[Marketplace Roundup] Top “Editor’s Choice” Templates of the Week (May 18-May 25)

We pulled out all the stops for this post. It’s the most star-studded selection we’ve ever put together.

Honestly, it’s like if The Beatles toured with Led Zeppelin and their guitars created sweet templates instead of music. This roundup has templates from THE top-selling authors in the Marketplace: Pat Flynn, Jeff Wenberg, Travis Moore and Irving Rivera, to name a few.

And the big names are packing big templates, too, with designs that challenge traditional content layout and sales flows that keep you moving down the page for more.

As always, our editor has selected his new favorite templates so far based off design, features and a host of other criteria.

Let’s rock on with some templates!

1) Food Truckr Growth by Pat Flynn ($14.99)

Pat Flynn’s wildly successful templates have this…real…feeling to them. When you read the copy and see the imagery, you feel like his templates represent a real product (that you kind of want to buy).

Turns out, that’s not just a hunch — these are real templates that Pat has used to market his own products. But that’s what makes these templates so great: Pat creates them for his own products, split-tests the heck out of them until they’re conversion machines and then gives them to you at their peak form.

In his newest template, Food Truckr Growth, Pat tries (and succeeds at) something no other template has attempted in the LeadPages Marketplace.

He eliminates the blatant “start-stop” content division.

Well…for the most part, at least.

You can’t completely get rid of this design element, but in the first three folds of this template, Pat doesn’t have a clear division of content sections. It may seem strange to read, but, from a design standpoint, it absolutely works. This seemingly free-form layout prompts more scrolling due to the lack of a clear beginning and end. Subtle color cues hint at the changing sections, but you only notice that if you’re consciously looking for it.

At its core, this is a beautiful product sales template that gives you plenty of opportunities to include engaging content. The unique fonts stand out against the numerous backgrounds, and everything is short enough to be easily digestible. If you’re looking to sell a product and you need a bold look, then Pat’s template is your answer.


2) 30 Day Challenge by Lou Bortone ($25)

Lou Bortone is a newcomer to the LeadPages Marketplace. But boy, did he ever announce his presence with his first-ever template — 30 Day Challenge.

Sounds like a fitness goal, huh? It can be, but it can also be used for any sort of multiple resource page, because the structure of the template allows for up to 30 lessons or courses to be included in a unique way.

Of all the templates in the Marketplace, this might be the one that’s the most predisposed to keeping you engaged in an overall campaign. Look at the top of the page:

This first fold alone could be a stand-alone template, as it employs a few engagement techniques that translate to opt-ins. Of course the headline and accompanying body copy stand out, as they convey the overall theme of the page. Plus, a nice video sits smack-dab in the middle of the template, drawing the majority of a visitor’s focus.

Those, however, are common in a good template. What REALLY sets this template apart are the peripheral additions. Specifically, to the right of the video, there are two resource areas that spur the movement throughout the course — a “Yesterday’s Video” and “Tomorrow’s Video” option.

The “Yesterday’s Video” spot is straightforward enough. Click on it, and you’ll be directed to the prior day’s video (or resource, if you’re using the template that way). The “Tomorrow’s Video” section is the lead generator. It’s greyed out and you can’t click through to it, and there’s a title underneath the image that conveys what the subject matter will be. You can’t see the video unless you opt-in to the course, and there’s a handy arrow leading from that thumbnail to the opt-in button. That’s a powerful example of designing for direction coupled with an exclusivity appeal.

The other section worth highlighting is the resource aggregation area. This clean area has the always-useful countdown timer to convey a sense of urgency, but below that is a simple and well-designed compilation of the resources released thus far in the challenge. If the “Tomorrow’s Video” wasn’t enough of a hook to opt-in to the course, the value proof of previous videos in this area is a sure bet to boost conversions.

In terms of expansive course delivery templates, this might be the best one we’ve seen. It’s a strong balance of content delivery and opt-in call-to-action, making this template an instant favorite.


3) Online Course Content Delivery System – RESOURCES, Library, TOOLS, Vault (404 Page) by Irving Rivera ($9)

Most people ignore their 404 pages.

Those same people are missing out on valuable leads. At LeadPages, some of our first templates were 404 pages, because you can use the opportunity to collect emails by giving away a resource.

Irving Rivera’s new template is a longer-form 404 template, but it’s clearly a notch above similar templates because of its design and intuitive layout.

The trick with these kind of templates is to let the visitor know this is a 404 page (usually a pain point) but balance that out with an immediate reason to stay on this page they clearly weren’t looking for. You’ve got to accomplish that all in the first fold, and Irving completely nails that balance.

Irving dedicates ¼ of the fold to a standout “BUT WAIT” headline to create curiosity and diffuse the frustration of not finding your intended page. Below that, he offers this value prop:

“Grab one of our private vault resources for FREE!”

That’s a tantalizing headline, no? What seals the deal is the Pinterest-style layout below that headline, offering up any amount of resources you’d like to give a visitor. Of course, to obtain these resources, they have to opt-in and give you their email address, so suddenly you’ve turned a 404 page into a lead. If you want this tool in your marketing arsenal, we strongly suggest using this great template from Irving.


4) Academy Course/Workshop Promo Page by Travis Moore ($14)

There are so many great event and workshop-based templates in the Marketplace.

But they all focus on one event. And sometimes you’ve got multiple events or workshops you want to promote. So how do you do that?

You use Travis Moore’s new Academy Course/Workshop Promo Page. With many of the first folds in the Marketplace, you see a large hero-style image, a big headline and a call-to-action button. With Travis’ new template, he uses the first fold to immediately feature the workshops and lessons.

Each workshop starts off with a title, followed by a thumbnail image and a description of the workshop. There’s a unique call-to-action button tied to each of the (up to four) workshops, so you can drive traffic to the individual events (as opposed to another general overview page). It’s an interesting take on the first fold layout, but there’s no other template that thrusts so many workshops into the spotlight so quickly as this template.

One other cool thing to note: this template has an excellent “Special Limited Time Offer” section. This black box section strikingly stands out against the white background, and there’s a tremendous urgency appeal in the form of a countdown timer taking up half the box. With the combo of a first fold workshop call-to-action and a strong limited time workshop section, this is a premier template to consider for marketing multiple events.


5) Real Estate Thank You Page by Jeff Wenberg ($15)

If you’ve visited the Marketplace or read our past blogs, you’ll know that Jeff Wenberg has absolutely crushed the real estate industry with his Real Estate Landing Page and Real Estate Home Page templates, and now he and his team have completed the full sequence with the Real Estate Thank You Page.

With this template, realtors can have a way to generate additional opt-ins and clickthroughs to similar properties. The first fold feels like a simplistic one-fold signup page with the white background and minimalistic elements, and that works because the only color used is on the call-to-action button — thus designing for direction.

Below that first fold, they use the Amazon “If you liked this, you might also like…” formula to direct you to other properties that are similar to the one the visitor looked at. Fans of Jeff’s realtor pages will love this new template to complete their sequence, but even realtors without these prior template will benefit from this excellent follow up page.


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