[Marketplace Roundup] Top “Editor’s Choice” Templates of the Week (December 22-26)

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Future template authors…take note.

If you want to build best-selling templates for the LeadPages Marketplace, then keep today’s post at the ready for future reference. Why? Because this week features five submissions that nail the successful template trifecta.

They’re beautiful, they’re chock-full of useful features and they’re all coded to be dynamically responsive. With these templates, you can market like Apple, show off your new app in style or even give away every single resource you could possibly imagine.

The possibilities are endless, so let’s dive in and take a look at the “Top Editor’s Choice Templates of the Week.”

1) Best-Selling Book Template – Robert Coorey’s Feed a Starving Crowd by Robert Coorey

Click here to see the entire template.

Where do we even begin?

There’s so much to love about Robert Coorey’s Best-Selling Book Template – Robert Coorey’s Feed a Starving Crowd. His first fold does a great job of delivering a concise message about the product. There’s an image of the book, a headline/body copy call-out and even a spot for a testimonial. The orange call-to-action button is a little unorthodox by being placed in the top-right corner of the page, but it ends up working because it stands out so well against the black background.

Another clever design tactic in the first fold: Robert Coorey made it take up only ¾ of the fold, which prompts additional scrolling due to the user being able to see the next content section. He’s included a navigation bar in the last ¼ of this fold to give you a preview of what’s in store for the rest of the template.

After that, it’s all about the features, baby. There’s a video section, a scroll bar for displaying things like benefits and features, an interactive testimonial display, an eBook “sneak preview” and a pricing table to cap it all off.

This might be one of the most feature-loaded templates we’ve seen thus far in the Marketplace, and any business can make use of this gorgeous sales page.


2) iLead Template by SiteSk.in

Click here to see the entire template.

Everyone wants to market like Apple.

And why wouldn’t they? They’re masters of the marketing craft. We even wrote a post a while back showing you how to write like their copywriters. Wouldn’t it be cool to take the next step and design like them, too?

Now you can.

SiteSk.in rolled out the iLead Template, and it looks almost identical to Apple’s real landing pages. Everything from the font and imagery to the design spacing and background coloring is dead-on. You can use the Apple products imbedded in the template to show images of your product in their screens.

That’s big in terms of visualization and salience. Most people are used to using some form of an Apple product, so if they can see your product on those screens, they can visualize using your product on their own device. It’s a small, intricate design piece, but its impact can be enormous. Tack on the fact that the page already looks like an Apple page, and you’ve got some serious salience on your side with this template.


3) Elegant App – Markeazy by Travis Moore

Click here to see the entire template.

The title of the template gives it away.

This is definitely an elegant page, and it’s primarily used for apps. But, like all of Travis Moore’s templates, it’s extremely flexible and we could see it being used for a variety of things.

Following the theme of the templates in this Editor’s Choice, this example has a stand-out first fold. Upon your first viewing, the text and image elements fade in from the background for a nice dynamic touch. The imagery and call-to-action buttons jump off the background and, for good measure, there’s a banner in the top-right corner of the page to prompt opt-ins.

If this page was just one fold, it’d still be phenomenal. BUT, Travis Moore decided to keep on making this template great with more content sections to show off your app. He included a video section, a features area, screenshots and a dedicated “Download the App” section. That last section offers the ability to sell your app via three different call-to-action buttons. You aren’t limited to one button, which is huge if your product is in multiple storefronts.


4) Genesis UX Template by SiteSk.in

Click here to see the entire template.

Here’s another strong entry into the app-based template sector. SiteSk.in’s Genesis UX Template is stunning from top to bottom, infused with bold graphics and a nice balance of images and text.

Almost every section features a call-to-action button, with some areas offering two buttons for more product exposure. One really cool feature we wanted to highlight was the features section of the template. At first glance, it may look like an uneditable image. On the contrary, the boxes, logos and text are all unlocked to individually edit at your leisure.

Overall, this page has a great sales flow. It starts with a beautiful introduction, which leads into an introduction and features area. Then it ends with a testimonial section (for social proof) followed by one last call to action. Simply put, this is a solid page to use for your marketing efforts.


5) Resourceful – Markeazy by Travis Moore

Click here to see the entire template.

Sometimes, you’ve got a lot of resources to give away.

Not a lot of pages are equipped to handle multiple resources. Nine times out of ten you’ll see an “info dump” page: a template full of floating links with no clear design to differentiate one resource from another.

Travis Moore wants to put an end to that problem, and his Resourceful – Markeazy template does just that. This page was inspired by Pat Flynn and Jeff Walker’s resource pages, and Travis has found the perfect balance between the two to bring you a gorgeous resource page.

The way Travis lays out the individual resources is clean and intuitive for users. He includes a left-aligned 200×110 image next to each piece of content. The resource title links out to the actual resource, and there’s space to describe the resource next to the image.

He’s even included a side content box at the beginning of the template to help you quick jump to a specific resource category. That’s a really underrated feature that you’ll (unfortunately) rarely see on a resource page. The easier you can get a visitor to a section relevant to them, the better the chances your page will convert.


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