Now Closed: Free Membership Site Solution When You Purchase a Pro Annual Membership of LeadPages®

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Note: Before you purchase, we highly encourage you to watch the video above in its entirety, so you can get all the details about this membership site solution and LeadPages®.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Offer

What’s the Deadline to Join LeadPages® to Get WishList Member for Free?

This WishList Member offer ends Sunday, May 31st at midnight Eastern (or 9 pm Pacific).

To get WishList Member + our virtual workshop for free, you must either purchase or upgrade to a Pro Annual membership of LeadPages® between now and Sunday at midnight.

Tell Me Again: How Do I Get Access to WishList Member?

There are four ways to get access to WishList Member this week.

  1. If you’re NOT a LeadPages® member yet: Purchase a Pro Annual membership of LeadPages® before Sunday, May 31st at midnight Eastern.
  1. If you’re already a LeadPages® member: Upgrade your LeadPages® membership to a Pro Annual membership before Sunday, May 31st at midnight Eastern.
  1. If you’re already a Pro Annual Member: Upgrade your Pro Annual membership to a 2-year Pro membership before Sunday, May 31st at midnight Eastern, to get access to WishList Member and our virtual workshop on content marketing with Bob Jenkins.
  1. If you’re already a 2-Year Pro Member: Upgrade your account to an advanced level membership to get access to WishList Member and our virtual workshop on content marketing.

How Can I Upgrade If I’m Already a LeadPages® Member?

There are two ways to upgrade. First, as a LeadPages® customer, click on the account settings inside your LeadPages® membership portal.

Then click on “Upgrade My Account” to upgrade your membership level. Then choose “Pro Annual” and confirm you want to upgrade.

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Secondly, if you don’t see “Upgrade Your Account” inside your account (or you’re uncertain of your current membership level), reach out to our support team and they’ll upgrade you.

Otherwise, if you’re not already a LeadPages® member, you can purchase a LeadPages® Pro Annual Membership below.

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I’m In! When Can I Get Access to Wishlist Member?

Great! We’re excited to have you onboard.

Because we’re footing the bill for this membership site software, you can expect to receive it as soon as your 30-day money-back guarantee expires.

If you’d like to receive the software immediately, just contact support and tell them you’d like to waive your 30-day money-back guarantee and we’ll hook you up with Wishlist Member within the next three business days.

In the meantime, we invite you to use all the tools inside LeadPages® to start marketing and selling your digital content.

In addition to LeadPages®, our Marketing Educator, Bob Jenkins will be hosting a live virtual workshop for you within the next two weeks. In this workshop, Bob will show you how to create and sell your first digital product, so you’re ready when your Wishlist Member software arrives.

Tell Me More about WishList Member. What Can I Use It for Again?

WishList Member is a great complement to LeadPages®.

LeadPages® allows to both grow your email list and sell your products, and WishList Member allows you to easily deliver your digital content and products to your paying customers.

We recommend you use both to boost your revenue in the following ways…

  • Sell + Publish Your E-book: We recommend using one of the high-converting sales pages inside LeadPages® to sell your e-book. Then you can use WishList Member to both publish your e-book behind a paywall on your website and deliver this e-book to your paid customers.
  • Sell + Deliver Your Video Series: As a LeadPages member, you can create a sales page in under 5 minutes to sell your new video series to your audience. Then we recommend using WishList Member to both protect this paid digital content and deliver your video series to your customers. You can even use WishList Member to “drip out this content” if you wish — or deliver one video in your series per week.
  • Sell + Host Your Course: Once you grow your email list with LeadPages, you can easily market a new course to your audience. We recommend using LeadPages® to create a quick sales page for your course, and then using WishList Member to host your new course. If you wish, you can use WishList Member’s different price tiers to sell different levels of this course at different prices.
  • Sell + Create Your Membership Site: We recommend using WishList Member to set up a membership site, and then using a LeadPages® sales page to sell your subscribers access to this new site. Inside the membership site, you can compile forums, recordings of coaching calls, access to videos, e-books — whatever you want to give customers over time. You can use WishList Member to deliver all this digital content.

Those are just a few ideas. In short, you can use LeadPages® to sell access to any digital content, and you can use WishList Member to deliver and protect that content.

Is This a Single Site or Multi-Site License for WishList Member?

If you purchase a Pro Annual membership of LeadPages® before Sunday at midnight Eastern, you’ll get access to a single site license for WishList Member.

Which Shopping Carts Does WishList Member Integrate With?

WishList Member integrates with all major shopping carts, including PayPal, Stripe, Clickbank, Jvzoo, Samcart, and many more to process payments.

Tell Me More About This Virtual Content Workshop with Bob Jenkins. What Can I Expect?

Our Marketing Educator, Bob Jenkins, has spent the last 10 years creating courses and other paid content to sell to your customers. He can tell you almost anything about selling paid content.

Bob is also an expert at creating content to grow your email list. Bob has created three courses that have generated over 33,000 leads for LeadPages® in 2015 alone. (And he’s currently working on his fourth.)

In this virtual workshop, Bob will give you an insider’s look at how he does it. Bob will show you step by step how you can easily create the kind of content that your customers will gladly pay for — and consistently generate new revenue for your business.

To get access to this virtual workshop, you must purchase or upgrade to a Pro Annual membership of LeadPages® before Sunday, May 31st at midnight Eastern. Click below to get started right now.

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Besides WishList Member, What Other Features Come with a Pro Annual Membership?

As a Pro Annual Member of LeadPages®, you get immediate access to:

Our Favorite Pro Features:

  • Unlimited split testing
  • Unlimited LeadLinks™
  • 1st priority email support
  • Advanced HTML export for your templates
  • Access to our affiliate program
  • Ability to upload your own custom templates
  • Chat support with our support team
  • Plus, any Pro features we release from now on

Our Favorite Standard Features:

  • Unlimited landing page templates on unlimited domains
  • Unlimited LeadBoxes®
  • WordPress integration
  • Facebook integration
  • Embed your pages on any site
  • Plus, any standard features we release from now on

Also, if you purchase or upgrade to a Pro Annual membership of LeadPages before Sunday, May 31st at midnight Eastern, you’ll get access to both WishList Member and our virtual workshop on content marketing with Bob Jenkins.

Does this Pro Membership Come with a Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! Like all new LeadPages® memberships, Pro Annual memberships come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you join Sunday and find for whatever reason that this new Pro Annual membership is not for you, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll issue you a refund ASAP.

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