[New Feature] LeadPages Sub Accounts: Get Multiple Accounts for Clients + Easily Manage Integrations

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NOTE: The free sub-account promotion described in this video has ended. All Pro accounts purchased after October 31, 2014, will no longer come with a free sub-account.

Watch this video to see how you can use LeadPages sub accounts to easily manage accounts for your clients or multiple businesses.

You’ll also see how sub accounts let you integrate multiple accounts from the same email service provider with your LeadPages account (for example, you could integrate two MailChimp accounts or two AWeber accounts with the your LeadPages account).

Get LeadPages Subaccounts to manage multiple integrations


For a long time, users have been asking us for the ability to add sub accounts. In fact a number of our clients who are agencies about 10, 20 or sometimes 30 accounts. For each new client they have, they have to order a brand new account and this has been a pain because they have to remember the log-in information for each new client account and somehow keep it all organized. Some customers have resorted to keeping a long and extensive spreadsheet of all their username and passwords to stay organized but to move between accounts is still not easy. It can become a mess very quickly.

To end that problem and give a much requested feature to our customers, we’ve added the ability to get LeadPages sub accounts to Advanced memberships. If you’re a customer at the Standard or Pro level and you’d like to use sub accounts in your business you will need to upgrade to Advanced.

Sub accounts will allow you to have one main account with as many sub accounts as you need under the umbrella of your main account. So if you have multiple clients using LeadPages this is a very easy way to keep things organized and running smoothly. In fact, you can even provide a log in for clients so they can log into the sub account used for their business and they won’t be able to view your master account or any of your other sub accounts.

When you have sub accounts, it allows you to segment one account for different businesses. For example if you have a business that uses one of your AWeber accounts with LeadPages and you have a second AWeber account you want to hook up to LeadPages for another business you can create a LeadPages sub account to hook up that second AWeber account. You can add unlimited sub accounts.

Now let’s create a sub account inside of LeadPages. We’ll log into our account at My.LeadPages.net. To create a sub account, click on the bar. Click on “create your first sub account.”

Enter your name and email address, and if this was a sub account for a client, you could use their name and email address then click Purchase and Create.

Next you’ll be prompted to pick a sub domain for the new account. This new sub account will basically function like a complete Pro level account, only it’s housed under the umbrella of your main account. So from here we could then start building and customizing LeadPages® and LeadBoxes®.

If I wanted to get back to my main account, I simply click on back to Master Account. Then when I select the dropdown, you’ll see I’m now in my master account, and here’s the sub account I just created.

Finally, let’s look at how a client would log into this sub account. The email you specified will receive the long-in information. The log-in URL is listed in the email so they go to that URL and enter the username and password provided in the email and then when they come to the member’s area it looks just like a normal LeadPages account and they’re unable to view any of my other sub accounts. This is a huge step forward for LeadPages and our customers and we’re really excited to have you start creating sub accounts. Again, if you’re a Standard or Pro member and you’d like to use sub accounts, you will need to upgrade to Advanced to get the ability to create sub accounts.

If you’re not a LeadPages customer and you’d like to start using subaccounts to help build LeadPages® and LeadBoxes® for your clients or your business, go to www.LeadPages.net and click on the button below the video.

I’m Jeff Wenberg, have a great day.