Landing Page Roundup: This Week’s Top Pages (For March 2nd, 2013)

landing page education profit system
Autoresponder Followup Page Created With LeadPages


Well it’s Saturday, March 2nd 2013, and that means it’s time for this weeks Landing Page Roundup! – Where 10 entrepreneurs battle it out to win this weeks Top Landing Page Award, with YOU as the judge.

Sometimes these pages were created with LeadPages and other weeks the pages are pulled from a variety of sources. Anyway, congrats to all amazing entrepreneurs who took solid steps to improve their business in the last 7 days.

Please let me know in the comments which one is your favorite.

Here are my favorite pages of the last week (in no particular order):

1 – – Because Hustlers Don’t Watch TV

LeadPages Template Name: “Launch Page”

2 – Kate Northrup – Webinar Replay

LeadPages Template Name: “Video Sales Page 3”

3 – Deal Maker Academy – Done For You Campaigns

LeadPages Template Name: “Basic Squeeze Page (Aligned To The Right)”

4 – Dallas Hardcastle – Designing Your Metadigm Model™

LeadPages Template Name: “Webinar Registration Page With Video”

5 – Peter Garety – Live Online Event

LeadPages Template Name: “Webinar Page From James Schramko”

6 – Self Employment Master – Free Report

LeadPages Template Name: “Basic Centered Squeeze Page”

7 – Dean Phillips – Live A Bigger Life

LeadPages Template Name: “Basic Centered Squeeze Page”

8 – Business Liberation – Bestseller Mindset Gems

LeadPages Template Name: “Web 2.0 Webinar Registration Page”

9 – Auto Segmentation – Sales Funnels That Convert

LeadPages Template Name: “Giveaway (2-Step) Squeeze Page, #2”

10 – Education Centre Marketing

LeadPages Template Name: “Video Lesson Page For Autoresponder Followup”

Please let me know in the comments which is your favorite. The owner of the landing page with the most votes will be entered into our monthly landing page contest.

P.S. Finally, these pages were created using the LeadPages landing page software.

  • #3 Purely based on awesomeness… But #1 is probably the most effective as it really builds curiosity.

  • #3 is irresistable! 🙂

  • Mike

    # 3 but only because I am a coach and Troy got me!

    Runner up is # 2 with Kate (I would have picked her had I not been a coach hooked on Troy’s invite).

  • I loved the auto segmentation setup, they used that page and the simple one after and finally took me to a clever squeeze page. I wonder however if they were to sell me the software in a video whether it would convert better. Awesome though

  • #1 growth hacker tv

  • #1 Has me extremely curious.

    I’ll be brave and submit my page

  • #4 Whoopsie… dates are different: March 6 or March 13?

  • can anyone explain how to change font sizes on the Schramko template (or any other?)… frustrating. Are the templates meant ONLY for “replace the existing” text w/no font size or sentence alterations? If my headline is longer than original it whacks the whole thing out of shape…

  • Dean Phillips:

    clean, simple and draws attention to simple offer (5-day course)

  • #4

  • vik


  • number one but i am biased 🙂

  • imran md ali

    i’d pick #10- Education Centre Marketing- But that’s just because I’m on it hahaha! On a serious note though, I really really love what Clay has going right now with leadpages. It’s ultra easy. Before this, i had to send out a crappy looking DVD to prospects. Now, i simply lead them to my awesome pages created thanks to Clay and the team!!

    I’m just happy to see my landing page up here. To me, it’s a great motivation to do more.

  • 10 most definitely. For sure. I’m biased 😉

    • Gregg

      I ‘ll have to agree for sure, from a neutral POV.

  • Lash FX

    torn between 3 and 7

  • 2. I love it!

  • Luke Van Every

    #2 For me Clay. It’s simple, clean and enticing.

    I would love your feedback about this little beauty as my welcome gate b test page

  • Leo

    OPTION 10. marketing simplified 🙂

  • salwa salim

    I love number #10 and #8..

  • #4 Metadigm model has compelling copywriting- Great use of the template. #10 is a favourite too, because of clean design and clear call to actions.

  • Option #10-That’s because i worked with Imran and his marketing skills has proven that i am actually making money more than i ever did before. And i am progressing to another level!

  • Number 10 unbiased opinion. It’s awesome stuff!!

  • GY

    #10 is good, simple, well explained. My favorite.