[Download] Increase Webinar Signups with This Modern Webinar Registration Page

Over the past two years, LeadPages™ has personally built over 85 landing page templates using our in-house team of world-class marketers, designers, and developers.

But today marks a first.

Today is the first time we’re releasing a free landing page template that we didn’t actually build ourselves — the Modern Webinar template.

The Modern Webinar Template
If you’re a LeadPages™ customer, the Modern Webinar template is available for you to use inside LeadPages™ right now. If you’re not a LeadPages™ customer, just click the button below to download all the HTML files for this template.

Originally, this template was created by 8bitstudio (an independent web design agency) for the LeadPages™ Marketplace. However, we thought this was such an amazing template that we purchased the rights to it from 8bitstudio just so we could give it to you free of charge.

So, why are we so in love with this template? A few reasons…

1. It Gets High Conversion Rates

We already knew this template was one of the highest converting pages in the LeadPages™ Marketplace. However, we couldn’t purchase this webinar page for you without testing it out ourselves.  

The Modern Webinar Template
Using the “Sort by Conversion Rate” feature, you can see that the Modern Webinar template wasn’t only the highest converting webinar registration page — it was the third highest converting page out of the 100+ templates in the entire Marketplace.

The brand new webinar we hosted at the end of December gave us the perfect opportunity to try out the Modern Webinar template. We created the following page to promote that webinar:  

The Modern Webinar Template

The results? Over 1,300 registrations and a 73% conversion rate.

Modern Webinar Template
A screenshot of the page’s conversion rate, opt-ins, and visits inside LeadPages™.

We also released a version of this page for LeadPages affiliates to promote, which brought total registrations over 2,400.

But it wasn’t just the high conversion rate that sold us on this template, which brings us to point number two.

2. It’s Easy to Create a Beautiful Page That Matches Your Brand

Even though the page we created using this template looks completely different, we were able to customize and publish it in just a few minutes using LeadPages™. All we had to do was:

1. Make a few color changes.

When you click the “Styles” tab inside the LeadPages™ editor, you’ll see every color in every section of the template. All we had to do was change a handful of them (the header color, button color, and a few background sections) to match the LeadPages™ brand.  

Modern Webinar Template
A view inside the LeadPages™ editor. As you can see, all of the page’s default colors are listed on the left side of the screen.
Modern Webinar Template
Changing a color is simply a matter of clicking on it and dragging the color picker, or pasting in the hex code for your color. In the screenshot, we’ve changed the default orange header to match one of the LeadPages™ brand’s blues.

We then did the same thing to change the button color to green and a few of the sections further down the page to dark blue.

2. Swap out the page’s default logo for the LeadPages™ logo.

This only took a couple of clicks.  

Modern Webinar Template
First, we clicked on the default logo and selected “Image Options.”
Modern Webinar Template
Then, we selected “Upload New Picture” to upload the white LeadPages™ logo to our image bank.
Modern Webinar Template
After the image uploaded, we simply clicked on it to replace the template’s default logo. From there, we did the same thing to replace the template’s default background with the Minneapolis skyline background image we use on the LeadPages™ home page.

3. Add in the copy we wrote about our webinar.

Editing a template’s default text is as simple as clicking and typing.  

Modern Webinar Template
You can hide any text section, replace any text, and adjust fonts and font sizes with just a few clicks.

Then, we simply pasted in the embed code from YouTube for the video we created for our webinar, and we dropped in a few testimonials.

Lastly, we used the LeadPages™-generated link (which is automatically generated and live on the Internet as soon as you save the page) to start promoting this webinar registration page right after we created it.

Modern Webinar Template
As you can see, the LeadPages™ publishing window gives you several options. You can use the link LeadPages™ creates for you (which is hosted on the Google server network), publish it to any WordPress website, publish it as a Facebook tab, or download the page so you can upload it to your own server.

3. We’ve Already Seen Other LeadPages™ Users Create Awesome Pages with This Template

We’re not the only ones who have customized this beautiful landing page template to match our brand. Check out the following three customizations from other LeadPages™ users so you can see how truly versatile this template is:  

Modern Webinar Template
This example from Nurse Practitioner features a different background image at the top of the page, along with color changes to match their brand’s blues and dark red. They also removed the testimonials section to produce a shorter page.
Modern Webinar Template
You don’t have to use a blurred background image to make a great-looking page with this template. As you can see, this tropical beachfront image from JW InsideWealth well while completely transforming the template.
Modern Webinar Template
Even agencies that offer web design services of their own like InfoTeam are utilizing this high-converting template.

Like all pages published in LeadPages™, all of these examples are mobile responsive:

Modern Webinar Template
All LeadPages™ templates are mobile responsive, so they can be viewed on any device.

How to Start Using the Modern Webinar Template Today

If you’re a LeadPages™ customer, the Modern Webinar template is available for you to use inside your account right now.  

If you’re not a LeadPages™ customer, you can click the button below to download all the HTML files for this template free of charge.

However, since you’re not using LeadPages™, you will need to have some coding knowledge (or hire a coder) if you want to customize and publish a page with this template. We estimate that it can cost up to $300 to hire a designer or developer to customize and publish this page for you.

Or, as a LeadPages™ member, you can customize this new Modern Webinar page and have it published online later today. If you’d like to try this out, you can click the button below to try LeadPages™ right now risk-free for 30 days. (All our plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.)

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