiago

    The power of the Smile!!! (lol)