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Today, we’re announcing another template available in the LeadPages marketplace. We’ll be launching the full marketplace really soon but for now we’re releasing templates one at a time right here on the blog. As a reminder, we’re still releasing a steady stream of templates free for all LeadPages users. However we’re also launching a marketplace where users can upload and sell their own template. This is the third template being released into the marketplace. We’ll make sure to put links to the previous two marketplace templates below this video.

This template comes from Ryan Deiss and is based off of a page he used on a previous launch of his own. It’s available for $10. Ryan is an amazing marketer who runs DigitalMarketer.com. He also does extremely extensive conversion tests and split testing so all his templates are always proven to be topnotch. This template is designed to be used as a homepage because sometimes you don’t need a landing page as much as a solid front page to your website. This page’s main function isn’t to convert but to establish credibility. This is not a page that you would want to email your list and send them to and you wouldn’t buy Google Ads, Facebook ads or retargeting ads for this type of page. But you would use this page as a destination for people who look up your site organically and when you need a content rich site to rank better in search engines. This template will also help you look credible to potential partners and customers who come to your front page and see something that looks like this instead of a standard opt-in page. That’s why we’re offering this front page for the number one book system template in our LeadPages marketplace. This page is gorgeous and is a longer form and more complex page that our users have been asking for. Let’s look at the template design and what makes it great. 

The very top of the page features a familiarity that you get when going to many other home pages on the internet. It shows links to other parts of your site as well as a visually based introduction to your product that will draw people in and make you people want to learn more. Directly below this is a section that highlights key features in a digestible format. Then there’s a graph area where you can use to provide statistics about your product or service. As you can see, Ryan used this area to provide stats about the rise of the Kindle publishing movement which backs up the visitors need for his product. Remember, all these sections can be customized or removed completely if you don’t want to use them. So you can add your own images of a graph to this section, Use it to show any other kind of image you like or hide this section altogether. 

Below this there’s an area where you can give more information about your product or service. It includes a call to action button you can use to direct visitors to a sales page where they can purchase your product or service. Finally, the bottom of the page is dedicated to establishing further credibility. Here we have a testimonial which creates social proof. Below this, there’s a section where you can add information about your company to increase validation. Next to these, we have a short biography which will help associate our real identity to the product and help create trust. The footer of the page shows contact information plus links to social media and your blog. Now let’s look at how to get this page. You can purchase the full version of this front page from the LeadPages marketplace. If you’re a LeadPages marketplace early adopter this template is free for you. When you go to check out this template will appear as free. 

If you’re a LeadPages customer this template costs $10. If you’re not a LeadPages customer this template costs $10 and it comes with a free 30-day trial of LeadPages so that you can easily customize and deploy this page on your website. So to purchase this page from a LeadPages marketplace, simply click on the button below this video and you’ll be taken to the template page and click the purchase button. If you have a LeadPages account, use your log in information to log in and purchase the template. If you don’t have a LeadPages account, you’ll be asked for your information to purchase. When you purchase the template it comes with a free 30-day trial of LeadPages. After the free 30 days, you’ll be charged $37 per month for your LeadPages standard monthly subscription. If you’re a LeadPages marketplace early adopter, a LeadPages customer or a new user of the marketplace, once you purchase the template, you’ll be immediately routed to the template editor to start customizing your template. If you’re not ready to customize the page right now, you can access this page later when you view the templates then select the premium templates here on the left. 

Let’s look at how to customize this page inside of LeadPages. For this example, I’m going to use this template to make a front page for a designer who’s made eBooks on design principles. Like any template inside of LeadPages, you just click on something to edit it. So I’ll start by changing the logo to the design company logo. Under the style settings, I want to update a couple of the colors of the page. Just move the color selector to whatever color you’d like to it to be and then it will update accordingly. Now I’ll replace this main image with my own. Below this I’m going to change the copy of these features. Now I only want to have two features listed so I’ll just click and then hide the extra one. 

Below this, I’m not going to show this graph section so I’ll click on the work area and then select hidden and then notice how the page dynamically adjusts when hiding this section. In the area under this, I can quickly update these images and the copy and then when making any text bold, notice that this template will automatically adjust the text color to add emphasis. Finally, at the bottom of this page, I’ll update the quote, add a different biography and swap out the company logo. 

Now I’m done customizing the page. I’ll name the page, and then save the page. Once I hit publish, my page is now live on the internet and LeadPages gives me a URL that I can use to immediately view the page. So let’s go view the page. Here’s the page we just created. It looks great and it’s mobile responsive so it will look fantastic on any size screen. Now back in the publishing window, we have a few more options. You can publish the page to WordPress, publish the page to Facebook as a Facebook tab or finally you can download the file and put it on your own server. So to start using this template, click on the link below and you’ll be directed to the preview page for this template. If you’re a LeadPages marketplace early adopter, you’ll see this template is free for you to use. If you’re a LeadPages customer, this template will cost you $10 which you can purchase by clicking this button I the upper righthand corner. If you’re not a LeadPages customer this page will also cost you $10 but it comes with a free 30-day trial of LeadPages. So click on the purchase button, fill out your information and get access to this amazing template plus a full 30 days to try out LeadPages for free.

I’m Jeff Wenberg and I look forward to seeing all of your new front pages. Want to check out more marketplace, templates, click on one of the videos below to be taken to that video.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Home Page Template by Ryan Deiss

How Do I Purchase This Template?

Click the “purchase” button above. This will take you to a screen where you’ll be asked if you’re a LeadPages customer or not.

  • If you are a LeadPages customer: You will be asked to login to your LeadPages account (if you’re not logged in already). Follow the directions to purchase this template for $10. Once you confirm your purchase, we will deliver this Front Page for Number 1 Book System template to your LeadPages account where you can customize it and start using it immediately.
  • If you’re NOT already a LeadPages customer: You will be redirected to a different screen where you’ll be offered a free 30-day trial of LeadPages — when you purchase this $10 template. This is necessary because you must have a LeadPages account to make this in-app purchase and use this new affiliate portal template.

Follow the directions to confirm that you would like to purchase this template for $10 and get a free 30-day trial to LeadPages. Once you confirm your purchase, we will deliver this template to your new LeadPages account where you can customize it and start using it immediately.

Where Does My Template Go Once I Purchase It?

Once you confirm your purchase, we instantly deliver your new template to your LeadPages account. You will see it appear as a “premium page” at the top of your membership area.

Is a LeadPages Membership Required to Use This Template?

Yes, an active LeadPages subscription is necessary for continued access and use of this premium template. That’s why we are giving non-LeadPages customers 30 days to test out LeadPages free, when they purchase this premium template.

Does this Mean that LeadPages is No Longer Creating New Templates for its Existing Customers?

Absolutely not! At LeadPages, our in-house team will continue to develop cutting-edge landing page templates for you as long as you remain a subscriber. Look for these templates to be released regularly — just as you have come to expect.

I Think I’m a LeadPages Marketplace Early Adopter… How Can I Get Access to This Template as Part of My Membership?

If you purchased a Pro Annual subscription to LeadPages prior to March 28th, 2014 at midnight (and you still maintain this pro annual account), then you are an early adopter of the LeadPages Marketplace. This means you will receive this premium template as part of your membership.

To access your premium template: Click the “purchase” button above, as if you were going to buy this template.

After you click the button above, our system will ask you to login to your LeadPages account. Once you login, our system will recognize you as a “Marketplace early adopter” and you’ll be redirected to an “early adopter” screen to access this template.

On this “early adopter” screen, click the button to confirm you want this new template. Once you do, we will deliver this premium template to your LeadPages account where you can customize it and start using it immediately.

What if I’m a Developer and Want to Submit Templates to the Marketplace?

If you’re interested in selling your templates in our Marketplace, click the link below and enter your email to get on our notification list, so you can be notified with more details about submitting templates to our Marketplace.

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Purchase the home page template from Ryan Deiss in the LeadPages Marketplace

  • Hey Jeff,

    New template looks great. One question – is it responsive?

  • Looks great.. Same question as Bradley Robb..

  • Matteo Spigolon

    Where can I find the “Blog Home Page” at second 15 in the video?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Matteo, we’re still working on it. It’ll be released sometime in the future!

      • Matteo Spigolon

        Jeff, as I can see it’s ready 🙂 I like it very much and I want it. Free or Premium isn’t important.

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Matteo, we’re still testing it so it actually isn’t ready just yet. Please be patient, it’ll be out soon.

  • Lead pages I sense you have evil tactics in mind for the future. A home page! What’s next a CMS…

    • Jeff Wenberg

      MWAHAHAHA! Just kidding, no evil tactics in mind.

  • Rohit Arora

    Is this only for the homepage, or can other pages (Company, Features, Pricing, Contact, etc) be customized as well with a consistent look and feel of the homepage?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Rohit, it’s designed as a homepage. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t customize it for however you’d like to use it.

  • Kathryn Strabley Wong

    How do you make this your home page in WordPress?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hi Kathryn, it’s really easy as a few clicks. If you’re a LeadPages customer please contact our amazing support staff and they’ll be able to walk you through this. Go to support.leadpages.net for that. Thanks!

      • Kathryn Strabley Wong

        I am a new customer, so I will ask them to show me. Thanks

  • Great job guys!

    This might be exactly what I have been looking for. But, help me out…am I overlooking the optin section/box of this homepage template, or was it not included?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hi Janiele, there isn’t a dedicated opt-in area. That being said, you can easily add a LeadBox anywhere that you can add text. Just link the text to your LeadBox. Instant 2-step opt-in. 🙂

  • T. Ayers

    Hi guys. I’m one of those who’s been on the fence for awhile. I’ve been watching your products come out, and now that you’re offering a free trial along with a $10 purchase, it seems like a no brainer, but I’m not ready to pull the trigger yet because it’s like I can see the big picture, but I can’t connect the dots with what I’m trying to do in using your products. I like the affiliate mini site, then Ryan Deiss’s page comes out among other fine products. Do you offer a review of our current business and advise us on which products will work best with our niche? I have two primary businesses (real estate rentals & credit restoration). I also want to try my hand at affiliate marketing (Amazon stuff). Otherwise, I’m back to trial and error again and LeadPages is my last ditch effort at making EFFECTIVE hassle free websites, squeeze pages, and sales funnels.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      T. Ayers, thanks for your comment. If I were you I’d choose your most successful venture and focus solely on making it profitable. Getting spread out trying all these different methods will hurt you in the long run. LeadPages can definitely help you build a list in whatever market you decide to get into.

      We don’t offer a review of your current business or anything like you mentioned. However, there are plenty of people here on our blog and on our G+ page (https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/107827247692490634261/communities/113329620105235744516) that have great questions you can learn a ton from. Also if you listen to our podcast ConversionCast (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/conversioncast-from-leadpages.net/id831152218?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D4) you can gain a ton of actionable insights right away.

      Also just to clarify, LeadPages DEFINITELY creates hassle free squeeze pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar pages, etc. That said, we are not a website builder. We are a landing page builder. So you’ll need to use something like WordPress to create your website, and use LeadPages in conjunction with that.

      To sum this up: Keep it simple. Start with 1 thing, and expand on it. Hope that helps!

      • T. Ayers

        Thanks for the follow up Marchant and Jeff.

        I agree with you Jeff. I’m moving towards internet directed activities….even in real estate. I guess my only hang up is, as a newbie to LP, I’m like a kid in a candy store when I browse around….”where do I start? which product do I use for each project? ryan deiss vs affiliate theme vs etc….” Oh well, guess I’ll look around a bit more.

        Are you only allowing a $10 purchase w/free trial on this product? I was sold on the affiliate theme for my credit business too.

        • Jeff Wenberg

          To start I would get an opt-in page on your website and start generating leads and building your list.

    • T. Ayers, if you’re not using Lead Pages you’re not in the game. Everyone I knew who was seeing real results was using it, and I decided that if all the people I want to model who are seeing results are using it I should probably use it, and I’m glad I did. I’m now seeing a huge spike in my conversions as well as my retention.
      Don’t set on the fence too long.

      • Jeff Wenberg

        Marchant, great point! Model the people who are having the success you want to achieve. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is nice stuff, I’ve been a fan of Ryan Deiss after visiting Digital Marketer and being shown the CVO. Completely changed my online business. Thanks Ryan and thanks Lead Pages.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Marchant! Glad to hear it!

  • Mark

    Are the menu links at top of the page going to a similarly designed page? Maybe I missed that but didn’t see where you go if you click say Contact or About.

    • Hey Mark, great question. By default, those menu times do not link to anything, so for example, the “About” link would not link to a similarly designed “About” page. However, you can link those menu items to any web pages you would like. So, theoretically, you could use this template to create an “About” page and then link to it in the menu of the home page you design with this template.

  • VeloNomad

    Please can we get a preview both here that’s NOT a video, and in the dashboard that’s a lightbox popup?

  • VeloNomad

    How does LP determine what is paid or not. Given that the existing free templates are very limited in nature (there’s no decent sales page for example), and you can’t customise (much/at all), at what point do you determine paying customers ought to pay more?

  • mrrobbo

    An awesome template; I just used it to create a simple sales page which accepts credit card sales direct from Gumroad.com https://thepegeek.leadpages.net/ebook-series/ I simply placed the gumroad code into the tracking section of the leadpage, added a link to my gumroad product and when clicked it renders a credit card box directly on the page

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Holy moly! I LOVE what you’ve done with your page. SOOOOOO awesome to see you taking the template and innovating with it. Thanks for sharing Mrrobbo!

      • mrrobbo

        I think you should share how people can connect Gumroad to their pages; Another reason to get leadpages

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Great idea. Love how you implemented this on your page!

  • Great template guys. Just a question, can we add in a welcome video in the top most section after the header?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Aqilah, if you wanted to add a video to the top of the page you could download the template file and customize it however you’d like.

  • Hi! Can you embed a video anywhere on this page? Looks killer!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hi Tom, the default version of the template does not have a video section. However, you can download the file and customize it however you’d like. If you’d like to add a video that way you can.

  • Howie

    I’m using this template now and I love it, but the kindle button can’t be edited, I have to believe that this is an over sight.

    When can you guys get this fixed so I can launch my site? http://smartphonevideotoolkit.com/

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Howie, if you’ve submitted a ticket they will get back to you shortly. They’ll be able to walk you through any problems. We ask you be patient and allow them at least 24 hours to get back to you.

  • How can I see a complete listing of all the templates in the Marketplace?

  • John Donald

    Newbie here with rudimentary tech skills so excuse the dumb questions please: How do I install this as a main page on a wordpress site? Is it meant to be used like that or does it need to be on a regular host server, not wordpress? And is there a theme or matching pages to use to link from the menu buttons for a consistent look for a complete website? Or do I need to design them manually to try and replicate the look and feel? This is great- would love to actually use it for my site homepage- not sure how to integrate with the rest of a site…