LeadPages Now Seamlessly Integrated with Both WebinarJam and GoTo Webinar

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Video Transcript: 

Hosting webinars have been huge for so many of our customers’ businesses, as well as our own. In fact, Citric surveyed webinar attendees and found 88% of people surveyed attended at least one webinar a week. Adobe found that out of 20 webinars they studied, the average view duration for a 60 minute webinar was 54 minutes. These numbers are incredible and if they don’t make it obvious, you should be doing webinars in your business. In order to host webinars you need a landing page to collect webinar registrants, and somewhere to host the webinar. We’ve got you covered on the landing page front by having some of the highest converting webinar registration pages in the industry. That way you’ll get more people to sign up for your webinars. That leaves you with the question, which service do I use to host my webinar? We’ve always had an official integration with GoToWebinar, so you can turn any lead page, lead box, lead link, or lead digit into a GoToWebinar registration with just few clicks.

We love providing as much variety to our users as possible, so we’re always adding new integration for you to use. One of the top integration requests from our users was for an integration with WebinarJam. Because we listen to what our customers want, we created exactly that. We now have an official integration with WebinarJam, so you can turn any lead page, lead box, lead link, or lead digit into a WebinarJam registration page with just a few clicks. WebinarJam is a webinar platform that builds on Google Hangouts and has a very robust feature set. WebinarJam is a great addition to GoToWebinar and when coupled with LeadPages you’re sure to see an increase to your business. To integrate your LeadPages account with WebinarJam, simply click on your name in the top right corner, then go to integration, click on WebinarJam, then enter the API key that you can find in your WebinarJam account, and that’s it. Your Lead Pages account and WebinarJam accounts are now integrated.

To celebrate this integration, we created and are giving away some brand new webinar registration pages for you to use in your upcoming webinars. If you aren’t a LeadPages customer, you can download these files right below this video. If you are a LeadPages customer, these templates are available for you to use at My.Leadpages.net. Let’s take a look at how to customize the page and integrate it with your WebinarJam account. To change any text you just click on it and start typing. To change an image, just click on the image and select a new one from your image bank. If you don’t want to use an element or a whole section, just click on the gear icon and select “hide.” If you’d like to change colors to match your branding, simply click on the “styles” tab, then drag the color picker to whatever colors you’d like to use. To set up your e-mail and webinar integrations, just click on the button. Now just select which e-mail service provider you’d like to integrate the page with, and which list you’d like to add them to, then click integrate with webinar host. Select WebinarJam to integrate the page with WebinarJam.

Then select which webinar to register them for. Now all leads will be registered for your webinar and added to your e-mail list. You can collect multiple form fields such as first name, last name, drop downs and radio buttons. Finally, change the images to match your branding or hide them all together if you don’t need them. When you’re done, just name the page and then save the page. All pages created with LeadPages are mobile responsive, and you can publish the pages in a number of ways. If you don’t have a website of your own, LeadPages gives us a link we can immediately use, and this is hosted on LeadPages’ super fast servers. You can also publish to WordPress, to Facebook as a Facebook tab, or you can download the files and put them on your own server. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re already a LeadPages customer these templates are ready to use at my.leadpages.net. If you’re not a LeadPages customer and you’d like to use these templates on your website, we’re offering them for free. Just click on the button below to download all the HTML, CSS, Javascript, fonts, and image files that you’ll need to implement the pages.

They’re yours free and there’s no catch or obligation to buy, but I can tell you you’ll save a ton of time and hundreds or even thousands of dollars in implementation and deployment cost by using LeadPages. As a Lead Pages customer, you’ll also be able to choose from a huge library of beautifully designed and proven effective templates that you can then customize and publish within minutes without ever having to touch a line of code. Just head to www.leadpages.net and click on the button below the video to get LeadPages. If you’re unsure which plan to go with, we recommend the pro annual plan as it comes with a majority of the features we have, plus for split test your lead pages and lead boxes, and it’s 40% less than paying monthly. All of our plans come with a 30 day guarantee, so join us at the pro level today. I’m Jeff Wenberg, and jam on!

To learn more about successful webinar marketing, check out our free Webinar Marketing Course.

  • Josy

    Guys….. I LOVE YOU!!!!! I have been praying for this! I still believe that LeadPages is my Ferrari

    • Jeff Wenberg

      That’s awesome Josy, we love you too! 🙂

  • When will the GoToWebinar integration pass the name along with the email? Currently, I can only seem to get the LeadPages Webinar Registration pages to pass the email address along to GoToWebinar.

    The problem with this, is that when attendees actually attend the webinar, ALL of their names show up as “Friend”.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey Chris, it should actually pass first and last name and email. If you’re not experiencing that, please reach out to our support team at support.leadpages.net so they can investigate what is happening. Thanks Chris!

    • Hi Chris – just make sure to include the name field in your opt-in form within your LeadPages integration setting. You can remove the name field, and LP automatically uses Friend in its place. This typically increases your registration conversion. Adding the name field back in will allow you to see their names during the webinar, which may increase your sales conversion during the webinar.

  • Lou Bortone

    Awesome! Been waiting for this!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      LOOOOOOUUUUU! You and quite a few other people. We’re excited to have this up and running!

  • COOL this is going to rock and I am confident in knowing that any integration issues I have with webnar jam and leadpages can be BLAMED on the cute little souls of Andy Jenkins Children…because as aa REAL man that is what accountability s all about 🙂

    • Jeff Wenberg

      hahaha, Darren we’ve got you covered on our end! 🙂

  • pxjenkins

    I’m very close to signing up for LP, and this announcement might just tip the balance since I’m starting to use (and lovin’) WebinarJam Studio (WJS). I assume this integration works with WebinarJam Studio and not the earlier WebinarJam? Also – since WJS already integrates with my autoresponder, what would be the benefit of adding LP into the equation, please? What would be the practical scenarios in which this might be useful? Would LP, in effect, be the registration link for the webinars?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Yes PXJenkins the integration works with WJS. One of the biggest benefits of using LeadPages® with WJS and your autoresponder would be that you’re using webinar registration pages that lead the industry in conversion rates. No other platform allows you to sort pages by their average conversion rate. This means that you can choose a page that is going to work well right out of the box, with no guess work. When your webinar registration page is more effective it means you’ll convert more traffic into webinar registrants. You’ll have more people on your WebinarJam webinar, and your autoresponder will be utilized in following up with those people. Hope that helps!