[Marketplace Roundup] Top “Editor’s Choice” Templates of the Week (March 2-6)

New month. New templates.

Really, that statement could be changed to “New day. New Templates” because we’re seeing numerous templates submitted daily in the LeadPages Marketplace. But it felt fitting to call out this week’s new templates, because they do things that A) Take existing concepts in a new direction or B) Completely reshape the Marketplace as we know it.

That last sentence is no exaggeration, either. Some of these five “Editor’s Choice” templates made us collectively “Oh, look at that!” here at LeadPages HQ.

In fact, let’s go ahead and start off with the coolest, most innovative addition we’ve seen recently in the Marketplace…

1) Sweepstakes, Giveaways, Contests (Opt-In & Thank You 2-In-1 Page) by Irving Rivera ($9)

Preview this template.

When you see this in the Marketplace, you might wonder what the “2-In-1” in Irving Rivera’s Sweepstakes, Giveaways, Contests (Opt-In & Thank You 2-In-1 Page) really means.

Here’s where things get crazy. This template is actually TWO templates in one. Irving has packaged two different templates — an Opt-In page and a Thank You page — all in the same template.

When you look at the whole template in the preview, you see a definitive line between the two templates. In the builder, you can simply turn off whichever template you don’t want to use by hiding that specific “section.” That way, you’re really getting two templates for the price of one (and all conveniently in the same template!).

And really, this is a template you’ll want to have. In the Opt-In section of the template, the first fold is chock-full of important conversion triggers. The text is broken up into bite-sized, easily digestible chunks, and the headline is given a bold treatment to stand out from the rest of the text. The background is muted to give the content section and book image more precedence. Finally, the red opt-in button pops off the page, and the countdown timer at the bottom of the template provides that crucial bit of urgency — helping to prompt an opt-in.

The Thank You section is a nice, clean transition from its Opt-In counterpart. The background is a solid white color, and the black text stands out and looks structured even in this seemingly borderless content area. The best part about this page is the social share aspect. Most templates only have the usual social media buttons and no context around them. This template, however, gives specific reasons to share the page. Providing that bit of direction alone helps significantly improve conversion rates.

This is the first “2-In-1” template ever in the Marketplace, and it’s one you definitely need in your repertoire.


2) “Pure” Basic Minisite – Markeazy by Travis Moore ($9)

Preview this template.

Little known fact: Travis Moore is actually a cyborg sent from the future to create the greatest templates known to mankind.

That’s what it feels like, at least. His latest template, the “Pure” Basic Minisite – Markeazy is an interesting take on the simple one-fold opt-in template style.

With these opt-in templates, there isn’t a lot of room to work with like a full minisite or sales page template. But, somehow, this template seems to include so many elements without it feeling even the slightest bit busy or compact.

He includes the option to premiere a video or image in the media section, giving you flexibility to use this page for a multitude of occasions. The call-to-action button can’t be missed with its red design on a black background, which is a great example of designing for direction.

One other thing we’d like to point out. Travis included a full-width authority appeal directly below the video/image and opt-in button. This is phenomenal placement for this appeal, and it comes in the form of publications that this “brand” has been mentioned in. Keeping such a strong appeal in direct eyesight of the opt-in button is an excellent way to subtly link credibility to opting in.

Travis Moore has done it again with a simple opt-in template that is sure to be a top-converting template in the Marketplace.


3) Flat UI Advanced Minisite (Countdown Timer) by Eric Lingbeek ($18)

Preview this template.

Eric Lingbeek keeps on improving his already-strong Flat UI Product Page. And we love it.

His first addition was the ability to add a video in the first fold, as well as lengthen the call-to-action button.

In this newest iteration, now called the Flat UI Advanced Minisite (Countdown Timer) page, Eric adds a couple more things that turn this template into one of the most formidable minisite templates in the Marketplace.

Right away, you notice the addition of a countdown timer spanning the width of the template. Everything we said about Irving Rivera’s countdown timer holds true here, too. However, we like way Eric incorporated this into his template as the first thing a user sees. If you establish the realness of a date up front, it gives the following messaging a real sense of urgency.

We’re also big fans of the two new sections he added: a Featured On/Used By area and a “More Info” area (complete with GIF!).

The Featured On/Used By area hits on the same advantages we covered in Travis Moore’s previous template, wherein by demonstrating social proof you can establish credibility.

The “More Info” area has plenty of space to really drive home the advantages of your product or service. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the gears GIF, which adds another bit of movement to the page.

This template just keeps getting better and better with each iteration, and the additions to this new version cement it as one of the best templates out there.


4) Coursemaster Sales Page by Luke Thomas ($19)

Preview this template.

A few roundups ago, we talked about the rising surge of online learning and its importance to online marketers.

Luke Thomas listened, and he created the Coursemaster Sales Page. This template is geared specifically towards selling your online course. The first fold feels like a simple opt-in template with its bold headline and immediate call-to-action button. Yet, scrolling down reveals a bit more about the true nature of this template.

Of course, since this is a page meant to market an online course, there’s a video inclusion where you can highlight the biggest selling points of your specific course. Beneath that, there’s an area to describe the core benefits of your course, followed by a “What You Get” opt-in box and space for testimonials.

Overall, we really love the simplicity and clean feel of this template. It’s very hard to strike a balance between being minimalistic while being effective, but this template hit that balance well. We guarantee you’ll love the way this template looks on your site.


5) “Recommended” Product Recommended Template by Travis Moore ($14)

Preview this template.

If you’re a personal trainer or fitness expert, you know just how powerful a recommendation can be. But how do you usually go about recommending things? Facebook? Twitter? They’re great, sure, but they don’t have the polish of a landing page.

Now, you can convey recommendations in a more effective way with this “Recommended” Product Recommended Template by Travis Moore.

The thing that hooked us the most in this template is the structure of the actual recommendations themselves. Travis lays out up to three different items/services to recommend, and he does something unique that no other template does.

He lets you talk about why you’re recommending that item or service underneath the actual product picture. You can give in-depth analysis as to why that specific thing should be bought, and Travis built in additional social cues like price savings, user level and product titles to make this area of the template stand out.

Throughout the rest of the template, there are opportunities to display a video, talk about your accomplishments as a trainer and even insert testimonials in a well-designed “Success Stories” area.

If you’re a personal trainer or fitness coach, this is a crucial template that you need to have to take your marketing to the next level.


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  • “Travis Moore is actually a cyborg sent from the future to create the greatest templates known to mankind.” laughed out loud on that one, you guys are funny.

    • Sean Bestor

      Well…you DID laugh, and cyborgs can’t laugh (yet), so I guess you’re some sort of mortal that just cranks out awesome templates! Really solid work you’re doing here, Travis.

      • I love it! Keep up the humor and I be sure to protect you from the T-1000.

    • Travis, why all that protein power if you are a cyborg, all you need is some WD-40 🙂

  • Brandon Davis


    How do you assign a unique identifier to those who opt-in to the Sweepstakes, Giveaways, Contests (Opt-In & Thank you 2-In-1 Page) template to track whether or not they share your contest?


    • Sean Bestor

      Hey Brandon,

      For something specific like that, I’d go to the individual template (in this case, the Sweepstakes one) and drop that comment on there for the template author to give you a definitive answer. Try that out and let us know what they say!

      • Brandon Davis

        Hi Sean,

        I posted in both areas to see which would warrant a quicker response.

        Below is a recap of my discussion with Irving.

        Quick Recap:

        1. When a visitor becomes a subscriber they get 1 entry.
        2. When that subscriber shares the contest on Facebook and Twitter they get 1 additional entry for each.
        3.The organizer of the contest must review their news feeds for Facebook
        and Twitter to determine how many entries to assign each subscriber.
        4. Then the organizer increases the number of entries for each subscriber based off the above criteria in Random.org.

        I was hoping there was a better way to track each subscriber’s number of entries like the King Sumo app.

        Overall, it’s a beautiful template with powerful possibilities.


        • Hi Brandon, I did not know we were having the same conversation in two different forums at the same time. For the benefit of all, here is the entire unedited transcript of our discussion:

          -Brandon 11:03;

          Hi Irving,

          Great looking template!

          Can you please tell me how I would assign a unique number to every participant (per entry) in each category? Is there a particular software you recommend to do this or is there another way?



          -Irving 11:28;

          Hi Brandon,

          What I do once I get the winner number from random.org is:

          For Facebook and Twitter I start counting from the top down of the newsfeed and the user with the matching number wins.

          For email I export the list on a csv file and look for the email address which index matches the winning number… and that’s quick, simple, easy and cheap. No need for additional software, plugins or apps.

          -Brandon 11:35;

          Hi Irving,

          How do you assign more entries for each subscriber?



          -Irving 11:56;


          When they first subscribe by email that is one.

          Every time they share it on Facebook and/or Twitter, they themselve become part of the newsfeed multiple times which will increase their chances. Ergo… resulting in the tracking of multiple entries.

          -Brandon 12:06;

          Quick Recap:

          1. When a visitor becomes a subscriber they get 1 entry.

          2. When that subscriber shares the contest on Facebook and
          Twitter they get 1 additional entry for each.

          3. The organizer of the contest must review their news feeds
          for Facebook and Twitter to determine how many entries to assign each subscriber.

          4. Then the organizer increases the number of entries for
          each subscriber based off the above criteria in Random.org.

          I was hoping there was a better way to track each
          subscribers number of entries like the King Sumo app.

          I appreciate your timely responses.

          -Irving 12:46;


          Yes, right until step 2.

          Because there is no need to organize or assign multiple entries.

          For example, if I share you giveaway 3 times in Facebook giving me index numbers 1, 33, and 100 in your newsfeed. (All you need to is
          count 1, 2, 3 until the winner number, inside your newsfeed).

          Let’s say the random winner number is 100 making me the winner. But you see if I only had shared the giveaway twice I would have not won since 1 and 33 are not the winner numbers.

          Moreover, you are absolutely right the King Sumo App is an excellent solution; if you have $200 to $600 to spend in your contest on top of the value of your giveaway.

          PS: no thank you Brandon for being so responsive; that is why I love all the LeadPages users and smart conversations like this.