Personalized Retargeting, Our New Coffee Mug, And Why Eugene Schwartz Is My Homeboy

Hello and welcome to the first and inaugural issue or episode, I guess, of The Marketing Minute. So I want to show you something here. It’s going to be quick and fun. So the other day, I was having these coffee mugs made for The Marketing Show, right. So there’s going to be one that says Eugene Schwartz is my homeboy. The other one says David Ogilvy has my back, and so I was screwing around on Café Press, and I was checking out like what these mugs might look like, right.

So I was doing that the other day. But get this. Today, I’m looking for a coupon code for Slide Deck, right, by – I don’t remember who makes Slide Deck, right, but I’m looking around for coupon codes on Slide Deck and I see this coffee mug like I actually see save 35% and I see my freaking coffee mug right here. How genius is that? So here’s what I want to do, okay. Two things: The first thing is I am going to give a coffee mug, a Marketing Show coffee mug that says Eugene Schwartz is my homeboy on one side, and David Ogilvy has my back on the other side. I am going to give one of these coffee mugs to a.) Someone who can tell me how this customized retargeting works.

All right, so just back story. You know, the ability to show ads to people who have been on your site is called retargeting, right. So someone visits your site, you can show them an ad that represents your brands. You’re only advertising to people who visit your site. You can pay to do that, right, but this special kind of customized retargeting, if you have done this yourself, and can do an interview about how it’ll work for you with specific numbers and results, I’ll send you a mug, or if you can get me an interview with someone who’s successfully done this and can talk about the results, not retargeting. We’ve done successful retargeting campaigns where we only showed ads to people who visited our site previously. We’ve done all that, but you can hook me up with someone who’s done this customized retargeting so we can get an interview with them here. I’ll send you a mug.

Or – Rather I should say and we’re going to give a free mug to someone who recommends someone else who should be on a Marketing Show mug and can suggest what the caption will be for that mug, right. So I might give away 2 or 3 mugs if you have a good person and a caption or if you can hook me up with someone who’s done one of these customized retargeting campaigns and can come on here, share your stats, walk us through how it works, and explain their thoughts on the process, right. I’ve done retargeting – You know, I could go up tonight and do this, but I want to hear some perspective on what kinds of things work and don’t work.

Anyway, that’s today’s Marketing Minute. I’ll talk to you later.

  • Julio

    I don’t believe the iTunes feed is working.

    • Thanks for letting us know, Julio.  Can you provide specifics or a screenshot?

      • Julio

        Don’t know much about it other than I was getting the audio only for a while after downloading a videos but now iTunes won’t download new shows.

        • Julio

          Hmm.. the image does not seem to post …

  • “Drayton Bird is my Drug Dealer” 🙂

  • I think Brian Clark should have one.  Maybe “Brian Clark Doubled My Bank Account”? Naw . . . not good enough. Trying to come up with one for Gary Halbert also.

  • Dude I think you should do an episode focused on retargeting and advanced retargeting tactics. I did an interview with the Alex Holmes the co-founder of Hidden Audience; a resource for retargeting, he might just be able to do personalized retargeting for you. I will make the intro

    • Thanks, Owen. I’m interested in doing something if I can get a full case study with all the stats, conversion rates, split tests, the creatives involved, and analytics.

      • I am positive he will be willing to help make your interview content filled based off his experience doing retargeting for companies. I have emailed him and advised him to join the conversation on this blog post.

  • I’ve been wondering about that too and agree that CafePress does it really, really well. 

    Also, sweet mug. 

    • Dude, you seriously don’t have a personality/slogan combo? That surprises me.

      • Self-Centered Marketing Guy – “Self Centered Marketing Must Die”
        He’s kind of become your mascot lately…

  • Alex

    For dynamic creative development that matches the content on a page, check out, (now owned by Yahoo) or Criteo

    Companies often do this based on your search queries.  To see this in action, try doing a couple searches on or then go to or another image sharing site.  (you’ll need to be in the US to see it)

    Dynamic ad development usually requires relatively large marketing budgets.

    For smaller sites only with a couple of products, I’d suggest creating unique audience lists based on where people go and then just manually building ad creative that speaks directly to each audience.

    I do this a lot on AdWords and get .5%-1% CTRs (that’s 10-20x higher than the average display CTR that I get on AdWords with banner ads.

    We talk about this in detail on the HiddenAudience site as Owen mentioned above.  I also spend most of my work hours running these types of campaigns for people @yaudience


    • Thanks for sharing, Alex.  I would love to interview you if you have a full case study you could share with us (all the stats, conversion rates, split tests, the creatives involved, and analytics).  We’ll make it worth you while.

      • Alex

        Always excited to talk retargeting, but I can’t give specific company examples as these are active clients, so it would have to be more like ‘company x got 5x ctr by doing this’ kind of thing.

        Next week is fairly open for me.  I’m at

        • Cool.  Do you have something from maybe one of your own campaigns or websites that you can share?  Talking about this stuff in the abstract is good . . . but case studies are better.  Thanks for being willing.

  • Terry Kyle

    Hi Clay, loving your stuff and don’t know why I just found it! Do you know of a cheaper entry level search retargeting platform – apparently is a 5k minimum buy in. Thanks in advance. 

    • @859536079d2df35b19f891867ab82921:disqus I personally use Perfect Audience because it is very affordable and you can scale up. Plus the cofounder @bradflora:disqus is very helpful (<<<— As In he personally rolls up his sleeve to get you started, great customer service and that is the reason why I have not moved to Adroll). In terms of affordability the next option to try is Retargeter.

      • Terry Kyle

        Many thanks for sharing Owen – good stuff.

  • Jaxi West

    love the new music and love the new name of the episodes.

    Only thing: marketing minute -to me left the impression your video was only going to be a minute long, so is that what it’s supposed to bei feel dumb – have no idea who either of these two guys were 🙂 

    not sure understanding the difference of customized retargeting vs retargeting – can you help?